Club Half As Small As You: Month 15

December 7, 2009 10:24 am

Welcome to month 15 of Club HASAY! Not sure what HASAY is? Read all about it here.

So in case you were wondering, I am still alive and kicking. Life has been kicking my ass lately so I stepped away from the blogosphere to things in order. Don’t worry, it was nothing too serious, just some severe behavioral issues and sleep deprivation from the kids that required my full attention. More on that later.

HASAY…hmm, HASAY. For me, dieting in the holiday season is akin to Paris Hilton shying away from a camera, pretty damn near impossible. I’m trying though. Exercise is a different story, I’ve pretty much dropped the ball on that for now but I plan on picking it back up and running with it soon. Going on 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night doesn’t leave me motivated to get up and drag my ass to the gym. Hopefully the sleep issue will be resolved soon and I can resume sweatin to the oldies. Again, more on that later.

On a positive note, I can’t look too bad since some old dude hit on me in Subway last week. I actually didn’t notice until the chick that works there came over and said “he was TOTALLY checking you out!”. I’ll take it as a compliment, even if the dude was missing half his teeth. I’ll take what I can get these days.

So how are you guys doing this holiday season? Are you scarfing the Christmas cookies and fudge yet? Have you hooked up an IV directly to your arm for apple cider or eggnog? Have you pretty much said “fuck it” and decided to start fresh in the new year? Dish. As in eat the…



  1. Cat

    Happy to hear the kids haven’t managed to tie you up in the closet and steal your car keys. Yet.

    I’m on week 4 of Not Smoking, which means I’ve gained enough weight that I’m officially Afraid To Step On The Scale. Plus, COOKIES. AAAAAAHHHHHHH.

  2. Kirsty @ Gone Bananas

    Aww hope everything is getting better for you. My computer took a dump on me and then my dog chewed through the internet cable in the back yard. YAY! So I feel a bit out of touch with everyone. Gonna try and get a hasay post up today though as I’m at work with a working computer. Woo Hoo! Plugged back in baby! xx

  3. Andrea

    I dropped out of Hasay for now. After the new year, I’ll be back. Getting wii fit for Christmas….quite possibly it could be the dumbest thing I’ve ever asked for. Time will tell.

    Sweating to the oldies? Please say it ain’t so!

  4. Karen @ If I Could Escape

    Was thinking of putting an ABP out on you woman!! Glad to see you are alive and kicking … and getting pulled in Subway! LOL

  5. Sprite's Keeper

    Gained 5, lost 5, someone brought in Christmas cookies, hoping to lose five more kicking their ass… 🙂
    Glad to hear you’re still alive, how much is a question. 🙂

  6. Pseudo

    Getting hit on in a Subway huh? You must be looking good. Sleep deprivation and all.

    Hope routine gets back to normal for you soon.

  7. Jessica

    It has been a while since I have commented and I have moved to another blog but I wanted to share a possible sleep remedy IF your deprivation has anything to do with a little one keeping you up. If not, I wish you well in getting through it however you need. Sleep issues SUCK…I struggle with sleep in bouts and I am a ‘delight’ when in the midst of one of those bouts.

    Just zip me an email/comment if you are looking for help with a little one sleeping.

    If you can manage to get through the holidays without gaining another person worth in body weight…you have succeeded in my book. Good luck!

  8. Beth

    Hey, I cannot believe it’s been 15 months of HASAY! I am still hanging around the 129 marker on the scale and I, too, have lack of regular sleep to blame! Got to remember my Melatonin…..

  9. Captain Dumbass

    I bought my first tub of candy cane ice cream yesterday. That’s all I’m saying.

  10. Peggy

    Glad you’re doing well! I say, screw HASAY until after the holidays!

    And by holidays I mean Easter! 🙂

  11. kyooty

    holiday=hardddddddd for me!
    You are doing well if your still keeping on keeping on! andyou said sleep, exercise and subway! 🙂

  12. Mad Woman

    I’m considering myself very lucky that the Christmas holidays are during the summer here. I don’t feel my normal urge to gorge on comfort foods and eggnog. All I want to do lately is eat salads and drink water. Anything to not have to stand by a hot stove.

    Keep it up…the guy in Subway will be the least of it 🙂

  13. jessica

    I thinkt the best one can do during the holidays is just try not to gain weight.

  14. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Yeah, dieting and this next month just don’t work. I try not to do too badly, but I’m not weighing myself for a while yet…

  15. Shangrila

    Hi, you! I was worried, but TOTALLY understand dropping the blog in lieu of REAL LIFE-I’ve done it a few (dozen) times myself. I’m not a HASAYer (can’t-I have issues) BUT, when my mom died my sister and I made a pact to run a marathon by Mom’s next birthday. Since the closest thing to exercise that I’ve ever done is a jazz square, this will be a stretch to say the least! My sister and I have pretty much decided that 2009 is a wash. We’re not going out of our way to eat crap food, but we’re not sweating it, either. In January however? We will be sweating. Crap. :p

  16. Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt

    I don’t have a problem with the food. It’s the alcohol that gets me. Hope your sleeping gets better.

  17. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    WooHoo! She’s alive and kicking! 🙂

    Sorry you’ve been having to deal with some stuff – maybe Santa can help straighten things out.. 😉

    And being hit on is still being hit on – teeth or no teeth from the hitter-on-er, you’re still HAWT! 😉

  18. Lin

    Hey, I’ve missed you, pally! Does MaryLin Poppins need to come over there to kick some toddler ass? Routine is key, Casey, and following up on action/consequences. It’s exhausting, I know–been there. Hang in there, they really do group up into nice kids. Really. Colin actually told me to “drive carefully” on the phone yesterday when he called for a ride home. I nearly fell over.

    I’ve been terrible with my weight. They changed my reflux meds to generic which didn’t work–but NOBODY will believe me. So, insurance said I could just “deal with it” or pay $300/month for what I need. Yeah, no. So, needless to say, I’m stuffing my face hoping the new meds work. Keeping something in my mouth and stomach helps keep the icky stomach acid taste away. Yeah, I’m like 400 lbs. Or I just feel like it.

    Hope all is well at home. 🙂 An onion (Coal is just dirty!) in the stocking works wonders. Maybe two or three.

  19. Keely

    I’m actually more motivated to work out and not eat crap than I have been in a few months. But, given my rollercoaster hormones, that could change in fifteen minutes.

    Glad you’re still alive.

  20. Cyndi

    Missed you and hope it’s a fun Christmas. You left too many teasers out there…spill! Happy holidays!

  21. K

    Hope life settles down soon.

    Dieting during the holidays should be against the law, especially while life is kicking your ass.

    Good luck.

  22. kyooty

    I’ve finally posted an update, it’s not pretty but I”m THERE! I don’t want to get worse so I’m still moving forward! 🙂

  23. Sandie

    Hey! I’ve been out of the blogosphere myself lately. Life has a funny way of getting in the way when we want to do other things, doesn’t it? 🙂

    I hope you get your issues resolved soon (or maybe you already have 🙂 ). I don’t even want to talk about HASAY.

  24. Fantastic Forrest

    Congrats on the Subway dude incident! I don’t think he’d be interested in me lately. It’s been a challenging month, but I’m back in action now. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say I’m extremely leery of eating raw seafood in the future, which pains me, because I love sushi and I love oysters on the half shell. 🙁

    And let’s just be clear that the IV I was hooked up to did not have apple cider or eggnog in it!

  25. Shieldmaiden1196

    Back with a vengeance, with a blog and a Facebook fan page dedicated to the insanity..

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