I’m glad October is finally over but it was a kickass month. We did so many Halloween-themed things that my kids are now suffering from post-Halloween withdrawals.

We crashed two church Halloween festivals over the weekend. I think they were free to the public but we tried to keep a low profile just in case. Pastor Dan set his sights on Jamie and followed him around the entire night trying to strike up a conversation. My polite husband kept his head low and refused to make eye contact and we got away safely.

So, the second Halloween festival we crashed was at a church with an attached preschool. On the door of each classroom was this note:

Note how they crossed out the one confirmed case and updated it with the running tally. We’re so screwed, I woke up today with a sore throat and I’m positive I’m dying.

Elliot experienced her first kiss a few weeks back. She basically tackled a friend’s son at Gymboree and their hugging embrace turned into her planting her entire mouth over the poor boy’s mouth before he even knew what was happening. For the record, she doesn’t take after me.. no clue where she got all loosy goosey. Eh hem. Nope, not after me.

At least she didn’t bite him. She hasn’t bitten anyone at school since her one day suspension. It’s tough raising piranhas.

I’m suffering from Calendar Guilt. We keep getting calendars in the mail from charities and although I won’t actually use them, I can’t throw them away. What the hell am I supposed to do with them?

I’ve been reading this eco friendly website recently and now I’m all about going green. Like to the point where I’ve told friends and family all of my newly discovered green tips. And it’s probably annoying. Jamie and I are going to paint the roof white, I’ve been reading up on studies that show that it could reduce our energy bill up to 30% just by changing the roof color. You should do it too. Since I’m a peer pressure green pusher. I’ll check back with you next week to make sure you went through with it. Either way, here is the site I’ve been stalking lately, it’s pretty cool.

We have a red Cookie Monster stamp that we sometimes let the kids play with. They end up stamping and restamping their pudgy little legs to the point where CM is no longer recognizable. Then they just look like we beat them or put out cigarettes on their legs. At last weekend’s Halloween festival, I found myself nervously over explaining to a total stranger that we do not, in fact, beat our children. I’m sure Child Services won’t be showing up any second.

That’s all I’ve got, someone with a CPS shirt is knocking on my door..

Until next week, stop by and give Keely a shout. She’s cool. We should call her Kooly instead.



  1. Pseudo

    I love a girl who tackles for a kiss ; -)

  2. Amber

    I’m gonna need the name and number of that kid so I can let him know that Elliot is SPOKEN FOR!!!!

    And OMG…that sign about the swine flu…yikes.

    I hope you don’t die.

  3. ck

    Calendar guilt…My grandmother suffered from that. Severely. When she died we found scenic calendars, real estate agency calendars, calendars with pictures drawn by children with disabilities. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE. It was kinda eerie to find them tucked away and all bent up in random corners of the house.

    For the sake of your heirs, GET THAT SH*T IN CHECK NOW, CASEY!

  4. Laufa

    Shouldn’t Cookie Monster be blue, maybe it’s just a pudgy Elmo?
    Just a little paranoid (swine flu), eh? Guess not, you went to two of those kind of functions and you kid is playing kissey face.

  5. Ginny Marie

    One kid in the Sunday school class that I teach was so sugared-out from Halloween that she turned down a doughnut. A DOUGHNUT! I’ve never seen a kid turn down a doughnut before.

    I’ve suffered the same calendar angst, and thought I would use the pictures in my classroom some way. I never figured out how, stopped teaching and threw them all out. (ahem, I mean I RECYCLED them. I have to say that now that you’re totally green.)

  6. Lin

    Maybe they ought to just have a digital sign for the updates on sick kids–it is the cold and flu season everywhere.

    Love Eliot NOT biting someone for a change! You are moving forward as a mom, Casey. Chalk it up as a good parenting day. πŸ™‚

  7. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Even though you’d still look hawt sporting a piggy nose, hopefully you don’t get the piggy flu. πŸ˜‰

    Too funny Elliot stole her first kiss. You’re going to have your hands full. Oh wait, you already do! πŸ˜‰

    Happy RTT! πŸ™‚

  8. Elle

    Hope the sore throat isn’t a precursor to the dreaded swine flu. Ya, I won’t be painting my roof white, just so you know. I’m pretty sure the husband would be pissed since picking out the exact shade for the shingles was a huge deal. Sorry planet earth, living with an angry husband isn’t worth it.

  9. Andrea

    Well if you have to kiss, might as well go all out and tackle right?

    I love halloween parties, though I never get the date right. The one I thought was halloween night that we drove out to the Y for?

    Yep it was the weekend before. I am fabo at reading things over really carefully.

  10. Toni

    One more step and you’ll be joining Green Peace lol.
    And don’t worry about getting Piggy flu; it’s very likely that you do have symptoms of it but you have to have two symptoms (such as sore throt, sniffles etc) AND a temperature of 38 degrees celcius – the temp is the only thing that gives it away.
    Hope you feel better soon

  11. Harriet

    I think I’m sitting here with the swine flu- whaaa whaaaa.

