Our local news site has a sidebar of scrolling mugshots of recent arrests. For the last several weeks, I have visited the site several times daily and often long after I should be sleeping to look at these freaks and learn about their crimes. I don’t know how to quit them.

I broke down and had remote start installed in my car during last month’s heat wave since it was horrible putting the kids in the back of a scorching hot car all the time. We started it on our way to the parking garage last week and when we got there (a couple of minutes later), there was a pissed off driver waiting for the spot. I guess he thought we were in the car since the brake lights were flashing and the TV was on. Sucks to be him.

I’ve kept my mouth shut on all things Michael Jackson but if I have to watch one more fucking news story on the man, my head is going to explode. He’s dead. He’s been dead, why the hell does anybody still care about this shit? Every news and gossip site I read is still covering the story like it just happened.

A few months back, we got new shelves for the garage and wasted an entire weekend reorganizing. I spent last night cleaning out the garage AGAIN since apparently the shelves had a Gremlins effect on my shit and there is now three times as much crap in the garage.

It has been 8 days since my last Checkers soda. I’m limiting my soda intake to cans at home and/or if we go out to eat. I’m anticipating a Checkers-crew-led search party to take place any day now since I haven’t shown up for my daily fix. I recently did the math and our daily soda runs were costing us around $130 per month. Yikes.

My bloggy BFF Mrs Bear is currently climbing out of a bloggy slump and could use some comment crack to get her motivated again. Go say hi.

We killed last Saturday afternoon at the mall. They have a piano store with a display piano out front on demo mode. Both kids were enthralled by it for at least twenty minutes and when they were done, we went to see a man playing a harp. Boom, an hour killed before dinnertime with cheap entertainment.

Last weekend at Big Lots, the checkout lady smiled at Elliot and asked me her name. Then she proceeded to say “Why you name that baby Elliot?” I told her it was because we like the name. She looked disgusted and went on about how she doesn’t like when girls had boys names and vice versa. Then she coughed on my damn kids. On the way home, Jamie and I devised a strategy for answering this (commonly asked) question in the future: “She was named after my dead mother.” That’ll shut them up.*

*For the record, my mom is very much alive and her name isn’t Elliot.

Keely’s where it’s at, yo.



  1. jen

    i think that’s a completely appropriate response …
    i cannot stand when people judge a kid’s name. because OBVIOUSLY … the people that named that child probably LIKED it.
    except for the child i met one time that had a name with her father’s name wrapped in it somehow … and so did her other 6 siblings … and the mom had divorced the dad. that would kinda suck.

    jens last blog post..my lilies …

  2. Kat

    My daughters name was originally going to be Riley until my mom went off on how it is a “pat” name and she is forever going to call my kid “Pat”. Her name is not Riley now. Thanks mom.

    Kats last blog post..RTT- Insomnia Anyone

  3. Ane

    What the hell is that woman’s problem? What does she have against girls having boy’s names?? and she freakin coughed on your kids? Ugh!

    Anyway, happy RTT! πŸ˜€

    Anes last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts: Not Normal, The Sims and A Cameo*

  4. ck

    Yay, it’s Tuesday!

    And I’m still chuckling about the guy waiting by your car for the spot. I want one of those starters at Christmas time. Can you imagine the outrage?

    cks last blog post..the little voice

  5. K

    I recently did the math on how much I’m spending at coffee shops. Not good at all.

    Good luck with the soda cut back.

    Gotta love cheap kid entertainment.

    Happy Tuesday.

    Ks last blog post..RTT – Answers, Heart Beats and Inlaws

  6. feener

    people are idiots …

    feeners last blog post..tri training wtf ?

  7. Harriet

    Those remote starters are wonderful!
    Great idea.


    Harriets last blog post..THE JULY COMMENT CHALLENGE!!!!!!

  8. Toni

    She would have had a field day with me then as I’m a girl called Toni and it’s ‘supposed to be a boys name’ – whateve! However, it does get a little confusing at family gatherings when my 37 male cousin called Tony answers to my name as well – she check out girl can stick it in her pipe and smoke it! x

    Tonis last blog post..RTT: Spiders, cream and semi-colons…

  9. Cat

    I would be hooked on the recent arrest scroll bar, too. I do the same thing with the prostitution and soliciting prostitution mug shots for Minneapolis.

    Cats last blog post..Or MAYBE…She Just Had Shingles

  10. carrie

    I was over MJ the moment it happened. Never been a fan other than when i was a kid.
    Name thing pisses me off. I get it with all 3 of mine.
    Eli – They call him Ellie.
    Corbin – They just look puzzled
    Ashlan – they just do not understand.
    oh well, i like them.

    carries last blog post..Queen of Social Faux Pas # 2,334

  11. robin

    Really? People actually have a negative reaction when they ask you about her name? Wow. Dumbasses.

    robins last blog post..Musical Monday: Home Sweet Home

  12. Elle

    I need a remote start just for that reason. It would be fun to mess with people at the mall during Christmas Shopping season. I’m really jonesing for some new posts from Mrs. Bear. Why are people so stupid? Picking on a child’s name?

