Trace Adkins Can Suck It

September 22, 2008 7:12 am

I have mixed feelings about my love for country music, yet I will admit that I am a fan. It took me a long time to learn to like it, I used to mock it and think it was only for country folk. I live in Florida which isn’t really the south, and I don’t have an accent. I’ll admit that I was wrong and people from all walks of life can appreciate country music. Country isn’t my only music taste though, I’ve been known to like rock, classic rock and heavy metal as well. Jamie marvels at how I can turn on a country station and know every word to every song. I’m not sure why I actually do since I rarely listen to country, but I do and that’s ok.

Awhile back, I was driving down the road and I heard a song come on the radio that gave me chills. I must have been feeling particularly cheesy that day, but it really made me appreciate parenthood. I went home and Googled the song and listened to it a few more times. The song “You’re Gonna Miss This” was by Trace Adkins and is basically about how you get caught up in the everyday battles of parenting and don’t take the time to appreciate what you’ve got. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it:

Trace Adkins was on last season’s Celebrity Apprentice and we really liked him . The dude is fucking HUGE, he’s 6’6″ and tough looking. Despite his mean look, he comes across as very sincere and polite, which is why he made an impression on us. The radio stations continued to play Trace pretty much EVERY OTHER SONG and although I still liked the song, it was getting a little old. When we watched Nashville Star over the summer and they played Trace at the end of every episode, I finally decided that I hated the song.

This past month has been less than stellar in the parenting department. Graham has been battling a cold and a pretty bad ear infection and our frequent trips to the doctor have been terrible. Today Elliot got diagnosed with an ear infection as well and Jamie and I are pretty much running on empty from lack of sleep, a crying baby and a whiny toddler. Graham has been under the weather for awhile now and releases his frustration by whining and throwing tantrums. He does it WAY more around me than he does for Jamie and I’m baffled by it since we both have the same approach to parenting and neither of us is “softer” than the other on discipline. I have a hard time dealing with the fact that it’s only me he whines at and I tend to take it personally even though I know I shouldn’t. I appreciate him wanting to share his feelings with me but good God, the kid has spent the last week screaming in my face. I’m so over it.

Tonight I ran to the store to get Elliot’s prescription while Jamie stayed home with the kids. When I came home, Graham was in his high chair eating dinner, perfectly happy. He saw me and started WHINING at me, for no apparent reason other than I was breathing the same air he was. I threw my hands up and asked Jamie what I had done to set him off and we both had nothing. I went into the other room and came back to hear that fucking song on the radio. “You’re gonna miss this, you’re gonna want this back, you’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fassssssst.” Jamie was smirking and singing it to me while Graham continued to whine. Turns out he had turned it on in an effort to provide comic relief to our stressful week but I was none too overjoyed to hear it. I had to laugh as I looked around at Graham whining and Jamie singing the damned song that was supposed to make me appreciate moments like this. That’s when I decided to hunt Trace Adkins down and punch him in the nads.

Note: I do not condone violence towards Trace Adkins in any way. I actually kind of like the guy, we even gave money to his charity because we were so impressed with his plight to earn money for it when he appeared on Celebrity Apprentice

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  1. Krystal

    LOL!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

    Okay, now that I am done laughing – I know exactly what you mean. I love country music but I do listen to other music. Here in South Florida there is so much diveristy that you can pick from anything but that song has driven me insane. I have his latest CD (Which by the way he looks extra hot on!) nad every time I hear that song, I skip it. I can’t listen to it anymore.

    Here’s hoping things get better soon!

    Krystals last blog post..Bubbles & Volcanoes

  2. HeatherPride

    Yeah, you’re not going to miss those moments. I know I won’t, anyway!

    We went through 2 1/2 years of constant ear infections before our doctor finally put tubes in Logan’s ears. That helped out soooo much. I hope you guys get over yours soon!

    HeatherPrides last blog post..Diary of a Childless Mother: The Weekend Edition

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    I am laughing and knocking on wood right now since Sprite has never had an ear infection. I used to get them all the time, they’re no fun at all, and Sprite has small ears like me, but for some reason, no ear infections. Weird. I’ve never heard the song, but I’m sure John has. John used to torture me with that song about some guy’s deceased wife helping pour the rain from heaven, and I would shoot him these withering looks of “Turn it off or I’ll turn you out.” I just can’t stand those songs that look to pull your tears out.

  4. Katie

    That’s just way too funny, I know exactly what you mean. Last night we had a I’m not going to bed tantrum session with our 14 mo DD…haha I say it like my husband help….whatever, he was laughing at the whole situation until, I threw up my hand and gave him comtrol, that seriously lasted for 4 minutes (I don’t do this, you put her to bed ever night…whatever!, and then it wasn’t so funny any more and I had to take over again. I’m not gonna miss that. I totally feel your pain.

    Katies last blog post..This is the house that my dear sweet husband built….

  5. April

    Aw, I feel your pain. My older one does that. If dad’s in the room he wants nothing to do with me and *god forbid* I get too close. It’s heartbreaking, huh?

    Sorry you’re still battling the plague. Ours has resurfaced, but not as bad as before… hopefully it’s the last little bit of fight and then no more. *hopefully*

    p.s. my cheese-fest country song is “It’s a great day to be alive”. No idea who sings it.

    Aprils last blog post..Christmas Disaster

  6. mrsbear

    Okay maybe I’m PMSing but that almost made me cry (the song, not your post) I had to turn it off. I never listen to country music personally, although I don’t hate it either. I can see how at the wrong moment this song would just tick you the fuck off. When my youngest had all his ear infections back to back, he was miserable all the time and he never slept through the night, I went through days when I really just didn’t like him. It was awful, he’s my baby and it wasn’t his fault, but I just wanted to get the heck away from him. 🙁 I think because your baby is feeling shitty and he knows he can let it out around you, he does. Hope you all feel better soon. I been there.

  7. Miss Jack

    OMG! I love that song! I’m sorry you’re so over it. It is quit fitting, don’t you think? Those story-telling county songs are my favorite. Okay, I’m sorry to say this, but I have to. I SO understand where you are coming from. How the hell are we going to miss the midnight crying that turn into vomiting? Or the sassing back from a three year old? But you know what? AS they get old, so do their problems. And I personally, don’t look forward to those, especially the ones I can’t fix. So, yes….I am going to miss this no matter what the situation is right now. And so are you! Come on…admit it! 🙂 Okay, I’m done.

    Miss Jacks last blog post..FFFF on Sunday

  8. cyndi

    OK, in Casey solidarity, I will not use a single other line from that song 😉 I am so sorry you’re in your plague mode – we’ve been there and I hope we never have to go back again. I think Miss Jack is right on the mark – there are days I really miss the infant problems. Like when they ask me questions I can’t answer, innocently bring up painful memories, etc. etc. Just trying to live in the moment exhausts me most days; thankfully, I inherited my gramma’s rose-tinted rear-view mirror LOL GL with these moments, hoping it gets more miss-worthy soon!

    cyndis last blog post..Carnival World – Two-day pass

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