Club Half As Small As You Participants

Not sure what HASAY is? It’s an online fitness revolution started by peer pressure from fellow bloggers. If you’re interested in joining, read all about it in the first assignment post.
Here are links to all of your fellow HASAY members. Feel free to stalk away and leave supportive HASAYish comments.

Fantastic Forrest from Traveling Through Time and Space
Kyooty from Kyooty Center
GiGi from Incrementum
Maureen from A Chronicle of my World Travels
Green Jello from May You Lead An Interesting Life
Andrea from Blogging Mama
Jenni at Oscarelli
FoN from Kids and Daiquiris
Michelle from Michelle’s Blog
Kirsty at My Life For The World To See
Sandie from Sandie Simply Says
Cyndi from The Adventures of HarryJack
Lisette at The Coupon Queen of Corning
Keely from The Un-MOM
Lisa from Boondock Ramblings
Jen at Coconut Belly
Jenboglass from Steenky Bee
Jen from Sprite’s Keeper
Heather from Geez Louize!!!
Mrs Bear from Outnumbered Two To One
Beth from Drastic Measures