    Elles last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts~ Ch Ch Chia

  13. piecemeal people

    I wrote for a small community newspaper for three years and by far our most popular column was “Police Beat” – people LOVED finding out what their old high school friends were up to. πŸ™‚

    $130 on soda – wow, and I feel your pain. We sometimes slip into Takeout Fits and once spent over $300 in three weeks. Time to reign it in, huh?

    piecemeal peoples last blog post..RTT – You want pictures of WHAT?

  14. Sprite's Keeper

    You pissed off a waiting driver while not even being there? That takes talent, Casey!

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..RTT: Where a dime is worth more than a dollar.

  15. FoN

    That DOES work like a charm! I’ve tried that with telemarketers. “Is so and so there?” “No! She’s DEAD!”

    FoNs last blog post..Random Tuesday – Jon, Kate and Holden Caulfield walk into a bar….

  16. FoN

    Oh! And nice work on the soda.

    FoNs last blog post..Random Tuesday – Jon, Kate and Holden Caulfield walk into a bar….

  17. mrsbear

    You’re the best bloggy bff EVER. πŸ˜‰ But leave MJ alone, I’m still grieving. And working on my Thriller moves.

    I would’ve been so pissed if I were that driver parked behind your passenger-less vehicle. lol. New and amusing ways to mess with people and parking lots. I love it.

    mrsbears last blog post..Getting Back On

  18. jenni

    what the eff checkout lady? mind your own, okay?

    when I was a checkout lady, I never started conversations. I always said,”Hi, how are you?” but i left the chatting up to the customers. once, a lady with her teenage dauger & friend was chatting me up and then she said, “Oh, I better stop talking to you. It embarasses my daughter when I talk to the cashiers.” I wanted to say, “Well, I’m embarassed that your daughter is such a snotty bitch,” but I kept it to myself because that’s what good cashier does. Also, I did not want to be fired.

    jennis last blog post..Dear So and So…Volume 1

  19. GiGi @ Incrementum

    I actually avoid mugshots altogether.
    I’m terrified of seeing those posters they put up in kid places of some creepy guy’s face… Eeek!

    GiGi @ Incrementums last blog post..Dom.Ran

  20. Julie@Momspective

    I’ll go molest your BFF now. I want to sue MJ for giving me pneumonia. Bet you see me on Access Hollywood in the coming days, that fucker.

    Julie@Momspectives last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts

  21. Krystal

    LOL!! Only you can find a way to piss peple off without even trying.

    as far as the name thing, I get that with Princess. I usually get asked if we are greek because her name is a greek name and when I answer, no I am hispanic they give me this look like WTF? yeah uh huh

    Krystals last blog post..Thank God it is Friday!!!

  22. Mom in High Heels

    Awesome. You should have asked why she obviously skipped English class in school. Good grief. And Elliot is a lovely name for a girl.

    Mom in High Heelss last blog post..Bum-pa-da-bum! Random Thoughts Tuesday!

  23. Lisa (jonnysmommy)

    That’s a great one! “I named her after my dead mother…” Love it! I dare you to say it next time, or if it comes up again. And I love the name Elliot so they can all “hush up” as my southern relatives say.

  24. Jennifer

    Why would a stranger say something like that?? I love the response though!

    My stuff accumulates the more places I have to put it. I think there’s a scientific theory as to why! πŸ˜‰

  25. Trudy

    Wow…people’s rudeness never ceases to amaze me. How do you say that to someone? Unbelievable! I would definitely go with the dead mother bit.

    Happy RTT!

  26. Raven

    I hate getting into a hot car, especially since mine doesn’t have much for A/C.

    At times like these, when the entire world is obsessing over Michael Jackson, I’m so glad I don’t have tv!! I seriously would go out of my mind if I had to hear about him constantly.

    I’m heading over to Mrs. Bear’s right now to say hi. πŸ™‚

  27. angie

    do the rolling pictures help to defer crime?

  28. Lin

    I hated giving out my kids’ names out when they were little–everyone had an opinion. When Colin was born, his name was not common like it is now and that threw everyone. My father-in-law actually asked us what we were going to call him. Uh, Colin???! What else would we call him?

    With you on the MJ thing. Bury his carcass already. And I love how LaToya is going to keep this crap in the media now by saying he was murdered. If they don’t shut up, I’m going to murder them all and then we’ll have a REAL story to report.

