Every Tuesday, several people stop by from who the fuck knows where to plug their site into Mr. Linky. These aren’t people who regularly read my blog or even stick around to read my Tuesday randomness, they simply stop by to link up and be on their way. Because you know, their stupid ass websites are so important that they must direct ALL TRAFFIC there immediately. To that, I say, FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKY FUCK. Consider your ass deleted. Have a nice day.

*Update: I may have scared a few people with the above rant. I guess I came off as bitter. Hmm. I only meant that it pisses me off when people who have never stuck around to read or comment stop by for the sole purpose of linking and leaving. The rest of you guys are fine. Link away.

There is nothing more adorable in this world than pigtails in motion. Seriously, look at this shit, how can you stand it?:

I’ve only attempted any sort of hair do with Elliot maybe three times since she immediately gets pissed and rips out the rubber bands, along with several hunks of hair. I chased her around the house with the camera trying to get the above shot and had to stop and redo the pigtails several times.

A certain someone I know has no problem leaving his pigtails in and requests them more often than his sister:

We got a new grill over the weekend so Jamie worked himself into a tizzy about the inaugural grilling event. We made a family trip to get supplies and he mentally planned the details in his head the entire day. I can honestly say, it was the most delicious steak I’ve ever had and I had to document the event to show off the impressive grill lines. (Sorry, Michele!).

We sorta played in the yard with the kids over the weekend. By “played”, I mean brought them outside at 10am, only to have to drag them back inside twenty minutes later because they were drenched in sweat and purple from the heat. I have found lodging in Chicago and will be trading houses with my bloggy pal Lin for the winter. Florida sucks.

I intentionally ignored my reader for the past five days. Instead, I played with the kids and enjoyed time with Jamie. Isn’t that nuts? It was nice.

Jamie maintains that because we have children, we should be able to teach them awesome phrases to repeat randomly. Not to be outdone by Graham’s “Where’s the beef?”, Jamie recently had both kids head bobbing and shouting “Breaking the law! Breaking the law!”.

We went to the U2 concert on Friday night. We planned on taking a cab but after 45 minutes and two horrible calls to the cab company, we gave up and drove on our own. I’m glad we did since it afforded us the opportunity to see a drunk chick get out of her car and beat the shit out of the car behind her.

The concert was kickass, thanks for asking. We stayed out until 11:30 and I even had three beers! I was reminded of my old-as-balls status when my bladder almost gave way every ten minutes and my feet hurt after standing through the first half of the show.

I’ve figured out that if I dump the kids at school, I can get to the gym and on my elliptical by 9:04. This is just in time to watch two full episodes of Golden Girls. What took me a little longer to realize is that when I’ve got my headphones on in a crowded gym, singing the theme song out loud is probably not a wise choice.

Thank you for being a friend.
Travel over to Keely’s and back again.
Her heart is true, she’s a bloggy pal and a confidant!



  1. Pollyanna

    I’m not linking up because I haven’t posted my random thoughts – I’m not even sure I have any yet. But I totally hear you on the bullsh*t linkers. I get that crap over at my photography blog – never thought about deleting them. I guess I get a “Duh!” for that, huh?

    On the pony tails – I love watching them bounce around when my girls are running! Have you tried the smooth, clear ones? They come in a package of 75 in the grown up hair section. I use them all the time and my girls can’t pull them out. We put “pretties” over the top of them. Word of caution, don’t be tempted to buy the colored ones – she will only want the pink ones and then you’ll be stuck with a bunch of colors she will refuse to wear (even if you’re going to cover them with the pretties). Not that I’ve been there or anything.

  2. Captain Dumbass

    I haven’t linked yet because it’s still Monday here. And very close to the freezing mark.

    Jaime is awesome.

  3. Mad Woman

    I’m kinda scared to link to mine now, which has been up for a day, because although I read your blog all the time I rarely comment because I usually run out of time before I can. I don’t want to seem like a bullshit linker, so I’ll leave it for today.

    I think this is why I don’t have linky things on my blog….I don’t want the assholes to come slinking around.

  4. kyooty

    mmmmmmmm BBQ steak. I’ve got to resort to crockpot Pork today. OK I’ve got nogirls in my house and there are still pics of my boys in ponytails or hair ribbons

  5. Angel

    I am commenting and the first one to brave the linky, I read you and don’t comment nearly as much as I should so commenting again now.
    Pigtails are SOOOO Cute, although as you get older they loose some of that cuteness..
    BBQ Steak sounds super yummy!
    And I am glad the concert was kick ass I don’t getto go to many so I love to hear when my bloggy friends do! Lol feels like I am living though you guys!

  6. Angel

    Oh an lol to singing the Golden Girls Theme at the gym! I usually end up with jujube having used my I pod so I have Disney and Hannah Montana songs that I end up singing loud, although I have found the Bare Necessities works rather well in the gym.

