Club Half As Small As You: Week 27

April 27, 2009 5:00 am

Welcome to week 27 of Club HASAY! Not sure what HASAY is? Read all about it here.

Today’s guest poster is Andrea from Blogging Mama. Andrea is fairly new to HASAY but has jumped in full force all the way from Germany! Andrea has the same track record as a lot of us and has dusty fitness equipment cluttering up her place but she’s been kicking HASAY butt since getting with the program! Stop by her place to say hello.
Finding The Zen Place

Saturday morning I stumbled down the stairs at 6:10 with The Chick (my almost 3 year old) gave her a sippy cup of water, a little bowl of dry Looters cereal, clicked on Madagascar and laid down on the couch. It’s the usual routine. With my Blackberry in hand as I lay bleary eyed while Alex and Marty voiced their opinions from the screen I scrolled through my 24 emails that had come in overnight. Comment’s for my blog, adverts to approve, Facebook requests. And the one little email from Casey. She wanted to know if I would want to guest post for Her. Seriously? I did think she must be nuts at first but that feeling was soon followed by, well, a feeling of flattery. I’ve never guest posted before. Casey is my first (and don’t we always remember our first?) So I sat down, turned on some Coldplay and came up with this. I hope you like it.

Since it is Monday and Club HASAY day I thought I might have a go at talking about fitness. Last week Casey had a great fitness guest poster though. I am not a fitness guru. In fact this week I severely fell off the back of the fitness wagon. No worries, I only thumped up my knee a bit and the black eye should be healed soon. I used to be into fitness. In college the girls in my dorm would gather Monday thru Thursday (cause every knows Friday is Frat Party Night) and get our groovy on doing an Elle Macpherson video. I still have it and it’s actually quite good too. Then after college I slipped into working all the time and not having much time or energy left to be a Fitness buff. I figured walking from my door to the car and my desk to the copier was good enough.

Then I got married. Who really wants to workout after you get married? I mean you’ve already snagged a mate why bother?

Then I had a baby. He certainly kept me hopping and chasing and exhausted at the end of a day. He was my workout!

I’ve never been one who has had to workout though. I know you all hate me for it but it’s a freak of genetics that I can eat anything I want and my weight doesn’t change. Certainly it will cease one day and then I’ll really be in trouble.

These days I like to do yoga (Yoga for Dummies) and I bought Pilates DVDs but so far, I’m not digging it. (As a side note, I tend to use a lot of crappy 80’s words like digging it and You Rock! I tried using Fo’shizzle but no one understood what I was saying. So I stick with what I know and that’s the 80’s.)

I ordered Yogalates from the UK this week. It’s supposed to be Yoga and Pilates in one. Whether or not they are good I don’t know but I’m really good at buying stuff to exercise with. For example:

I bought a Yoga mat about two years ago. I only recently started using it.

I bought some kick-butt shoes for running and I’ve been able to run three times since March. But I wear them nearly everyday they are so comfy.

I got great black running-ish pants with a nice hot pink stripe (matches the shoes!) and I’ve worn them for the running. Three times. But they are super cozy and quite frankly they flatter my butt.

I already mentioned the Pilates DVD’s.

My track record is great! That’s the reason I joined Club HASAY. I have to be accountable for my own failures in this department. Oddly enough it’s far easier to be honest with a group of strangers on the internet than to have to actually tell a real live person I didn’t get around to that healthy thing I’ve been meaning to do.

Being healthy isn’t easy and I’m doing it not to lose weight but to get myself in a shape I can be proud of. It’s good for the heart and the mind. I’ve been able to kick off some seriously funky mind stuff by working out lately. The kids and their issues, Hubby and the ever impending around the world move and where do we go and how and when and my own issues about my work. When I lace up my sneakers and place those earbuds in and the iPod starts playing Dave Matthews and Lady Gaga and Sara Barielles the world fades away for an hour while I run or Yoga. I don’t think about anything. I don’t worry about anything. I simply concentrate on the music and let it put me in that zen place I so want to be.

Where do you go and what do you do to reach your inner zen? Where is your happy place?



  1. K

    I have a bunch of workout DVDs I don’t use.

    I feel a bit quilty about them.

    I’m pretty good about going to the gym, but the home workout thing doesn’t work for me at all.

