The Skyy Is Falling

September 1, 2008 12:34 pm

Having spent the majority of the last two and a half years either pregnant or nursing, my college partying days are long behind me. I’ve consumed alcohol on maybe ten separate occasions since becoming pregnant with my first. That includes the days where I’ve passed out on the couch after drinking one beer. One. I don’t really miss it, I’d much rather wake up to a smiley kid than hovered over a shiny toilet bowl.

A bunch of our friends still try to get together once or twice a year to play poker. Since we all have kids now, it doesn’t happen very often. One such get together was planned for Saturday night but since Graham had a major earache, we couldn’t dump our sick kids on my parents in good conscience. He needed his mom and wouldn’t have been comfortable anyplace but home. I sent Jamie to poker with my friend’s husband and she came over here to sickkidville to keep me company.

Things started out innocently enough. The kids were both settled into bed and Graham was sleeping contentedly, much different than the previous night’s experience. My friend and I decided to pour a drink. Why not, we were home, her husband was driving and all was quiet on the baby front. I mixed up a concoction that I stumbled upon awhile back, Skyy Vodka, Sprite and cranapple juice. I was pouring them pretty strong but you couldn’t taste the alcohol so we may as well have been drinking fruit punch. Not good.

The next thing you know, we decided to go swimming. While drunk off our asses. We splashed around and jumped in the water and it really felt like a middle school slumber party, where you get to swim in your friend’s pool late at night and it’s a special treat. We laughed, we cried. We went into full-on cheese mode and talked about how beautiful our children are and how much we love them. At one point, my friend decided to try and nap on the concrete next to the pool. It was not pretty. Our husbands came home after losing their poker stash to an amusing site; their wives were drunkenly splashing around the pool.

Soon after my friend left, the room started spinning. It didn’t stop. I spent the majority of that night and the next morning praying to the porcelain gods. Jamie had to keep the kids away from mommy the next morning because mommy was “sick.” It took until after dinner that night to finally feel right again. I’ve decided that it’s time for me to throw in the towel. I used to be able to keep up with the big boys but these days I’m a lightweight.

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