    Have a great rtt!

  12. Angel

    tackling for a kiss is awesome!!
    You are painting your roof white? I shall have to look into this green thing

  13. jenni

    oscar is really hard on himself and always covered in bruises from all the falling and bumping into things he does, and it always makes me nervous that people will think I smack him around.

    Green pusher, LOVE IT>

  14. Sprite's Keeper

    Hm, crashing a church festival? Meh, if the kids had fun, then it’s worth it. And I refuse to paint our roof white. Dirt would show in no time at all. Sorry, how about I go paperless on my blog? I’ll do that!

  15. Michele

    Elliott’s got some moves. I checked out the green site. Very cool. We are the greenest people in our neighborhood which is not saying much; THIS IS Texas.

  16. Monica

    The social workers where Su works love to get donations of calendars. They use them with their clients to work on keeping track of things throughout the year. A lot of people don’t get regular junk mail with calendars in them and they cost a lot to buy at a store. Maybe you should see if there is a social services agency near you that might welcome your multitude of calendars. Just a thought. -Monica

  17. Karen @ If I Could Escape

    Good for you on going green and all! Tis a colour that suits everyone! Hope ya feel better soon — don’t you be coming up here with that swine flu now!!

    Happy RTT!

  18. Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt

    I have the same problem with the return address stickers that St. Jude’s keep sending me. I feel guilty if I throw them away AND guilty if I use them without sending them some dough.

  19. Shangrila

    We had h1n1 (my husband works at a clinic, so it was only a matter of time) and none of us died. I highly suggest getting a temporal scanning thermometer for the kids-easy to use when you’re obsessively checking their fevers every 5 minutes.

    Charity calendars+going green=recycle the silly calendars!

    If you need a character witness when the whole CPS thing goes down, have ’em give me a call! πŸ˜‰

  20. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Biting and now kissing; obviously some oral fixation thing going on there. Same with my son. He was the biter and then he was always the kid laying a smacker on some cute girl in Gymboree class. Maybe that’s where it all starts, that damned Gymboree…

  21. A Tired Wife

    I’m with Erin … I’m all about the return address stickers … except I just feel guilty for not sending in money. I use them up though.

    I wonder if the white roof thing works in areas where we have all four seasons?

  22. K

    I’m pretty sure ever preschool will have swine flu soon enough…tis the season I guess.

    We’ll have to keep our little ones apart. My son is a big kisser. He tried to smooch all the girls.

  23. Mad Woman

    I guess it’s a damn good thing she didn’t bite his lip eh?

    I really hope you don’t get the bacon malaise…that would suck. But if you do, at least you’ll have lots of calendars to keep you company in quarantine.

  24. mrsbear

    That Elliot! If this is any kind of preview of what you can expect the teen years, you might want to double up on the antidepressants. Plus putting your mouth on people could possibly give you the swine flu.

    Hope you don’t die.

    And I think the calendars are recyclable. πŸ˜‰

  25. peggy

    I’m with MrsBear up there…cannot WAIT for the teenage years! Hopefully you’ll still be blogging away!
    ps…they’re forecasting snow tonite here so you can take your white roof and shove it! :@

  26. Cara

    Make sure & take a picture of your curly tail to share with all of us…

    We don’t get the calendars, but we do get address labels. Constantly. And since I rarely send out any mail, people always get envelopes in June with the Halloween themed address labels we got the year before.

    Chase & I have been trying to green things up too…mine is all small stuff in the house but he’s got the big ideas like solar panels, electric vehicles…yannow, the stuff that’s gonna cost us real dollahs.

  27. becky

    I would love to paint the roof white. Not sure the HOA would love it though.

    And the stamp! Someone gave my kids a pumpkin stamp that doesn’t wash off. Curse them!

  28. S

    I think I’ve seen that note somewhere before…

  29. Jessica Bern

    I swear I think I read somewhere that CA is thinking of banning black colored cars b/c they use up so much more energy it takes longer to cool them down.

  30. Ane

    LOL @ calling Keely Kooly instead… πŸ˜€

    Elliot is soo cute, you must be so proud… πŸ˜€ How old were you when you planted your first kiss on an unsuspecting person?? πŸ˜€

    Oh My, going green eh? then you’re so gonna hate me, I don’t recycle and my MIL is into open burning… πŸ˜€ LOL

  31. WickedStepMom

    Yay for no biting! Though, it does sound a bit counter productive. Don’t bite people, bite your food. Its sending mixed signals really. πŸ˜‰

  32. Julie@Momspective

    I have about 8000 calendars. I use my cell and don’t want them but don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I just have them in a pile. I mean, who really needs them?

  33. Keely

    Wait, you haven’t posted since Wednesday. Ack! Are you swine flu-y? Are you swine flu-y??

    I mean, *I* haven’t posted since TUESDAY, but I’m not worried about ME.

  34. Cyndi

    Kissing is better than biting, right?! Jack has a new girlfriend – please save me (eek!)

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