Yes, it’s true… I haven’t posted since last week’s RTT. I’m not feeling very writey lately so bear with me while I get my bloggy mojo back. Blogging is like a window to my soul, you can tell if I’m busy or stressed or angry or whatever based on my posting schedule and the amount of fucking (I mean bow-tying) curse words in each post. This week I’m feeling cloudy with a chance of rain.

Graham has recently developed a British accent. I’m not sure where this came from but it’s hilarious to hear him say “Mummy, what are you doing?” and “Dah-dee, where are you?”. I’m thinking of teaching him a German accent next.

I’m strangely fascinated with the new show “The Fresh Beat Band” on Nick. I hate them but I can’t not watch when their commercials come on.

Our dogs have an Arnold Swarchenegger chew toy which Graham has recently adopted as his own. Last night, I got to watch as Arnold intentionally dove off of the top of a chair, dresser and crib while Graham narrated, “Oh no, Arnold Swarchenegger, be careful! Arnold Swarchenegger fell down!” Don’t most kids his age play with blocks and trucks or something?

We had to wash the couch cushions twice and shampoo the carpets twice this weekend since Graham got some kind of stomach thing and puked his guts out all over both. Several times. I can’t get the smell of puke out of my nose hairs.

In related news, the puking was followed up by Graham peeing out of his butt. He hides when he poops so yesterday, I found him sitting in his room with a 40lb diaper and shit on his fingers. I’m hoping he didn’t leave shit anywhere else for us to find but so far we’re clear.

I hate ferns. I know that sounds strange but I do. So when we hired a landscape contractor a couple of years back, he assured me that these ferns would be a good filler and low maintenance. The fucking things are evil and I spent a few hours on Sunday attacking the giant ferns that took over my yard. I woke up on Monday with a stiff neck, sore back and congestion. The fucking ferns won.

In two weeks, I’m meeting up with two of my favorite bloggers. I’ll divulge more later but woot woot! This is the first time I’ve met a real live blogger in person and I’m half expecting to end up in someone’s trunk, chopped in tiny little pieces. You know, cause big pieces would seem lazy on their part.

Go see Keely for some real random.



  1. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    I think it’s the ‘End of the Summer Blues’ that’s running rampant and messing with blogging mojo. At least that’s the story I’ve got going for my missing mojo. 😉

    What is it with the British accent? Princess Nagger always adopts one when she’s pretending to be someone else…cracks me up!

    Good luck getting the puke smell out of your nose hairs…at least you got it out of your couch and carpets, right?!

    There’s some fascination with toddlers and poop…one of my friends sons ‘painted’ the walls next to his crib once. I thought it was just a ‘boy’ thing until Princess Nagger ‘painted’ the walls and door of the bathroom and seemed so proud of herself. Fun times.

    I’ll come down and ‘take care’ of your ferns for you…I can kill ’em like nobody’s business without even trying. Other plants I can help thrive, but for some reason ferns hate me and kill themselves off. 😉

    Ooooh! Looking forward to finding out about your mysterious hook-up with 2 of your bloggy buddies…can I come, too? 🙂

    Happy RTT! 🙂

  2. robin

    Poo, pee AND puke! A blog post well-done! 🙂

  3. Caitlin

    I just met up with two of my favorite bloggy/internet friends this past weekend, and I am still fully intact. Have fun!! Also, let someone else tackle the ferns. They are PURE EVIL. For real.


    I’m just mental lately. I had a bout of inspirado 2 weeks ago and wrote and pre-set 20 posts and haven’t done a single thing since. I’m on hiatus until Monday. I feel ya sister.

  5. Sprite's Keeper

    No worries. I am no good with an ax. No upper arm strength. 🙂
    I was wondering about you. Totally was gonna email you tonight. Glad you posted first before I sent out the search party!

  6. Laufa

    Go sniff some ammonia or vinegar (only for a second) to get rid of the puke smell. Then, Lysol you whole living room. Hope you have fun with the real life bloggy friends!

  7. cara

    I’ve lost my bloggy mojo lately, too.

    And as my sister said above, we met up with two internet strangers this weekend & lived to tell the tale, so I think you’ll be OK 🙂

    Hope the G-man is feeling better. Our whole house is battling something this week.

  8. Pseudo

    At just past my one year mark as a blogger, I have found there is a lot of low mojo going around right now. I think we just need to lay low and it will come back.

    Very excited to hear who you are going to meet.

