Club Half As Small As You: Month 12

September 7, 2009 12:01 am

Welcome to month 12 of Club HASAY! Not sure what HASAY is? Read all about it here.

Holy shit you guys, this month marks one year since HASAY’s inception. I actually don’t feel so great about that fact since I’m still sitting in the general weight range as I was this time last year. Shame shame, I know your name. It’s Casey.

I recently got the all clear from my surgeon to start working out again. I eased back into things by working out once that first week. Last week I got so disgusted with my lack of energy and motivation that I worked out like a mofo. The kids started school so I managed to make it to the gym five days. Jamie and I even met up for a “date” at the gym, where he schooled me in racquetball.

I’m going to make a confession here: I love going to the gym. Please don’t have me committed. I’m feeling good about this new routine and I plan on sticking with it. Here’s hoping I have some impressive results to share with you in next month’s post.



  1. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Happy Birthday to HASAY! 🙂 Maybe now is the time for me to jump on that bandwagon…you know, since it’s the beginning of a ‘new year’ and all… 🙂

    Good for you getting to the gym and actually enjoying it! And WooHoo! and the ‘all clear’ from your surgeon – glad you’re healing up nicely, I was worried about you! 🙂

  2. Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

    I’ll be late on my update. I forgot that today was the first of Sept.! Wow! I can’t believe August is out of here.

    I like the gym too, to be honest, but can’t afford the membership. *sigh* If I ever can I’ll be going that is for sure.

  3. Michele

    I love the gym but can’t seem to make myself go. Shame on me.

  4. Cat

    Congratulations on 12 months of HASAY! You started quite a bandwagon here, I think I’m the only blogger left who hasn’t jumped right on! But dude, that would mean working out. No, but thanks anyway. Keep it up!

  5. Blogging Mama Andrea

    Good for you! I think I could do far better if I would finally get into a routine like I was when I first joined Hasay. Hopefully school being in session again will help me.
    I could do better too if I actually had someone to do it with. Exercising alone is just no fun.

    Keep at it Casey!

  6. Keely

    Good for you! I loved the gym at one point in my life, but I hate it now. I’d rather go outside. Though I haven’t been doing that either.

  7. Sandie

    Woohoo! Happy anniversary!

    You’re doing great if you’re in the same weight range as this time last year. You could be me and be about 15 lbs HEAVIER than this time last year!

    And good for you for making it to the gym. I always like going to the gym once I’m there. It’s the getting there I have problems with. I just need to get into a routine and stick with it.

  8. mrsbear

    What what? Hell yeah, I posted. And I even sweated last month. So…yeah.

    Happy Birthday HASAY. I am jealous of all your gym getting. I used to love going too, except now we can’t afford since, you know, my kids have to eat and such.

  9. robin

    Oh my gah, I wish I loved going to the gym. I’m kinda jealous! I don’t just NOT like it, I loathe it with every fiber of my being. That has to be my worst hurdle. Clearly! 🙂

  10. jenni

    really? you love it? i think i would love it too, if it meant that there was no one crying and demanding every last bit of my attention.

  11. FoN

    FIVE gym days? You’re my hero! Very well done indeed.

  12. Sprite's Keeper

    Sorry! Sorry! I’m late! I’m here though!
    Happy birthday, HASAY!
    I’m going to Red Robin this Saturday just to toast YOU!

  13. Michelle

    YAY for the gym!
    I’m sorry about my lack of posts, but I’ll be back in after this baby comes out 😉

  14. Kirsty @ Gone Bananas

    I promise to have a post up tomorrow, better late than never right?! I think it’s awesome that you love the gym! WTG Casey!!! Time to put on a cute exercise top and show those girls off at the gym…lol

  15. A Tired Wife

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m back.

  16. kyooty

    I’m still working on my pile!

  17. Fantastic Forrest

    Yay, you, Casey, for your gym-going behavior. Way to make me look like a slug. I mean…way to motivate me! Thanks! 🙂

    My post is full of laughs this month (no progress, but at least I’m a jolly fat girl) so come over and giggle – belly laughs burn more calories than just kicking back, gloating over your own fitness activities.

  18. cyndi

    Oh, dear lord, I can’t believe it’s been a year! What a loser am I …. back then, I was actually going to the gym and had a hope. At this rate, I’m hoping to be in the house by November and will check in then. I’m still looking for after shots of you, working my way backward – glad you got the workout go-ahead 🙂

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