I accidentally overplucked my right eyebrow. Now I’ve got half an eyebrow on that side and it looks ridiculous. When I pointed it out to Jamie, he kept repeating “OMG, WHY DID YOU DO THAT? OMG, THAT LOOKS TERRIBLE!”. He’s so supportive. I took the kids to Gymboree today and waited for the confused stares but they never came.
Did you know that Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t have eyebrows?

Does anybody watch Breaking Bad? That show is wicked awesome. I think I might make “wicked awesome” my new catch phrase.

I recently got a jury duty notice for the third time in just over a year. Since I’m a SAHM, I’m exempt, but for some reason they keep sending me more notices. I secretly want to go sit in a courtroom all day just to relax. Also, I really want to jump up and scream “I THINK HE DID IT!” Law & Order style.

I go to Checkers every day to get a Coke. They don’t even make me order anymore, they make chit chat over the loud speaker and ask me how my day was. They say hello to the kids and give them free kids meal toys. I realize things have gotten a little too personal with the fast food staff but I really knew things were bad when one of the guys came up from the back to tell me that he liked my new haircut and another guy came around to see and complimented me on it too.

One of our most recent time killers is the racecar cart at Lowes. We strap the kids in and haul ass around the store showing them power tools and hammers. Graham even gets a kick out of the washing machines and toilets. One trip can kill up to an hour and the kids love it. We have all sorts of unfinished projects since we’re always killing time at Lowes and buying stuff to look like we’re actually shopping.

I have put-stuff-back-in-the-right-spot shopping guilt. If I decide that I don’t want something in my cart, I will walk all the way back to whatever aisle I got it from to put it back in the right spot. This weekend, both kids were approaching meltdown and I made the rash decision to put something back in the wrong spot.  Jamie tried to convince me that doing so was creating jobs since someone gets paid to return things to their proper place.

Graham was giving me crap about putting on his shoes and I told him that this isn’t a democracy and he was going to wear shoes. Jamie chimed in that it’s a cheerocracy. Our poor kids are condemned to a life of confusion.

Jamie and I often subconsciously wear the same colors as each other or the kids. We went out in public last week and all four of us were wearing red shirts. We didn’t realize it until we were in the store and it was too late to go home and change. Go team HAGAY! We’re such losers.

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  1. Jessica Bern

    my kid wanted me to buy a dress in the exact same color as hers. I declined

  2. Pseudo

    A lot of fun stuff going on here. I love the Lowe’s shopping. And BTW, I have that guilt thing too with putting stuff back.

    Pseudos last blog post..You Know You Are On Break When…

  3. Andrea

    You know, I often find myself wearing the same colors as my daughter without trying either. I don’t know why that is…

    I love wasting time at places like Lowes. I used to love Ziggy’s when I was a kid (the non-chain small town version of Lowes) because they had room set-ups. Like fake kitchens and bathrooms. I used to pretend I lived in them while my parents would shop.

    Andreas last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts: The New Black

  4. Kat

    When I was still living in S.Carolina, my husband used to go to Hardees almost everyday for lunch on his way home. He has a very distinctive voice and as soon as he would start his order they would stop him and just tell him his total.

    Kats last blog post..RTT-Pure Random Randomness

  5. K

    Fantastic randomness.

    We often match by accident too. Why is that?

    And I love the cheerocracy line.

    Ks last blog post..Confession

  6. Laufa

    At least ya’ll were coordinated. Hmm, do you go to the Metro-sexual Checkers? “Nice hair cut!” Just picking ya. Free toys, keep going. Love the hardware stores, but Roy can’t just window shop or people watch. It’s summer just buy some flip-flops and carry them in your purse, then let him go bare foot. (Yes, that was the white trash side of me coming out there. My Mom took my daughter to the grocery store in just a diaper once, only once, because I found out.)

    Laufas last blog post..RTT: Wedding Dance!

  7. Trudy

    The same color shirts things is real funny! I totally don’t put stuff back in the right spot though. You are so good!

    Happy RTT!

    Trudys last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts – Baby Showers and Sandals!

  8. Tricia

    Ah hah! You’re that crazy family that ran over my toe at Lowe’s the other day.

    Tricias last blog post..Beautiful Like Me…It’s all about the brain

  9. Missy

    Trust me when I say, sales people hate when you leave random crap around the store. It’s better if you just take it with you to the register and ask them to “Re-shop” it for you. They will like you much better.

