Solo And Sinking

May 1, 2009 12:19 am

Jamie’s brother is getting married this weekend. I leave for PA first thing on Saturday morning and come home first thing on Sunday morning. Jamie is the Best Man and flew up on Wednesday to participate in the family festivities and spend time with his family.

That means that I’ve been on my own with a one and a two year old since Wednesday.

I love Jamie. The man is an amazing husband and father as well as my best friend in the whole wide world. Perhaps I don’t tell him enough but it’s true. Having him gone these past couple of days has really driven home the fact that I need him. I don’t just love him but I need him.

The kids have revolted and have teamed up against me.

On my first Jamie-less night, the kids tag team screamed all night. From the hours of 11-3, Graham woke up approximately every 20 minutes and tried to break out of his room. He succeeded several times by throwing his weight at the door and breaking the latch. I spent the night on the couch waiting for his next breakout attempt. At 3AM, Graham finally settled in for the night (until 6 which is his new wake time) and Elliot took the torch. She proceeded to stand and yell and crawl and cry and laugh and talk in her crib. For an hour.

Did I mention that I don’t function well on no sleep?

Graham does not possess the ability to be mellow. The second he wakes up, he’s ON. He runs around the house trying to get into things. He scales the entertainment center shelves to get to the cable box. He runs into Elliot’s room and wakes her up. There’s really no stopping him when you’re running on empty.

I’m just so fucking tired right now. Why am I blogging and not sleeping?

Yesterday, both kids had a screaming match in the car. Then in their high chairs. Then in the bath tub and the finale was right before bed. Elliot somehow set Graham off and it was on, dueling children. There were times when I just needed a fucking second to regroup but I didn’t have anyone there for backup. I’m so glad this is temporary since I’m not sure I would be able to pull this gig off if I didn’t have Jamie around. I knew single parenting was hard but I’ve gained a new found respect having gone through this partial week of hell. Parenting is a hard enough job with two adults pitching in but doing it alone is damn near impossible.

So I’m here but I’m swamped and I’m leaving but I’ll be back. That screaming kid you hear is probably one of mine. I should probably go check on that. Peace out until next week, yo.

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  1. FoN

    Holy crap I’m happy I am (pretty much) done with such evenings. And, I agree….how people do this whole parenting thing solo is a miracle to me.

    Have fun this weekend! Get drunk and do something stupid and blog worthy, ok?

    FoNs last blog post..The W.A.S.P and the Albanians

  2. Casey

    Thanks, I’ll try but we have a 6am flight on Sunday so I’m not sure if drinking at the wedding is the best option.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  3. Pseudo

    Hope you get some sleep. I let my husband go on a guy’s trip to the Big island when my kids were infant and three. It was the longest weekend ever.

    Pseudos last blog post..Spin Cycle: Mistakes

  4. Casey

    Thanks, I’m about to board the plane and I intend to catch some z’s.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  5. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    One of my best friend’s kids are a lot like yours – and for some reason, if her hubby is out of town it’s almost as if it’s like a game to see what they can do or get into… I don’t envy you one bit! I bet you’ll be so happy to get on that plane in the morning, even for just a 24 hour break…but at the end of that 24 hours, you’ll be craving some cuddle time with the munchkins! πŸ˜‰

    Have fun this weekend – looking forward to reading all about it next week! πŸ˜‰

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)s last blog post..Spin Cycle of Mistakes – Learn from Them

  6. Casey

    I think you’ve mentioned your friend’s kids before. It’s somewhat comforting to know that I’m not the only one with insane kids.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  7. WickedStepMom

    Oh man! I am sorry that is has been a partial week of hell. Have a good trip though… Maybe you can dump them off on Grandma for a few hours for a much needed nap.

    WickedStepMoms last blog post..Was it a Mistake?

  8. Casey

    Thanks, me too! I dumped both kids with the grandparents this morning and they’re watching them until we get home tomorrow.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  9. jen

    oh you. part time single parenting it IS really tough. you made it (almost) though … are the kids going with to the wedding? or do you get a bit of a break? both kids will survive. you will survive. and then you can spend the next several weeks begging your husband to never leave you alone again!
    (for me … the begging part doesn’t work.)

    jens last blog post..home … and the realization that life isn’t much different than it was when i left.

