Club Half As Small As You: Month 13

October 5, 2009 9:40 am

Welcome to month 13 of Club HASAY! Not sure what HASAY is? Read all about it here.

You know that Shakira song “My Hips Don’t Lie”? Well, that’s me. For the past month plus, I’ve been working out like a mofo. The kids are in school MWF and every day when I drop them off, I head to the gym for an hour of cardio. Then I go on Thursdays and Saturdays too for some more. Aww, yeah. I like it. I’m finally starting to pull on some of my jeans that haven’t fit in months and I don’t feel quite so sluggish all the time.

Two weeks ago, I finally got up the courage to break out my Wii Fit for a weigh in. I hadn’t been on that thing since right after my surgery and I knew it was going to give me shit. The Wii Fit is a smartass, in case you didn’t know. It turns out that my ass busting has been paying off and I’m down 8.6lbs. Woo to the hoo!

Last week, I stepped on the Wii Fit again, just to weigh in and record my stats. When I got to the weight part, Jamie was intently watching from behind his laptop when the results came in. DOWN 13.6LBS! In one week! I was all… “uhhhhh… uhhhhhhhhhh..”. Then Jamie suggested I change the batteries on the lying motherfucking game and when I did, it told me I was up .8lbs from the week before. So my hips don’t lie, but low batteries sure do.

*I did lose 8.6lbs and no amount of low batteries can take that away from me.

Check out some more HASAY progress below!



  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Lying Wii Fit’s can kiss your ass! Can you send it over to kiss mine for awhile?

  2. kyooty

    oh but I like the low battery results!! glad you are feeling good and getting your works outs done!!!

  3. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Woo to the Hoo is right!! Way to go! My jaw hit the floor when you said the WiiFit also said you were down 13.6 pounds in one week…at least my jaw was already open when the laughing started about the low battery. 😉

    I think I’m going to put in old batteries the next time I step on my WiiFit, you know, like this afternoon. Then I can pat myself on the back instead of smack myself. (grin!!)

  4. mrsbear

    I think your Wii Fit was hitting on you.

    8.6 lbs kicks ass BTW. No get back to the gym! You know, as soon as you’re feeling better. 😉

  5. Ginny Marie

    -8.6lbs! Go, Casey, Go!

  6. Pollyanna

    That Wii Fit really ticks me off sometimes. It actually asks Hubby where I am? I know this because I’m sitting on the couch, eating ice cream, & reading a magazine so I can see the TV when the Wii says to him, “The Queen Bee hasn’t checked in for 100 days. Do you know where she is?” or something like that. Whatever!

    Anyway, congrats on the 8.6!!! Keep up the good work!

  7. jenni

    you are fucking awesome. rock on, casey girl, ROCK ON!

  8. Andrea

    Ha! Love the tale of the batteries. MIL is getting us Wii for Christmas and I told hubby I want the Fit. I NEED someone to yell at my butt and piss me off in order to exercise.

    Everyone can lift a spoon full of ice cream but how many of us can say we lost 8.6 lbs? Just you. Awesome job! Keep up the good work.

  9. Fantastic Forrest

    Bravo, Casey! You have achieved great things!

    And you are helping me burn calories, because I am applauding vigorously – almost as vigorously as I’m laughing at your writing. Laughing burns calories, right?

    You’ve given me a quantifiable goal for this month – I’m going to try to match your 8.6 pound loss. Will let you know how I did in November!

  10. Michelle

    YAY! Congratulations on the weight loss! I can’t wait to join you again.

  11. Lin

    Hey, good for you!! I’d still be putting in those bad batteries on those days when you didn’t feel like working out though. 🙂

  12. K

    Congrats! Way to go and awesome work with all the gym time.

  13. Keely

    So all I have to do is loosen the batteries on the Wii Fit? Awesome.

    Seriously, congrats, girl. You’re making me all motivated n’ shit (but still terrified of throwing out my back)!

  14. Cat

    The Wii Fit is SUPER mean. Once it told me that I’m ineffectual as a human being and smell bad. Or maybe that was my shrink.

    Either way, you’re looking hot, mama!

  15. bex

    the wii fit would be a lot happier if you gave it a brownie! 😉

  16. Zip n Tizzy

    That’s awesome… the actual weight loss part. Good for you for sticking with it. It does make you feel better doesn’t it.

    I don’t have a lying Wii Fit, but there were a couple weeks there that the gym scale was lying to us and then it disappeared.

  17. robin

    Woo-hoo!!! Keep kicking HASAY ass!

  18. Lisa @ Boondock

    You are doing great! I wish I had more time to do the working out. Ugh. If only I could stay at home instead of work! I mean, I’d still have to work, but I wouldn’t be tied to an office and I could find some time in my working to workout too. That would be cool.

    I’ll just have to work around it an adjust. You’re an inspiration, Casey! Keep it up!

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