    My hubby and I ended up wearing the same style/color of shirt the other day. After I put mine on we both looked at each, and knew we were thinking the same thing. Then decided we didn’t give a crap what anyone else thought.

    Happy Random Tuesday.

    Missys last blog post..Totally Random Tues.

  10. Ginny Marie

    I get annoyed when I see something perishable just put somewhere haphazardly on a shelf just because someone decided they didn’t want it. I’m sure the store ends up throwing it away. I have given the cashier an item I don’t want, usually because I notice the package is torn or something like that.

    Ginny Maries last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Horrors of Swimming Lessons

  11. Cara

    So obviously you’ve watched Bring It On one too many times if Jamie can bust out that line. I end up matching the kids more often than not…it’s not cool. Sonic is my Checkers…we are there almost every single day.

    Caras last blog post..RTT-I’m exhausted

  12. otin

    I also have the guilt about putting things back where I got them. I was in a store one time and found hamburger meat in the cereal aisle, that is just stupid!

    otins last blog post..Random Tuesday thoughts

  13. Julie@Momspective

    Sometimes I feel like it’s okay that I don’t leave my house and do stuff, because everything I would have done you’re doing. The race car cart makes me look like a total dick. I knock shit over, run into people are break a sweat when that fuckers full. There. I said Fuck. Apparently, Disney’s looking at me so I can’t say Fuck again now. Fucking Disney.

    Julie@Momspectives last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts – I Hate Balloons

  14. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    I was wondering why you were looking at me funny…it wasn’t you, it was your eyebrow! 😉

    Princess Nagger and I tend to match colors by accident…but it’s probably good that we don’t on the days like today when she decides to sport a fashion statement – I think I’ll leave my pink boa in the closet today… 😉

    I have that same have to put-stuff-back-in-the-right-spot shopping guilt…that might be why PN doesn’t like to shop with me anymore, because of all those side trips to put things back. 🙂

    PN LOVES to go to Lowe’s and ride in those racing car shopping carts – that’s one place she prefers to go when I’m along for the ride – because I will actually pretend she’s racing and race down the aisles while hubby is browsing all the manly stuff. When she just goes with hubby, he doesn’t get into the racing bit. 🙂

    Happy RTT! 🙂

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)s last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts – Head Spinning Barf and Burning Trees

  15. Harriet

    Never knew that about Whoopie. I did know that her name is really Caryn Johnson 🙂


  16. Cat

    Happy Tuesday to the Queen of Random.

    Cats last blog post..I Prefer This Version, Personally

  17. WickedStepMom

    We have a horror story about Checkers. I wanted some Checkers fries one night and Bear was kind enough to go and get them. He and the Show went, they will never go back. They couldn’t understand a thing the cashier was saying because they spoke very broken English. And when they finally did get their order, it had three orders of fries but no burgers and they were charged for a coke.

    WickedStepMoms last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts: My husband is a Zombie!

  18. Keely

    1992 called, they want their catch phrase back.

    I’m going to try the cheerocracy line on X. Maybe I can stun him into silence long enough to get the shoes on his feet.

    Keelys last blog post..I can’t even tie these together with a title, but there’s a gift, if you like boots: Random Creepday Thoughts

  19. Sprite's Keeper

    Oh, I have that guilt thing too! And when I’m too far and need to put something in the wrong spot? I look around me to make sure no one in the staff is around (and totally call myself out on the cameras, I’m sure) before I do it. And the times I leave it at the end of the conveyer belt? “Oh, that’s not mine. The person before must have left it.” RIGHT.

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..RTT: Been there, "Heard that".

  20. ck

    ooooh…and over-plucked eyebrow AND shopping-cart-guilt? My Tuesdays wouldn’t be the same without you!

    cks last blog post..happy cliché #7: the little things

  21. Cameron

    During the jury selection process, I would go ahead and jump up then and say, “I think he did it.” You would get excused pretty quickly. 😉

    Camerons last blog post..Lucky Bastard!!

  22. Shangrila

    My sis and I were in a car accident years ago and she sustained a “degloving wound” and has only half of her left eyebrow as a result. She decided this year that she isn’t going to draw the other half of it on anymore…eyebrows are over-rated!

