Roid Rage

February 12, 2010 11:25 am

Jamie burst into the room carrying a half-asleep Elliot and yelled that he wasn’t sure she was breathing. She was coughing so badly that she threw up and was wheezing for air. We calmed her down and sat in the steamy bathroom, waiting for her breathing to slow down to a normal level. We’ve been through this before, she had the unmistakably barky cough that accompanies croup.

Another trip to the pediatrician and another prescription. Steroids. While not the bodybuilding type, they have certainly made for some serious mood swings in my sweet little girl. In turn, the rest of us are suffering. Graham has suffered blows to the face and a couple of bites for good measure. I’ve gotten smacked and kicked.  Jamie too.

We kept Elliot home from school on Wednesday and kept her mostly quarantined since then. Today was her class Valentine’s party and we felt like she was well enough to go. The doctor had warned us that her cough would move to her chest and sound terrible but that meant she was getting better. Still, she’s on meds and we took the chance and brought her to the party.

Sitting around the room with a bunch of one and two year olds, I feared the looks we’d get if Elliot coughed out loud. Instead, I witnessed every single kid in her class cough the same exact wet, hacking cough that she has. Was this some sort of conspiracy that we’re not in on? Does everyone else bring their kids to school when they’re sick and we’re the only lunatics that (normally) keep ours  home? I don’t know.

I wondered if the other kids are suffering roid rage like Elliot is? Are their parents as close to selling their kids on ebay as we are? This week with the kids has certainly been no picnic. Graham is acting like he’s hopped up on food dye but we can’t find the source. Elliot has roid rage. The two of them together have made for a lethal combination of wrestling, screaming, crying and whining. There have been several instances where I’ve just thought about hopping in my car and driving somewhere, anywhere. I could be to Georgia by dinner time. But I don’t. Instead, I take a deep breath and carry on, business as usual. I send my hacking kid to her class with her hacking friends. I hold on a little longer, just trying to survive until bedtime.

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  1. mrsbear

    At some point one of those hacking kids, hacked on your kid. It’s common knowledge. I can’t believe nobody clued you in. Nobody ever keeps their sick kids home, which is why when school is in session my children routinely battle the plague and various livestock flus.

    Hope Elliot’s feeling better and that she was able to spread the love. 😉

  2. Kendra

    We always try to keep leo home but no other parents in his class do. And I HATE roid rage. he was a freaking monster when he was on the steroids. I almost kept him home from Thanksgiving festivities because of the animal he was being. I hope she gets better quickly!

  3. steenky bee

    Those steroids will definitely take a toll on the little one’s temperment. How scary! Oh little Elliott, feel better! And take it from me, don’t sell your kids on e-bay. Have you seen the trouble Becky has been having with broken merchandise? Yeah…

  4. Sprite's Keeper

    Someday, you’ll look back on this and laugh. Probably out of hysteria, but you will laugh. Hope she feels better soon!

  5. Michele

    This is why I liked living so close to my mother. Somedays you just need a break. I hope they both feel better soon. Real soon.

  6. Jenni

    See, it’s days like these that make me want to punch people in the face when they say, “These are the best days of your life when your kids are little! Cherish them!”

    Glad little E is feeling better. Or at least breathing better.

  7. ck

    I’ll meet you in Georgia for dinner. They can’t make us go back, right?

    (I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It sounds awful.)

  8. MamaBug

    Haven’t had the ‘roids here, but…(now) I do send them to school if there is no fever or runny nose. For #1 I kept him home and gave the stink eye to all the moms who brought those nasty germs to share. I am happy to report that my 8 year doesn’t get any cold that comes his way (he is generally a carrier of those germs and we all get the colds, but we carry on.)
    Good-luck, stay as healthy as you can, etc…

  9. Ruby

    Wow, I think we may be leading parallel lives!! We’ve been battling the send them to school or not battle too coupled with the aftermath of croup. My 5yo son took a month to recover from the nasty effects of one ER trip for steroid breathing treatments. What hell!! We too are dye-free, brought about by his head spinning around after a fruit roll-up. Its been two years for us, and it does get easier! As for the croup, fish oil, zinc, and probiotics have been the trifecta for us in warding it off. Hope all it gets better there. Loving your blog, nice to know there’s craziness elsewhere!! Ruby

  10. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Oh, I’m so sorry you’re having one of those weeks. I hope the kids (and YOU) feel better…

  11. Captain Dumbass

    Is that why my kid is sick? Thanks a lot.