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    My moment of zen is minute number 92 on the treadmill when I know it’s just cool down from there and I’m almost done. The kid is asleep, the husband is playing his game, and I’ve just accomplished my workout. Feels amazing.
    Great post, Andrea!

  3. Beth

    I am really trying to do more exercising at home, inbetween posts or computer stuff, but I am not consistent. Welcome to the group, Andrea!

  4. Kyooty

    In 2wks I see my dr and we get to talk about my getting back in action. So I haven’t signed up yet, but will. I will (did you se that? yep I will). I did though skip early morning mass and go for a walk with my oldest son while we waited for the grocerystore to open, 30minutes walking on a park trail.

  5. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Great post, Andrea! I have the same track record…nice to know I’m not alone! 😉 I’d love to find out how you like the Yogalates – I’m not a big Yoga fan but if it’s combined with Pilates maybe that would get me more into a Yoga mind and I’d find my Zen… 😉

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)s last blog post..Recipe Swap – Week 4: More VGNO Food

  6. Keely

    At least you acknowledge that you’re a genetic freak and want to be healthy anyway 😉

    My zen moments are about the same as yours – only after about 20 minutes of thinking “this sucks, this sucks, this sucks”.

    Keelys last blog post..I’d probably be a better conspiracy theorist if I wasn’t so weird: Friday Fill-Ins

  7. mrsbear

    I hate exercise, I just had to get that out of my system. Doesn’t stop me from occasionally trying though…Is it just me or does Yogalates sound like a coffee concoction?

    mrsbears last blog post..My Zombie Killing Arm

  8. naperville mom

    Andrea, great post! You speak for so many of us here:)

    naperville moms last blog post..The little dead mouse

  9. Peggy

    I love 80’s terms like dig and far out! A 70’s term I like!

    My inner zen comes when I’m laying on the beach. Cliche but true!

    Peggys last blog post..Rock the Vote!

  10. bex

    excellent guest post!

    you are dead right. being accountable to someone or a group of someones is very effective.

    casey was my first too! boy, does she get around!

    bexs last blog post..Early to Bed and Early to Rise Keeps a Mom Busy, Hurried and Lithe

  11. Robin

    I love being active but I can’t STAND working out. It’s definitely gotten worse as I get older. Sigh.
    Great post.

    Robins last blog post..Musical Monday: Boom Box Hero

  12. Blond Duck

    I have to work out, but the good thing is that I love to do it!

  13. Andrea

    You guys are great. I’m so happy not to be alone in the try this once stuff.

    Bex, she does doesn’t she? hehe
    Peggy – Rock on, Dude! and I love the beach!

    Andreas last blog post..Come Visit Me At Casey’s Place

  14. steenky bee

    Okay…so I just choked on my handfull of Kellogg’s Corn Pops (yes, I eat them dry). You can eat anything you want? And not gain weight? I am livid. And jealous. Still livid. But honestly, more jealous than anything.

    steenky bees last blog post..Tweens: A Study

  15. CK Lunchbox

    Well, you reminded my wife and I that we’ve fallen off the wagon on our commitment to work out. Wait, can you fall off a wagon you’ve never gotten on? That too deep to thing about right now. I hate working out. Always have, even in the Army, yet ironically it’s the best thing for my mind and it does quell the stress in my ADD brain.

    Still, I’m going with comic book store and a stack of new issues as my official answer.

    CK Lunchboxs last blog post..This Quite Frankly, Is Disturbing

  16. FoN

    You can eat anything you want and not gain weight? Are you twelve?

    I have an entire workout fantasy built up in my head that I whip out when I need to find my happy place when working out, complete with a fabulous bathingsuit and everything. It works!

    Great post – thanks Andrea! Even ‘tho I’m a little ticked about the whole ‘eat whatever you want’ business. I’m assuming you’re not really twelve. Although that would make me feel better….

    FoNs last blog post..Fat Chick vs. Food – Week Seventeen

  17. Andrea

    I had to throw out the ‘don’t gain weight’ thing (which is true) because people always accuse me of an eating disorder. Yeah, I have an eating disorder. I eat everything! You got pizza? I’ll take some. You got Haagen Daaz? Watch out! I do love fruit and veggies but I eat plenty of other (bad) stuff. And I even put sugar in my coffee.

    And no I’m not twelve.I wouldn’t go there again if you paid me!

    Thank for letting me swing by Casey. It was fun 🙂

    Andreas last blog post..Come Visit Me At Casey’s Place

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