  7. Elle

    I was going to link up and then leave without commenting just to mess with you, but changed my mind. People like that suck. Between you and Keely I’m seeing a concert theme for this RTT. No concerts here, just sick kids. At least you guys got to go out and have and seeing drunk chicks beat up cars is always extra fun. Congrats on the new grill.

  8. Lin

    I am very impressed with:
    1) Jamie’s steak lines. Boy can GRILL!
    2)Graham’s ponies–only a true man can pull off ponies like those!
    3)Eliot’s willfullness–You’ll love that in her later in life.
    4)Your four-lettered fury on faux linkers–hate them!
    5)Your workout/sing fest–and you know the words!
    6)Teaching the kids great phrases. Emma used to sing “Honest living. Honest living” after the squeegee guy in RENT. I guess I played the soundtrack too much. Ugh.

    Always a treat when I come here, Casey. I’m glad that you took time off to be with the kids–that’s how it should be. I should be taking more time off myself. And yes, I can’t wait to switch with you and be WARM again!

  9. WickedStepMom

    Nice spin on the Golden Girls theme song!

    I hated pony tails when I was Elliot’s age.

  10. robin

    Is it wrong that I can sing the entire Golden Girls theme song? (Thank you for beeeeeeing a friiiiiiiend!….)
    And dare I say it for the 100th time, your kids are just too adorable. Hold on to the pigtail photo… it’s great blackmail material for the teenage dating days.

  11. Ginny Marie

    You’re moving to Chicago? Cool! Literally! We just had our first frost, and my garden is dead.

    You should definitely ignore your reader on a regular basis! It makes blogging more fun when you get back to it!

  12. mrsbear

    Okay, those grill marks are just fantastic. Jamie is the man.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your time away from the blogosphere, but I’m with you on the heat. Getting my brain steamed every time I walk out to the car puts a damper on outdoor activity.

    And thanks. Now I’ve got the Golden Girls theme stuck in my head. πŸ˜›

  13. Sprite's Keeper

    Oh, those pigtails! Graham, you look dashing! Maybe it will convince Elliot to give them a better try.
    I hear you on the link and leap bloggers. So rude.
    Don’t go to Chicago. I need you close by. You’re my backup, remember? No? I’m sure you promised to come when I need you…

  14. Maureen@IslandRoar

    I love U2, I’m jealous! But glad someone gets to see them. I forgot it was Tuesday till I saw your little tirade, which I thoroughly enjoyed, BTW.
    And I think it’s a kickass idea to teach your kids a phrase; “Breaking the law” is a good one. Why didn’t I do these fun things when my kids were young??
    Pigtails rock.

  15. Cat

    Lascivious linkers are the worst. Also, pigtails are only adorable until about the age of 7. Then Graham is going to need to convert to ball caps. Oh, but Elliot is good forever – they just turn from cute to hot at some point.

  16. Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

    I was going to say something about the pigtails, but I forget what. I’ve been sick for a few days now and that grilled food looks so awesome.

    So, it was 30 some degrees here last night and we’re supposed to get snow.

    No grilling for us anymore.

    You Florida people suck.

  17. jenni

    look, you don’t have to apologize. anyone who regularly reads your blog knows you’re an asshole and LOVES IT. (I’m kidding about the asshole part, but not about the LOVES IT part.)

    three beers? you’re a drunk.

    did I just call you an asshole and a drunk in one comment? see, I really do love you.

  18. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Oh crap. I added my linky then got distracted and didn’t comment yet. I’m almost afraid to hit the refresh button… πŸ˜‰

    O.M.G. the ponytails are adorable! Princess Nagger used to yank the hair thingies out of her hair moments after they were put in…now she at least waits a reasonable amount of time, so there’s hope for you yet! I think it’s hilarious that Graham loves having pony tails put in his hair! πŸ™‚

    Yay for the new grill! Looks like you broke it in right! Oh, I mean Jamie did… πŸ™‚ It must be a ‘guy’ thing to plot and plan the perfect grilling experience with a new grill – hubby did the same thing. I wasn’t forward-thinking though to document it for the blog. I have much to learn. πŸ™‚

    Love U2! So cool you got to go…I’m a tad jealous. πŸ™‚

    Happy RTT! πŸ™‚

  19. Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt

    She beat the shit out of the car? I would have paid to see that. πŸ˜‰

  20. Mama Badger

    You want to trade your heat? I have a lovely house with a big yard in Cleveland I’d trade for Florida in a heartbeat!

    Love the pigtails. I don’t see PB letting me put them on the boys though. Sigh.

  21. Kendra

    During my spin class they watch movies and sometimes I’m grinning like a fool. I’m sure the teacher is laughing at me in her mind!

  22. Amber

    Hey girl! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a month! I love the randomness today! And really? Florida sucks? Cuz it snowed in Utah last week. Ew.

    Harley loves the pig-tails on Elliot. He thinks she’s soooooo cute!

  23. ck

    And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say, “THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THE FREAKIN’ SOUND BITE OF BEAVIS/BUTTHEAD ‘BREAKIN’ THE LAW’ IN MY HEAD.”