    Love Lowes, too. Casey-don’t backtrack OR put stuff back in the wrong place. Take it to the register and give it to the cashier before he/she starts ringing up your items. Say, “I’m sorry, We decided not to get these.” They’ll tuck it into a bin and give it to the customer service team to restock at the end of the night. 😉

    Shangrilas last blog post..RTT: Pet-Fresh Pokemon Wear Pampers

  23. jenni

    I agree with jamie – put it back in the wrong spot. someone gets paid to move it. or just give it to the cashier and tell them you don’t want it.

    we also live in a cheerocracy. and i’m the head cheerleader, bitches.

    jennis last blog post..Two

  24. jenni

    omg, i JUST NOW got miles to sleep after an hour of rocking him and Oscar woke up. Jesus hates me. i just had to tell someone.

    jennis last blog post..Two

  25. Saph

    I have ZERO guilt for putting things back in the wrong place. It is not uncommon for me to arrive a the register with several things I am NOT buying. I kindly hand it to the cashier and say, “We decided against these 14 items.” LOL!!!
    I want to be selected for jury duty soooooo bad. I’ve never been selected. NEVER.
    Yeah, we waste time at BJs.
    Great randomness!

    Saphs last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts

  26. Gretchen

    Good for you for putting things back! Long ago, when I was a struggling actress, I worked in a bookstore. The bane of our daily life was people who just left stuff wherever they wanted. I ended up spending all my time reshelving, instead of doing what I really wanted to be doing – flirting with cute customers or sneaking into the back alley to smoke. So on behalf of lazy, slacker employees everywhere I say “Thank you!”.

    Gretchens last blog post..The Mustard Hole

  27. bex

    wonderful randomness dahling. top drawer.

    i always put my boys in the same colors. that way, if one ends up missing at target or ross, i can show the staff the other one and say, “he looks like this only shorter / taller.”

    the people at your checkers are like the people at my car wash.

    bexs last blog post..FFF: mom

  28. Michelle

    We often match too… but never on purpose. I also have a hard time putting things back in the wrong spot. And cheerocracy… totally funny.

    Michelles last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts:

  29. jaime

    i’ve never heard of breaking bad.

    hate it when the eye brows get overplucked

    jaimes last blog post..It’s tuesday. time for random!

  30. Shieldmaiden96

    I once lost half an eyebrow to overenthusiastic self-waxing. Revlon makes an eyebrow pencil that is a nice, soft pencil on one end and a wand with some mascara type stuff at the other. It has some over-hopeful name like ‘Brow Fantasy’. Probably fit on the tube better than ‘Freak Corrector’. The wand end sort of combs the remaining eyebrows into place, holding them there with some kind of gently colored eyebrow styling product that covers what God never intended you to rip off until nature fixes your oops. Worth $7.

    Shieldmaiden96s last blog post..Finish this Sentence

  31. Deemarie

    Cheerocracy!!!!!! LOVE IT!
    I never realized Whoopie doesn’t have eyebrows.
    And I bet your haircut is adorable!

    Deemaries last blog post..I’m 17 Kinds of Special

  32. Lisa (Jonny's mommy)

    I’VE always wanted the opportunity to yell “You can’t handle the truth!” So far, I’ve never had the chance.

  33. mrsbear

    Didn’t you have the same relationship with the McDonald’s folks when you were going over there for your daily cokes?

    I have dump-the-crap-the-kids-think-they-want-in-any-random-aisle-when-they’re-not-paying-attention-itis…

    If you’re all wearing the same colored shirts, then it’s easier to find the one missing kid that’s hiding in the clothes rack. 😉

    mrsbears last blog post..My Sun Scorched Random Tuesday Thoughts

  34. Kyooty

    OK now that I’ve exercised my scrolling fingers I can take a break and move on to the typing fingers. I agree with Jamie, it’s all about the new economy and creating jobs.
    The same color clothes (see I even spelled color all USA USA for you) is useful when out at a park or theme sight, we call that the “team discount” or “family reunion” discount clothing. It’s all in how you spin it!

    Kyootys last blog post..It must Be Random Tuesday, I was at the Dentist

  35. Monica

    Hi Casey. You crack me up! I’ve always had the “put stuff back guilt” until I became a mom. Now I totally just either put things in the wrong place or give em to the cashier. It’s too tiring to lug the boy all around the store to put stuff back! I’ve been called to jury duty in a few weeks. But I don’t recall ever seeing that episode (out of 7 million episodes) where a juror jumps up and yells that. Guess I’ll have to start watching all the Law and Orders again! Have a great day! -Monica

    Monicas last blog post..Don’t you ever miss the good old days?