  10. Casey

    I think you can probalby relate the most since your husband travels so often. My parents are staying with the kids until we get home tomorrow.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  11. Cat

    Oh god, you poor tired mama. Safe travels, maybe you can sleep through the wedding? XO

    Cats last blog post..Wrath

  12. Casey

    Thanks, I wish. Unfortunately I’ll be sitting with my FIL so there won’t be a chance to sleep.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  13. ck

    When my husband goes away I gain such appreciation and respect for single moms. I don’t know how they do it.

    Travel safe!

    cks last blog post..crushing

  14. Casey

    Me neither. I made it though, I’m about to board my plane. Think it’s too early for cocktails?

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  15. Cara

    Uh, are you sure you weren’t peeking in my windows & watching my kids?

    But seriously. It sucks & sorry it’s been rough on you. Hope you can get some enjoyment out of your mini-trip!

    Caras last blog post..The many faces of Roo…

  16. Casey

    Just read your post from yesterday and our kids are exactly the same. I’m off to board my plane soon…

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  17. Peggy

    Firstly, what a nice tribute to Jamie!

    Secondly, keep your eye on the prize baby…a sleep-over wedding! Those tend to be the very best! I have a wedding tonight but have to come home and face a babysitter or stand in the garage and sing to myself and have a solo dance party (my usual), giggle and/or sway back and forth and drunk dial (blog) you until my husband gets her out of my house.

    And “C” Have a GREAT time…let loose and cha cha slide like there’s no tomorrow!

    Peggys last blog post..

  18. Casey

    Yeah yeah, once in awhile I throw Jamie a bone and say something nice about him.

    I’m sitting at the airport about to board my plane so who’s blog stalking now?

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  19. Robin

    Oh, man! You must be exhausted!
    Have a stiff drink at the wedding. Or ten! πŸ˜‰
    Safe trip!

    Robins last blog post..The Handmade’s Tale: Lulu Bug Jewelry

  20. Casey

    I might just do that but we have to leave to come home at 6am so hungover flying might not be in the cards.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  21. Sprite's Keeper

    Just think, tomorrow night, you and Jamie will get some actual sleep. Just don’t bring back a third, you know? πŸ™‚

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..Spin Cycle: "Huh. THAT wasn’t supposed to happen.."

  22. Casey

    Don’t you worry about that. We uhm “surgically” took care of that problem in March.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  23. Kendra

    Mine has decided he does not enjoy sleeping all night long and needs a break from the sleeping about 3 until 5 every other morning. My lack of sleep does not make me a happy mama! Have a safe trip and get some sleep!

  24. Casey

    Those hours should not exist on a clock. HOpe you get some sleep soon.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  25. HeatherPride

    Oh girl! Take yourself a little break. And a nap. Ugh.

    Have a good (hopefully quiet) weekend!

  26. Casey

    Thanks, I plan to!

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  27. blissfully caffeinated

    Oh dear. I’m so sorry. My kids always develop a throw up/diarrhea virus every time my husband goes out of town for more than two days. I don’t know how they always time it so perfectly.

    Also, my husband is forbidden to ever be in another wedding ever again. I got fed up with all the effing weddings a few years ago and put my foot down.

    blissfully caffeinateds last blog post..Life’s a beach. And then gale force winds whip stinging sand into your eyes, carry your umbrella out to sea, and dash your hopes for a fun beach vacation into a million pieces.

  28. Casey

    Somehow kids just know when you’re weak and then they get sick just to mess with you!

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  29. Becky

    Oy vey. Sleep deprivation is not a good thing. Here’s hoping things settle down. Have a good trip!

    Beckys last blog post..The Fun in Dysfunction

  30. Casey

    Thanks, I plan on taking a nap on the plane (which I’m about to board).

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  31. K

    I’m sorry. Flying solo sucks.

    My husband was gone for three nights this week. I thought I might lose it.

    My little man watched way too much tv and eat crap because I just couldn’t do any better.

