Do you guys watch Modern Family? It’s the greatest show ever. I know I’ve said that about other shows but this one is. Set your DVR if it isn’t already.

So yesterday when I dropped Graham off at school, one of his little friends was writing his name on his worksheet. I commended the kid for doing such a good job and looked over at my kid who was trying to draw with the wrong side of his marker. Ha. He is totally Luke from Modern Family.

For the record, I love Luke (and Graham). They both crack me up.

I’m sitting at swim class typing this (thanks for my birthday Droid, Jamie). I am the antisocial mom who doesn’t make eye contact with the other moms since I cherish this time alone with my phone.

Those other moms, btw, are gossiping and ignoring their younger children as their kids climb all over me and look for entertainment. So I’ve taken to getting up and moving so I don’t have to be the fucking swim school babysitter. It means I can hardly watch my kids from the back row and it’s annoying.

I just moved to an empty back row and now some stupid bitch is standing directly behind me watching her kid. I moved again and guess where she moved to? She’s totally fucking with me. It’s working.

The other day, I snapped this picture about 1/4 mile from my house.

I live in Tampa, not the sticks, so imagine my surprise when I saw this wild boar for the second time in a few months. BLT anyone?

My kids are going to be on candy overload this weekend. They have 5 egg hunts this week. I have to do a bait and switch and replace all of their loot with dye-free, soy-free, gluten free candy before they open it. It should be a blast.

I signed up for Amazon Prime since we’ve been ordering so much gluten free stuff. Basically for $80/year, you get free 2 day shipping on most of their products all year long. Now I can’t be stopped. Seriously, I bought new pots and pans (to be kept separate for gluten free cooking only), a waffle maker, bread maker, KitchenAid mixer, body pillow as well as tons of weird gluten free shit. Poor Jamie is going to have a coronary when the credit card bill comes in.

Speaking of Jamie, he’s thinking of signing up for a 30 and older roller hockey league. We both played before we were married but neither of us has done much in the fitness department since then. Fingers crossed he doesn’t actually have the coronary.

That’s pretty much all the random I’ve got today. My thirty minutes of swim lesson bliss are over and it’s time to go claim my kids. It’s probably the right thing to do.

Go get your random on!



  1. Beth

    Modern Family is our favorite show, too. I will be missing the jelly bean highs I get over most Easter Holidays due to the diet I am currently on, but those are fun memories!

  2. FoN

    I’m that mother too! The last thing I want to do is make small talk with random strangers wearing yoga pants. I’m never alone – I want to enjoy it already.

    You’re pretty awesome with your commitment to the food changes. I’m totally impressed.

  3. Michele

    Modern Family is awesome.I love Luke and Manny.

    You are doing such a good job with the diets and learning to cook. I am really proud.

  4. Cat

    I will happily dispose of both your children’s regular candy and that hog. I might even mix them together.

  5. Andrea

    See the Amazon thing was me at Hobby Lobby this morning (though I did limit myself to $33.80). CP goes away to Florida for work twice in April. Guess who’s going to be getting cash back for the next few weeks when she grocery shops??

    I watched Modern Family on the first night or two but I couldn’t get into it. The commercials are good, maybe I should try again.

  6. Sprite's Keeper

    Lu-HOVE Modern Family! I quote it all the time. “No one can hear me! Everyone is stupid except me!”

  7. Michele Renee

    The whole family loves Modern Family. I love how every character, including all the kids, have a role each week. We have each one saved on dvr. My 21 yr old niece was visiting and we watch just about all of them and converted her.
    I like to be alone at kid sports events too.
    The roller hockey would be great for hubs. My middle kid does it. My hubs does mountain biking. Me, I just cook for everyone…

  8. Yankee

    I don’t have cable so I’ve never seen the show. And I am with you on the alone time at the practices. My friend is the social mom and I’m the antisocial mom. Happy RTT.

  9. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Oh, man, good luck with that Easter thing with the candy.
    We Love Modern Family. My older daughter set the dvr to tape it before she went back to college in January. I have no idea what’s even on if they don’t do this for me.
    Don’t let those bitches steal your phone time!

