The Honor System

August 30, 2008 2:23 pm

I’m not the most honorable person in the world. I swear in traffic, I mock fat people in skin tight clothes (I know I’m no supermodel but I try to wear clothing that covers my ever expanding waistline). I laugh at my kid when he does a face plant when other mothers would scoop them up and coddle them into being a big wuss. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the devil or anything. I’ve been told that I’m too polite. I say please and thank you about a million times while ordering at a drive through window (I’ve worked fast food and I’ve seen what can happen if you piss them off, thank you very much). I stand there and hold the door for people that are at least twenty feet from the store entrance. I take clothing off of the hangers and fold it before checking out to save the cashier the trouble. I apologize to people that bump into ME in the aisle.

I was pretty amused today when I went out to pick up lunch. For those of you who have Five Guys in their area, you know why we decided to cheat on our diet and eat greaseburgers instead. I was sitting there waiting for my number to be called and noticed a guy walk up to the counter and ask for two water cups. Since I’m a big fat eavesdropper, I silently watched and waited to see what he did with said water cups. Right to the Coke fountain, I knew it! He filled up both of the cups with soda and proceeded to his table for lunch. What kind of person does that? Sure, it doesn’t cost the restaurant anything, but this dude was out with his kids and was teaching them a lesson in stealing 101. Hey kids, don’t bother working for things you can take for free!

I have a close friend who told me a funny story about how she tried a new Chinese place in the area. When she went fill up her water, she saw a different drink that she suddenly REALLY wanted. So she filled up her drink with that instead. When the woman brought over her food, my friend felt so guilty about the stolen drink that she confessed and tried to pay for it. The lady laughed at her and told her everybody does it. Do they?

In our pre-diet days, we used to go to Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ all of the time. They have the best jumbo sodas and the best garlic toast around. Whenever we leave, I usually ask for a to go cup for my soda since I usually have about a gallon left in the cup. Jamie and I have argued about this back and forth. He is morally opposed to the to go cup. He thinks it’s stealing and in his words “he does not approve of the to go cup situation.” I usually only ask for the to go cup if I have soda left to take with me, not for an entire new drink. Am I as bad as the soda stealing father from Five Guys?

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  1. robin

    This story is exactly why your page should be TWICE AS GOOD AS YOU!

    We’re morally superior people, Casey. Face it; we’ve earned the right to ridicule others.

  2. Miss Jack

    I agree with ‘robin’! I think you have justified yourself well, because that’s what all us ‘morally superior people’ do. Chalk another one up for us.
    As I’m sitting here reading about you and your life through your blog, I can’t help but think you must be my other twin. (I’m a Gemini…in constant search for my ‘other half’.) I love your swearing. I love your attitude. Wish I could express myself that way in my blog, but damn it!, I have given my entire family access to it, so I guess I will just have to keep reading your blog and post comments whenever I feel a need.

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