  36. Lin

    I love your random stuff–it’s all so….so….you know, random. But it is also entertaining, so I like it.

    I also put things back where I found it in the store. I’m weird like that after working retail for a bit. I think that’s called “scarred for life” in some places.

    Lins last blog post..Knee deep in Pallies

  37. Damon

    I do that uneven thing while shaving my sideburns all the time. A couple times I’ve ended up with white walls.

    LOL about dressing up like your husband and kids..my wife and I do that all the time! Next thing we know we’re both wearing a blue shirt and khaki shorts.

    Damons last blog post..Summer has arrived: Random Tuesday Thoughts

  38. anymommy

    The racecar carts! Sometimes, we hang at the grocery store, ride the racecar cart, get free cookies and leave. Yes, life is a bit slow with three toddlers.

    anymommys last blog post..Maybe Baby

  39. Zip n Tizzy

    I saw a couple walking down the street today with what looked like decidedly coordinated outfits, but before I got too self righteous in my judgements I wondered if they had done it unknowingly, or if it was just a color they had a lot of in their wardrobe because it looked good on them, or if they have it in their mind that coordinated outfits are really cool and that any couples who don’t bother are complete losers. I spent way too much time thinking about what their dressing process was, but it got me to target where I also feel very guilty if I don’t put things back where they belong.
    (Too often I dress my kids in the same colors as me without even realizing it.)

  40. Captain Dumbass

    I’ve noticed that trend towards the same clothing as well. I do it a lot with the kids, but I think that’s ok since it’s easier to keep track of them when you’re out.

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..Random Tuesday: Fairy Sweat

  41. GiGi @ Incrementum

    OMG! You’re a put-stuff-back-in-the-right-spot creep like me!!! It’s nice to feel like I’m not alone!!

    GiGi @ Incrementums last blog post..I’m not here

  42. cyndi

    Did I mention before that I love you?! I always laugh and feel glad to know that I’m not the only one. I make friendly with the drive-thru or fastfood people and it freaks others out. And we stumbled onto Celebrity Apprentice – UK last nite on BBC. It was actually pretty good, maybe because I just DK those people, but I thought you might like it more than the US version …. just trying to keep your tivo full 😉 Happy week!

    cyndis last blog post..We all scream for ice cream!

  43. FoN

    You made fun of me for wanted to dress my daughter and friend’s daughter alike, but you go to Lowe’s in uniform? Sheesh. 🙂

    Eyebrow pencil – you can fill in the blank for a little while until it grows back. I know, it’s a slippery slope that eyebrow business.

    FoNs last blog post..You can take down all those ‘Wanted’ posters now

  44. Michele renee

    I loved every paragraph you wrote!!! If I wear blue or khaki shorts I pretty much match the guys I live with. You guys must have looked like you all worked at Target (if you have them there).

  45. Mrs. C.

    Casey, it is NOT weird to be compelled to put things back in the place you got them. You could be a former retail-robot like me and automatically “face” the shelves (slide all the products forward to the front) as you are shopping. Sad, just sad…

    S.P. and I went to church the other day in lovely matching outfits of navy and khaki. Looked like a freakin’ preppy catalog shot. If we hadn’t been running late I’d have put on a trashy short red skirt and flip-flops just to break the vibe.

  46. Sam

    LOL. I thought I was the only one who used democracy as an excuse. I’m thinking about having it made into a t-shirt.

    Sams last blog post..I’ve Only Been On The Job As The Mother Of A Teenager For One Day, And Already I’m Exhausted

  47. Amber

    Oh my hell I so totally DON’T have that guilt thing. You could follow my trail around Wal-Mart. Just follow all the things I’ve handed my kids to entertain them with and then set them down and picked up something else.

    And when you told Graham it wasn’t a democracy I literally said in my mind “cheerocracy”. That’s freakin’ awesome. You and Jamie were meant for each other!

    Ambers last blog post..A List

  48. Amber

    Oh, and I once waxed my eyebrows by myself. Ya, I pretty much had like 2 hairs left. Never again.

    Ambers last blog post..A List

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