  10. Mad Woman

    While he’s doing roller hockey, you should do roller derby!!

    Amazon = Dangerous in your house!

  11. Pammie

    Run away from that boar. They are mean. I was always curious what the moms are thinking as they peck away at their cellphones during cheer leading practice. I usually catch up reading, sitting in the car. They don’t allow the moms to actually be in the room. Most of the moms sit outside the door and stare at each other making these hen pecking noises about how wonderful their kids are. Who wants to be in a pissing contest when there are many other things to do?

  12. ck

    I LOVE modern family. And I LOVE Tuesdays at your place.

    (And your swim class experiences = my dance class experiences.)

  13. Lin

    I like Modern Family but The Middle is just us. Really. It’s downright scary. Well, except we don’t have the cute little kid who whispers to himself. Other than that, we’ve got the teen boy who does nothing and the girl who cries all the time. Mom and Dad are just me and Joe–like I said, the likeness is scary.

    I hate moms who ignore their kids. I used to hate that at the public pool and the park. When I was playing with my kid, they’d come over and be all like “Hey! Watch me!” and I’d be like “Hey! Where’s your mother to watch you?!”. Pretty soon, they disappeared.

    Enjoy your free time at the pool, Casey–just you and your “shadow”. Creeper. Ugh.

  14. Jenni

    Watch out for that fucking boar. They will gore your ass in a second. And also, they are omnivores, so they will eat you too.

    Always good to read your random, though surprisingly shit free today.

  15. Gretchen

    I’ve figured out that if I sit on the far end of the bench and lean to the left, I can catch a little Wifi and blog while I “watch” my kids gymnastics class. He doesn’t seem to mind, as long as I occasionally give him a thumbs up, so he thinks I’m paying attention. The other moms? Meh. Whatever.

  16. anymommy

    Wild boars. That’s just wrong.

  17. Captain Dumbass

    I watched an episode of Modern Family but just couldn’t get into it. Good luck spearing Poomba.

  18. Kendra

    I love Modern Family! I look forward to Wednesdays every week!

  19. Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

    I don’t do egg hunts. They are pure nightmares around here. I’ll be writing about it on my blog later.

  20. Cyndi

    Jealous of the Droid. Have you tried Parenthood? Our new DVR fills up – WTF??? Ugh, I remember those mommies….good news, when they get to school it’s much easier 🙂

  21. Monica

    The show is hilarious! As are you. Thanks for this amusing post Casey! -M

  22. If I Could Escape

    I love that show and seriously good write several episodes for them based on my personal experiences! LOL I’ve seen a lot of wildlife in my back yard, but never a wild boar. Holy crap!

  23. Mrsbear

    I love Modern Family. It’s okay, Luke and Graham probably have that kind of hidden unexpected genius, where they can’t figure out a magic marker, but they’ll build a time machine by the time they’re 11. 😉

    I never make eye contact with other moms. They annoy me.


  24. Ginny Marie

    I’m very unhappy about the amount of candy that made its way into my house yesterday! I’m going to have to eat most of it myself, just to get rid of it! 😉

    I haven’t seen Modern Family yet. Now I have to watch it!

  25. Bano

    Love Modern Family. Mr. Clean is the one who “discovered” it. He was at the gym and texted me that I just HAD to watch this show that was making him laugh out loud while he was trying to run.

    Amazon rocks. My parents bought Baby’s crib for us and got free shipping on Amazon for the same crib that would have been like $75 to ship from Target.

    Good luck with the credit card bill, too. Mine is finally almost paid off, which means I am hoping Mr. Clean will buy me a big ass, flat screen TV…after saving some of the money we would be spending on paying the card off, of course.

  26. Lizgizzy

    I’m so that Mom that using class time for me. I don’t do inane banter well. Good luck pulling the BLT together, let me know how the spearing, cleaning, de-bristling, goes, especially when you get to the explaining where the bacon came from to the kids….

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