Club Half As Small As You: Month 17

February 1, 2010 10:50 am

Welcome to month 17 of Club HASAY! Not sure what HASAY is? Read all about it here.


My FIL has been here for the past week and if that’s not a reason to binge eat, I don’t know what is. I could spend this post blabbering on about how I’m fat and tired of being fat but you’ve heard all that. The truth is, I’ve cut back on the sweets and junk food and have been doing a teensy bit better than previous months. It’s a process. Instead, I’m going to tell you why donuts are good for you.

It was a chilly winter afternoon and we were all playing on the swing set. The kids had just finished their healthy snacks when Jamie and I agreed that we were in the mood for some coffee from Dunkin Donuts. And maybe a donut each for good measure. Being the awesome provider I am, I hopped in the car to make it happen.

When I pulled out of the neighborhood, I noticed a small white figure zooming down the busy street. Great, I thought, another dog in need of saving. Jamie and I have an annoying habit of going out of our way to save runaway dogs and return them to their rightful owners. I pulled the car over and got out to lure the lost pup in. The little asshole wasn’t having it, he took off running with me hot on his tail (note: exercise). I even had to go back to the car a few times to drive further since he kept taking off every time I got close.

What the wayward pup didn’t realize is that I chase toddlers for a living so I’m pretty quick at heading after runaways. After a few minutes, the poor guy came closer and I nabbed him. He was actually pretty sweet and didn’t try toΒ  bite me like previous lost dogs have done. He was wearing a collar (thank you, responsible dog owners) with his address and phone number so I called his house and brought him home.

Feeling good about my adventures, I continued on in my journey and procured the donuts and coffee. They tasted a little bit sweeter knowing I had gotten a workout in and saved the life of a runaway mutt. And that, my friends, is why having a donut once in awhile can be a good thing.

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  1. kyooty

    I’m so impressed that you could run after a dog, that’s out of my league πŸ˜›

  2. Jenni

    Ha! We’re runaway dog-savers too. I just feel so bad for them, and I would hope someone would try to save my dogs if they escaped. Though my dogs would likely bite. And I actually might not want them back now that I think about it.

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    Now what if that dog WAS the donut? I probably would have run faster.. πŸ™‚

  4. Suzicate

    Yes, you absolutely deseerved that donut, actually two!

  5. mrsbear

    I wouldn’t have even seen the dog. I’d have been too busy thinking donutsdonutsdonutsdonuts. I’m an awful HASAYer, and I don’t even have a FIL in town to excuse my shameful eating habits. I’ll work on it though. Today was going to be my fresh start, except it’s raining buckets and the dog’s front legs don’t work. If I can manage exercise today, it’ll be a miracle. I’ll keep you posted though.

  6. Michele

    And I thought I was the queen of justification. I bow to your greatness!

  7. Beth

    Donuts are the perfect award for doing a good deed, I would say….

  8. Kirsty

    Aww I’m known for chasing strays too! Great post, but now I want a donut! Thanks! πŸ˜‰

  9. Kirsty

    PS it’s raining buckets over here! How goes it in your neck of the woods?

  10. Steenky Bee

    Woo hoo! I finally participated again!

    Chasing after dogs? Well, this is a creative way to get that much needed cardio in. Good for you!! And the donuts? Well played, my friend. Well played.

  11. becky

    Okay, I’m convinced. If I can get a dog to lead me to the Dunkin’ Donuts.

  12. Jamie

    So you are asseting that donuts=exercise? BRILLIANT!

  13. K

    I’ll take any excuse to eat a doughnut.

    15 pounds of baby wieght to go, but at least I can zip my fat jeans now.

  14. Andrea

    Umm, Steenky Bee said there’s a contest and we get to shack up at your house for a week if we win. True or False. Cause I’m so in if that’s true…

    Two Words: Girls Scouts

    They find me every damn time.

  15. Lin

    Hooray! You are like a dog hero or something.

  16. Ginny Marie

    That’s an awesome story! I rescued a lost dog in a snowstorm last year, and I wrote about it on my blog somewhere, but I’m too lazy to go find the link. I really need to get my fat ass in gear and join you hasay-ers.

  17. ck

    “…chilly winter afternoon.” Chilly? CHILLY? Fine, you live in Florida. I get it. Whatever.

    But damn a glazed donut sounds perfect right about now…

  18. Bano

    Dude, I was TOTALLY craving a donut this morning!

    Speaking of my cravings (and therefore my fat ass) I’d love to participate in HASAY once Baby comes. I’m going to need all the motivation I can get to lose the weight (donuts).

  19. Cyndi

    Ha, you slay me! I now want a donut but can’t dig out of the snow. Luckily, Super Bowl chili is almost ready. I am getting HASAY this year, I promise. Think how healthy I’d be now if I’d started then :blush:

  20. bex

    what he didn’t realize is that i chase toddlers for a living. LOL!!!

    since jan 1, i’m down by 7. 3 more to go and i win a bet. maybe i will try to lose another 5 after that in by a teeny tiny bikini this year!

  21. Heidi

    Hey, is HASAY only once a month now? I know I’ve been out of the loop, but I’d like to get back on board! What’s the topic thread like now? Do you still give an assignment?

  22. steenky bee

    Um, yeah. BlogHer is sort of my motivation to get my fit on. Putting yourself out there in front of total strangers is one hell of an incentive, right? Right. I can’t wait to hold your hand and walk leisurely through NYC as we buy knock off designer purses.

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