The Three Amigos

September 14, 2009 12:31 am

I survived my first bloggy meet up relatively unscathed, although one of my bloggy pals did bring can of mace “just in case”. Lucky for me, I was on my best behavior and didn’t give her a reason to use it.

Here we are: Left to right is Jen from Sprites Keeper, Mrs. Bear from Outnumbered Two To One and Yours Truly

Any trepidations I had about meeting these cool chicks were quickly forgotten and we were soon cackling like old friends. Seriously, think of that tampon commercial where the chicks are all sitting around gabbing and laughing hysterically. That was us. We grabbed lunch and headed to a nearby bowling alley to show off our mad skillz. Believe me, we have none when it comes to bowling but still, we documented the event:

After we bowled, we headed off to grab some dessert where I got called a “fudgeater” on more than one occasion. Can you believe the audacity of some bloggers to say shit like that the first time they meet someone? Me neither. For the record, I kept my potty mouth to a minimum. Of one swear per minute. Anything over that and I would have had to start charging.

Here we are waiting to come down off of our sugar high. We spent a few hours camped out at that candy store heckling the help and even scored some free caramel apples out of the deal. I think I may have proposed to the poor guy after he gave us free food but who knows what comes out of my mouth when I’m high on sugar.

One added bonus of the trip was that I got to meet Jen’s husband John and the infamous Sprite (who is every bit as adorable in real life). I told Jen in advance that I wasn’t going if the trip didn’t include me learning Sprite’s true identity. I did and I’m not sharing.  I have to say that John’s princess knowledge was impressive and I plan on having him tutor me if Elliot ever steers toward the evil realm of princesses.

Time got away from us and before we knew it, it had been seven hours. The Bear and I both had 2 1/2 hour drives ahead of us so we parted ways with the promise to meet again. I arrived home to find the house and Jamie’s sanity both in tact which is basically an open invitation for me to go off on bloggy retreats more often.

Thanks for the great meet up, guys. I had a blast and plan on doing it again soon. You guys busy next weekend?



  1. Cara

    You guys are adorable! How fun that ya’ll got together. Are you sure you can’t tell us who Sprite really is?

  2. FoN

    I’m jealous! Now that I know you’re up for this kind of thing, don’t be surprised when I snap in the middle of winter again like I did last year and show up on your doorstep in search of warm weather. And dessert.

  3. Mad Woman

    Oh how awesome! I haven’t managed to get together with anyone, and seeing things like this makes me want to go stalk some bloggers 🙂

  4. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    You three are so STINKIN’ CUTE!

    And of course I’m jealous the three of you got to meet in person – one of these days I’d like to meet Jen and Mrs. Bear, too. Oh, yeah, and you too! (GRIN!)

    If FoN does decide to seek warmer weather – and dessert – this winter, maybe I can bribe her to stop on her way down South to pick me up on the way. 😉

  5. Michele

    You buttoned up the potty mouth? Say it isn’t so. I’m just being catty because I green with jealousy right now. Sounds like you all had a great time.

  6. jen

    how fun that you guys had a great time together. it’s funny how we get to KNOW each other. but not really KNOW each other all at the same time.
    so wish i could have been there.

  7. jenni

    first of all, you are all totally gorgeous, particularly pulling the “blue steel.”

    second, I’m totally jealous. three of my favorite bloggers meet up? you talked about me and how awesome I am the whole time, right? next meet up is in DC?

  8. Cat

    You girls are darling! I’d like to eat you all. Wait, first put down the mace…NOM NOM NOM

  9. mrsbear

    I would say it was less like a tampon commercial and more like a douche commercial. 😉 Tee-hee, I said douche. See, you rubbed off on me, thou eater of the fudge.

  10. Sprite's Keeper

    I am still high on the memories! Casey, what did you put in my drink at the alley? I’m STILL in a good mood and it’s Monday! That’s just not right…
    I am certainly up for doing it again and dragging the pint sizes with us. It will be a blast!

  11. Lin

    I missed out??! Rats! Gees, that looked like a ton of fun. Bowling?? You wore multi-colored shoes in front of a stranger?? Wow, you are a brave chickie, Casey.

    I’m glad you had a good time–there is nothing like a blog pally to really understand what you do on the computer. It’s nice to chat and talk blog-talk without someone’s eyes glazing over.

    Love the photos–you are some nutty gals!

  12. kyooty


  13. ymK

    That must have been fun! I’m glad you came back in one piece, and that Jamie’s sanity was also in tact.

  14. cyndi

    Green and whatever color is happy for you guys – how fun! Bowling AND fudge?!? And John and Sprite…man. You guys are as gorgeous as you are sweet, and I’m inviting you right now to stop on your way to DC!

  15. Blogging Mama Andrea

    I’m completely jealous. It sounds like fun. I want to do something cool like that. Hang on let me see how cheap flights to Florida are…

    I’m glad you had a good first experience!

  16. Kirsty @ Gone Bananas

    Oh yes I’m inserting the sad puppy dog eyes on your blog too!!! You didn’t invite me? sniff, sniff…

    Glad you had a blast, but like I told sprite, I’m reserving the right to go off and be insanely jealous today. ~grin~


  17. Keely

    Snif. Snif. It’s okay. I don’t get invited anywhere else, either.

  18. becky

    I too never get to go anywhere and I never have any fun. Wah!

    Looks like an awesome time!

  19. ck

    Hope you luck out and don’t have to worry about the Princess Evil because they’re really just the steps that lead to Barbie. It’s a sad decent, really.

    (And seriously, an entire day out? You are so lucky. I bet even the 5 hours in the empty, quiet car was fantastic.)

  20. Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt

    Your day sounds wonderful.

  21. Julie@Momspective

    Oh, you guys stink! No fair!

  22. A Tired Wife

    How wonderful!!! It’s so nice when we get to meet the real people behind the typing fingers!

  23. Laufa

    Looks like you had a great time, wish I lived in FL again. Great model pic.

  24. jessica

    i love meeting up with other bloggers. I did have the privilege of having dinner with Spriteskeeper at Blogher, however.

  25. Captain Dumbass

    To have been a true tapon commercial moment you would all have to have been wearing white pants and laughing on a white sofa. Or perhaps doing cartwheels on a beach.

  26. robin

    Oh, that last photo is just priceless! I love it! (PS- Palm trees in the background? SO jealous!)
    Read all about your big meet-up over at Jen’s place…. you guys are just too cool for school! Glad you had such a great time!

  27. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Aw, I saw this over at Jen’s site this morning and said the same thing: I have yet to meet up with any bloggy friends and I’m jealous. You look like you all had a great time!

  28. Michelle

    And now I’m totally jealous again. I miss all the fun.

  29. Zip n Tizzy

    Looks like a fun time was had by all.
    If you drive straight thru, it takes six days to get to CA. You could be here in time for Sunday dinner!

  30. K

    Oh my god. I’m so jealous. I bet you guys had a absolutely fabulous time.

  31. kat

    envious, i am. hurrrrrrrrrggghhhh….

    what pretty ladies you all are. :-p

  32. Krystal

    not saying anything on this because i, like kirsty, am feeling a bit puppy dog eyed…

    glad to see though you all had fun!!!

  33. Sandie

    Looks like y’all had fun! I think your next bloggy retreat needs to be to Italy. 🙂

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