  12. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    I wonder if you could take steroids to have your mood counteract Elliot’s moods? Oh, that probably won’t work – it’d be a double whammy rather than cancel each other out. 😉

    I’m with Mrs. Bear one or more of those hacking kids made her sick, poor thing!

    I’d tell you to drive up here, but you probably don’t want to see the ginormous walls of snow. They’re saying we might get yet another 12 inches on Mon/Tues. But then again, you could drive up here and get snowed in…. 😉

    Hope Elliot feels better soon and you regain some sanity! 🙂

  13. Cara

    Dude. What Jenni said about punching people in the face.

    Sorry Lady E & Graham are going crazy right now. It’s been about the same around here. In fact, when the guy told me my total at the liquor store tonight I said “Damn, kids are expensive.”

  14. Bano


  15. Lin

    They don’t call it “Mother’s Little Helper” for nuthin. I say open the liquor cabinet the minute they hit the sack. Hang in there, pally.

  16. Andrea

    Kids are challenging on good days. On sick days they can be a nightmare. Hang in there and scrounge the cupoboards there’s got to be a valuim somewhere right?

    And we too have a barking cough in residence. Whoopie.

  17. Karen @ If I Could Escape

    Awww, poor thing. Mine have been sick on and off for it seems a month now. Got to take the little one to the docs tomorrow as he’s starting with that same cough too.

    Anyway, hang in there mama — it will get better!

    PS I’ve tagged you for a fabulous meme over on my blog! If you want! =)

  18. Bano

    I wish parents would keep their kids home when they are sick! I have been ill more times than I care to count this year, mostly due to my pregnant condition and the fact that middle schoolers are germ-infested cootie monsters. If I could spray them down with disinfectant as they entered my classroom every day, you’d better believe I would.

    Hope you can find the source of G’s crazies and keep E’s roid rage to a minimum. Good luck!!

  19. Cyndi

    Oh, Casey, that stinks. I was also in the naive world of germ containment until I started volunteering at the boys’ school and saw the perpetual snotty noses and coughing kids. What is that? Maybe they just think that’s normal. I take a bath in antibacterial whatnot every time I leave. Hope it gets better and your Heart Day was fulL!

  20. becky

    Ugh, I’m so sorry. We had the coughs here last week too, and the wheezing, which had me dragging Hank in for a chest xray. It’s hard not to overreact to that stuff!

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  21. Suzicate

    Steroids have a way of making the sweetest one turn into a freakin’ monster and everyone suffers. I hope things are better soon.

  22. anymommy

    We are dealing with that same wet cough. Fun. Hope things have improved in the last few days.

  23. Keely

    Ugh, poor thing! I hope she feels better soon. It does seem like nobody keeps their kids home if they’re sick. I blame businesses that don’t let their employees take sick days on behalf of their children.
    *looks askance at my employer*

  24. Mrs. C.

    Yeah, the “official” sick policy at our school is to keep them home with uncontrollable cough, vomiting, diarrhea, or fever over 100.1 The principal brings his child to school sick ALL THE TIME so she can get perfect attendance for the year and lets her spend the day in his office when she is finally too miserable to stay in her classroom any longer…

    Hope everyone is better soonest!

  25. colepack

    roids, no.
    Albuterol inhalers…… makes my kids climb the walls like they are high on crack.

    Eli coughed, puked, roids for the first 2 years of life year round…. it blew chunks…. literelly.

  26. Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt

    I’ve decided that we too are the only people in our neck of the woods who actually keeps there kid home when sick. Drives me nuts.

  27. Lisa

    Awe… that sux… so sorry you all have to go through that… truly hope everyone gets better…

  28. K

    My son had croup once. It is truly scary.

    I think every mom occasionally wants to run away from home. I hope things get better soon.

  29. Ginny Marie

    I keep my kids home when they’re sick, but I’m lucky that I don’t work and am able to stay home with them. Once I start working again, it’s going to be a lot harder — I just hope I have healthy kids! Emmy had a cough this year, but her doctor gave her an inhaler instead. Sounds like we got off lucky!

  30. Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

    I’m so sorry I missed this post. So much has been going on around here with me being sick, then my husband caught the stomach flu I had, then JOnathan then our cat…and well….it’s been crazy and I know you can relate. I hope things slow down and even out soon!

  31. Tracie

    My youngest gets roid rage too. He has asthma and ends up on breathing treatments and a steroid about 4 times a year. He builds up a tolerance for the roids by the time he’s done and returns to normal levels of rage.

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