  9. WickedStepMom

    Hang in there Casey! Sometimes the hardest thing to do it just sit down and write. But, you will come out of this funk!

    P.S. Whoever you are meeting better not beat you up like the ferns did. Or, I will hunt them down!

  10. Cape Cod Gal

    Nothing is worse than puke smell. It just stays with you like a dirty cloud.

  11. Blogging Mama Andrea

    Awesome. I was eating lunch while reading that. Thanks a million. (Use a disclaimer next time you almost ruined my mac n’cheese.)

    Hope you get your mojo, blogjo back soon. You’re too funny a lady to keep silent. And blogging meet-up – a million shades of jealous green over here!

  12. jenni

    you are meeting real live bloggers??? JEALOUS.

    awesomely hilarious RTT.

  13. HeatherPride

    Way jealous of your bloggy date! I missed my chance this summer when my grandma stroked out. Dang her and her inconvenient stroking!

    Hope Graham and your arms are better!

  14. mrsbear

    Woot! You pulled it together to post. Coolness.

    Also, I will do my best to chop you up in to tiny manageable bites.

    I just caught the Fresh Beat Band today for the first time. Is it just me, or is one of those guys like insanely tall. Like Paul Bunyan tall. Or Gumby if he were Paul Bunyan’s size…

  15. Mama Badger

    Poor Graham. Coming out both ends. Nothing makes you feel worse than when you can’t make them all better, right?

  16. A Tired Wife (Buzzin By)

    Could be worse than hiding when he poops. I knew someone who hid the poop itself. Never knew when you were going to open a linen closet, a pantry, a sock drawer … to find some poop.

  17. Pollyanna

    Dude! 40 pounds! On his fingers! I’m trying to laugh thru the gagging.

    Hope you’re still here in two weeks 🙂

  18. Captain Dumbass

    Puke and shitty diapers. Don’t miss that at all.

  19. Aloha Toni!

    My friend’s baby was about 2 months old when she realised that he needed changing. She’d taken off his outfit and diaper and with that he proceeded to pee everywhere, puke and finish popping…I had to clear it up because she was laughing so much she didn’t know what to tackle first. Needles to say, I wasn’t laughing by the end of it but at least mum took the pee to the face and I didn’t catch any of it! lol

  20. Mad Woman

    Oh I really don’t miss the puke and the shit and stuff. It was all I could do not to add to the mess by puking myself.

    A British accent you say? Forget the German…go for French. He’ll be able to wow the ladies in a few years with the accent, even if he doesn’t know the lingo.

  21. Michele

    Rough week. Glad to hear Graham is better.

    None of the bloggers we know would stop at big pieces. They would put in the extra effort. I know I would.

  22. Lin

    Oooh, I wanna know who you met up with!! I hang out with Lola every once in awhile. It’s nice to talk about blogs with someone who actually knows what one is. And she hasn’t murdered me yet. Yet.

  23. kyooty

    hi, welcome back this week. Ferns? I was told that if you touch them they die! so go get all feely with your ferns!

  24. Karen @ If I Could Escape

    Love that Graham has picked up a British accent! When we eventually meet-up, ye know after your other meet-up, I’ll have to teach him some classic British words!!

  25. becky

    Ooh, who are you meeting??

    And I sure hope your weather forecast is improving. Or that there is less poop on the horizon.

    I am also just envious that you have a landscape designer.

  26. ck

    You are so funny! And so unfortunate. Ferns and puke and British accents? Gross. I’m just kidding. I love British accents. I try to speak in one when I’m alone, but even then it always sounds a little Australian and a tiny bit Irish. I’m neither, though. Just plain Jersey. So I’m not sure where it comes from…

  27. Keely

    I hate ferns too. They always end up looking so mangy.

    Totally jealous of your meet-up! Want deets!

  28. FoN

    I’m feeling bloggy lazy too. I don’t think I’ve posted since the beginning of August.

    Sorry to hear about your poop and vomit problems. Ew.

  29. anymommy

    Don’t let the killer ferns get to you. They can be beaten.

  30. Amber

    I’m so freakin’ jealous!!! I wanna meet you, Sprite’s Keeper and Mrs. Bear!!! WAAAAAAA!!!!! Dude, you may be few and far between but oh my hell, you knocked the last two RTT’s outa the park!!

    Forty pound diaper…pee out his butt…so damn funny!

    Have fun with your buddies! So many of my blog buddies have turned into full-blown best friends.

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