    Lins last blog post..Did I ever tell you………..

  29. CDB

    The phantom piano man at the mall was GOLD, Jerry, GOLD. I love it.

    I’m climbing out of a blog slump too, she and I should form a support group. I’ll check her out!

    CDBs last blog post..RTT: Bad Drivers and Other

  30. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Big time LOL on the guy waiting for your spot…sucks to be him for sure! πŸ˜‰

    Whenever I get new shelves things seem to multiply, too…so I’ve stopped buying shelves. πŸ˜‰

    Wonder if Checkers is going to put your mug shot on their take out stuff (cups, bags, etc.) in lieu of a search party? Or maybe do both… πŸ˜‰

    I think Elliot is a very cool name for a girl…my grandma was going to name my mom Stacy when she was born, but it was a popular French boy’s name at the time, so she altered it to make it more girly…so my mom gave it to me, instead. Pair that with my middle name being MichΓ‘el (pronounced Michel, thankyouverymuch) I get a lot of junk mail addressed to “Mr.”. I love your idea to say Elliot was named after your dead mother (even though she’s not dead and it’s not her name). That’ll shut up the busy bodies who don’t need to be snarky (or cough on your kids). Humph! πŸ™‚

    Happy RTT! πŸ™‚

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)s last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts – Monkey Business and Spanish

  31. Captain Dumbass

    Cashier bitch deserved a krav maga thumb to the throat.

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..Random Tuesday: Ceci n’est pas une lune

  32. jaime

    i’m SO glad to hear that someone else feels the same way i do about michael jackson. i can’t STAND hearing about him every freaking day.

    jaimes last blog post..Random

  33. Kyooty

    Hey late night poster!
    Just call her Ellie and for “Strangers” that way when somoene asks her name and then proceeds to talk to her she can claim they aren’t taking to her, and that she doesn’t talk to strangers that don’t know her name. I know it sounds like we’re seting her up to be rude to adults but adults are rude. πŸ™‚
    I gues that’s not going to work but ugh! peole are stupid! my BIL likes to call MJ after the dead MJ and he’s not even named that!

  34. Jessica Bern

    that will definitely shut them up. It’s amazing how people can ask such a question and then give their very not nice opinion.

    Jessica Berns last blog post..You can find me here and here, oh and here and….

  35. Monica

    So maybe next time when asked why you named her Elliot you could say something like “I like the meaning of it, you know, “child who teaches ignorant adults when to keep their opinions to themselves”. I am very annoyed for you.

    I was and still am shocked by the coverage of MJ. Enough already. No. Enough 3 weeks ago. -M

    Monicas last blog post..Note to self

  36. Cape Cod Gal

    Shelves breed more crap. I clean off one in our garage and an hour later it was full again.

    Cape Cod Gals last blog post..RTT – I Have No Snappy Title For This One.

  37. Luckily Heather

    I get those sort of comments all the time with both of my children. Nobody has ever heard of the first one and the second one is a ‘boys’ name. Yes, she was named after my grandfather so obviously we know that it was a male name but people seem to think we haven’t been informed. Is your dumbass comment going to go back in time and make me name my 6 year old something else? Then perhaps you should keep it to yourself, random old person at the grocery store.

    My favorite are the people who hear my kids names and then ask if I mean something else. Like they couldn’t possibly have heard right or maybe I said it wrong. Frustration!

    Luckily Heathers last blog post..Der, take your cohesion away from here

  38. Sandie

    We put remote start in Tony’s truck a few years ago. I love it! We considered putting it in the van, however I’d then need two remotes on my keychain (well either that or I’d have to open the side doors manually and THAT wasn’t going to happen!).

    Sandies last blog post..RTT: The Disney Version

  39. Keely

    You know…it never occurred to me to use a remote starter in the SUMMER.

    I figure I got lots of stupid comments about MY name, Xander should get some too. It’s like a rite of passage or something. Though it still makes me want to punch some people in the face.

    Keelys last blog post..Terrible photo, more later (What? It’s Wordless Wednesday)

  40. Shangrila

    Amen on the MJ crap-enough already! Go, you for cutting back on the liquid crack-I feel your pain! My brother-in-law’s mother made a crack about my kids’ names when she came to visit my sis’s new baby at the hospital. I didn’t slap her, but only because it would’ve ruined the “grandma and baby” pics for my sister.

    Shangrilas last blog post..I’m An Auntie Again!

  41. Mama Badger

    I had someone at the hospital (yes, when LG was nary an hour old) ask why we chose his name. Which is a very ordinary irish name. Then she proceeded to tell us it wa a girls name. And go to hell, thank you very much…

    Mama Badgers last blog post..Spin Cycle- The routine

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