    Ks last blog post..In Which I Try To Be A Good Blog Friend

  32. Casey

    Amen to crap food and TV. Graham is immune to the effects of TV so even that doesn’t slow him down. It sucks.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  33. Cape Cod Gal

    See…..I told you that you should come and see me. Make a pit stop at Logan.

    Cape Cod Gals last blog post..Another Meaning For Doggy Style

  34. Casey

    I’m about to board the plane…. I’ll let you know if I end up at Logan.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  35. bex

    its a hard lesson that we need our spouses, right? i mean, even when you know it abstractly, then you are put to the test! hang in there! you will get a well deserved break in the near future, i’m sure of it. the eight ball told me. it is decidedly so.

    bexs last blog post..So Blue

  36. Casey

    I made it, about to board my plane. I knew I needed my husband before but not how badly. Phew!

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  37. Lin

    Holy crap, Casey! What on earth is going on over there?? It sounds like the inmates have taken over!!! Hope Jaime comes home soon!

    Lins last blog post..Dead Duck

  38. Casey

    That’s exactly it. I made it out alive though, about to board my plane.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  39. Keely

    I imagine you’d do it somehow if you had to (the single parent thing) but isn’t it fantastic that you don’t have to?

    Kids just KNOW, I swear.

    Keelys last blog post..Brush your teeth and stay in school, kids

  40. Casey

    I was thinking that too but I’m so glad I don’t have to. I made it out alive…

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  41. cyndi

    Oh, I am really even less thrilled about Dean’s upcoming trip after reading this and wanting to cry for you…I hope that the weekend makes up for these days and you do get some blogworthy moments out of it…or good sleep at the very least. Have a great reunion and enjoy the wedding!

    cyndis last blog post..May Each Day

  42. Casey

    Thanks, I made it out alive and am about to board my plane. Your boys are angels so you won’t have any trouble with Dean being gone. Just stick them on their new bikes and let them ride!

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  43. mrsbear

    It’s nice to have back-up, I know. And the kids, even the little ones, always know what they can get away with and with whom. Hope you enjoy the time away (from the kids, not the husband) however brief. I think the blogosphere will still be here when you gt back.

    mrsbears last blog post..Flushed Undies and Other Blunders – Spin Cycle

  44. Casey

    I’m hoping the blogosphere doesn’t decide to close down in my absence but I think I’m safe. I made it… boarding my plane now.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  45. Michele

    I had to do this several times when my boys were young. Sounds like it sucks as much now as it did then. Hang in there. Did someone say Benadryl?

    Micheles last blog post..

  46. Casey

    If it worked, I’d think about it but it makes my kids hyper. Damn.

    Caseys last blog post..Solo And Sinking

  47. Karen@If I Could Escape . . .

    Oh my — been there, done that! Hang in there! Hoping you are having a blast at the wedding — sounds like you need it!

  48. anymommy

    I feel your pain. Hang in there, he’s coming back!

  49. Beth

    I actually could hear him screaming through the computer! Get some sleep after the wedding. I like your cool orange backgrounds, too.

    Beths last blog post..JB Graduates: Mom is Emotional

  50. Sammanthia

    I’m just now reading this (I’ve been in Hell, too. Actually I think I might have seen you there but you looked really tired so I didn’t want to say anything.) and for some reason I’m tired and I might have to take a nap in your honor. That’s just the kind of friend I am. Selfless.;)
    Hope you had a great time at the wedding and managed to at least have one drink. Sounds like you needed it!

    Sammanthias last blog post..Weekly Winners: He’s Going To Thank Me One Day

  51. Katie

    Uggg! They always revolt at the worst possible time.

    Katies last blog post..As we drive by a graveyard…

  52. jenni

    there’s nothing like a few days alone to make us realize that our husbands are heros. come home, jamie, come home!

    jennis last blog post..My Ass isn’t the Only Thing I’m Losing

  53. Lisa

    I am so behind on getting to my blogs. Guess I spent more time with family than on the computer. Which is good, right? Anyhow, sorry about the double work by the kids. Sounds totally crazy!

    Lisas last blog post..Sunday Shout Out: Outnumbered Two to One

  54. Jessica Bern

    i just wrote about how hard it is to be the mom and the dad sometimes for L.A. Mom blogs. It blows. But we all survive in the end.

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