  24. Michele

    That is an impressive amount of meat in that picture and I’m not talking about the steaks, chicken and whatever the hell the other stuff is.

    Graham looks so proud of his ponies.

    I love the rant. People who link just to link should be shot and pissed on.

  25. Meli

    OK that first paragraph was scary. I read your blog all the time but I read it no my reader on the low low at work so I can’t really comment until I get home. But when I get home I usually forget.

    So here are a whole bunch of comments that I have saved up for various posts and you can apply them now or save them for future posts.

    Awesome job on the HASAY!!
    That dunderhead! I can’t believe she said that.
    I love that! Kids are so cute.
    It’s OK everyone has a bad week, next week you will better.
    You are so funny. I love your RTT. Happy Tuesday!

  26. FoN

    Wow – that was some pretty impressive verbal agressiveness.

    You got to see U2? AND you never get snow? I want to be you.

  27. jen

    i love me some pigtails.
    and wow. soaking in sweat after 20 minutes outside? seriously girl. come to mn. where you can freeze the skin off of your body in 20 seconds flat.
    i’m kind of not kidding. when i lived farther north in north dakota … they cancelled classes one day … and i distinctly remember them saying an infant’s skin would freeze in less than 20 seconds. at that very moment i vowed never to raise children there.

  28. Cyndi

    Well, don’t fuck with Casey, eh?! It’s nice not to have enough traffic to have to worry with all this stuff πŸ˜‰ Um, yes, the pix are adorable enough to have been worth all your efforts! Great job with the gym, btw! Can we swap grill recipes at some point?? Dean did his best a couple of weeks ago, but I have to say Jamie’s lines are amazing! Happy Random!

  29. Karen @ If I Could Escape

    You go girl!! Great randomness — it’s been getting a bit cooler in the evenings to let the kids play. I mean, you can get them outside for at least 30 minutes without them getting drenched in sweat! Can’t wait for this weekend’s cold front!

  30. Andrea

    I hate fake linkers. They suck. I click their link only to discover there’s nothing whatsoever there. I even left a comment once saying I was here for such and such. The blogger came to my site and left a comment saying she did particpate. That’s funny cause you didn’t mention either the event of the originator of the event once in the entire post. Yep dems genuises!

    I’m too old to even contemplate a concert where I couldn’t sit down.

  31. Laufa

    Don’t worry, your rant was probably needed.
    LOL! Where’s the beef?

  32. Fantastic Forrest

    Great post. So many laughs, I can’t even name my fave!

  33. K

    I ignore my reader every now and then too. It’s nice to take a few days off now and then. I enjoy blogging as long as it doesn’t feel like a chore.

    I love the pigtails. Both pictures of them. Just awesome.

  34. Zip n Tizzy

    O.K. either you did a lot of deleting or you effectively scared them all off !

    I love the pigtail thing and always almost die over the cuteness when I see little girls out in public with them. I try not to react too strongly because I don’t want to scare their parents.

    Even cuter… Graham!

    My boys have crew cuts or I’d be doin’ the same to them!

  35. jessica

    i have always wondered what the linky thing was. Now, I kind of get it.

  36. A Tired Wife

    I won tickets to a U2 concert a long time ago. I was still with the stupid ex. This is how the conversation went:

    Me: I won tickets for U2.
    Ex: To go where?
    Me: To see U2.
    Ex: You can see me right here.

  37. JuJu

    Just thought I would drop by and say hi! Long time no see!

  38. Cape Cod Gal

    I’m terrified to link up because I haven’t been around lately. I’m afraid you’ll yell at me!

    *Glad you like U2. They totally kick ass.
    *New grills rock! I’m the grilling bitch at our house. I don’t even think Big K knows how to turn ours on.
    *If it is at all possible, I swear your kids have gotten cuter!

  39. kat

    ok now im really scared because i havent been doing my blog thingys and when i do pass by its a linky tuesday. wait, its saturday here! gaaccck now im really going crazy.

    love the pigtails. next thing we know jamie will ask for one too. wokwokwok…

  40. Anne

    OMG! U2! I love them. I saw them in college. In fact, I wanted to have Bono’s baby (this was before he got all old). If you get tired of Chicago and want to check out the East Coast, let me know. I would be happy to trade for someplace warm.

  41. beth

    I must confess, although you may know this…or wait why would I presume to think you’d know this…whatever…my point.I read your blog semi regulary but…you made me laugh this shitty day, thanks.

  42. Kate

    I couldn’t agree more…there’s nothing cuter than pigtails in motion. I’m new here, but I will be back to read more!

  43. Ferd

    Whoa, you scared the shit out of me with that rant.
    Since I’ve been away a long time, I think it’s safer for me to quietly leave this little lame-o post, and leave Mr Linky alone!

    Nice to hear about the kids, Jamie, grilling, U2, elliptical, but not Golden Girls. Always hated Golden Girls. Yeah, I’d want you to shut up if you were obliviously singing the theme song!
    ; )

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