Happy Birthday, Kid

April 22, 2009 12:05 am

Last week, Elliot turned one. ONE! Without my permission, she somehow transformed into this amazing little person. I love that kid, how could you not?

We had our family over for Sunday’s birthday festivities. The day started off right with balloons! The kids only popped one in the process.

Hold the phone, people. I actually BAKED something, a ducky smash cake for Elliot. The original duck was supposed to be 3D but after his head rolled off and the entire thing fell apart, I realized that I was supposed to use pound cake instead of the super moist yellow cake I got. Did you know that you can smash cake together like Play Doh to form whatever shape you want? Just slather it in icing and nobody will know.

Elliot was practicing her forlorn look here. She was pissed that I dragged her out of the pool to begin the festivities. It’s her party and she’ll cry if she wants to.

Graham was totally on his game, singing the most animated version of Happy Birthday that anyone has ever performed. He’d been practicing for weeks and did not disappoint.

Are you SURE I’m allowed to smash this? Ok…


Back off, beotches. This is MINE!

All in all, it was a great day. There were no meltdowns or tantrums and everyone had a good time.

The end result of the cake smashing wasn’t too terribly bad, especially compared to Graham’s results a year ago at his party. Take a look at the two pictures below and tell me which baby you think should be the HASAY mascot? The kid is a natural.


  1. jen

    she is adorable … happy birthday little one!
    at cora’s first birthday i made an elephant cake … and i had to slather that sucker together with icing.
    my mom was admitted to the hospital the following day and was diagnosed with diabetes. no joke. we now call the elephant cake the diabetes cake.

    jens last blog post..not a creative post title.

  2. Pseudo

    She is so adorable. I can see where your kids get those amazing eyes….

    I have something for you on my blog…

    Pseudos last blog post..Bella? Did someone say Bella?

  3. K

    Happy Birthday little one!

    My goodness they grow up so fast.

    Great smile and excellent form smashing cake.

    Ks last blog post..Random Times

  4. Peggy

    Oh Elliot is gorgeous and ONE? already? Happy birthday sweetie pie!

    Graham, now Graham I want to party with…he is so awesome!

    Glad you had a great birthday party and your cake was very impressive…who knew Casey was a pastry chef?? 🙂

    Peggys last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts

  5. WickedStepMom

    Happy Birthday Elliot! And congrats Casey on making it through!

    WickedStepMoms last blog post..Mobbed

  6. Sammanthia

    Um, okay. Add Ryerson’s name to Elliot’s prospective boyfriend list. I wasn’t sure if it would work out but she likes cake and she’s particular how she goes about eating it. A girl after Rye’s own heart!
    You did an awesome job on the cake! Gage’s birthday is in June… do you think you could manage a skateboard cake?;)

  7. Sprite's Keeper

    Too cute! I asked for pictures and you did not disappoint! Mwah, Elliot!

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..This is because I didn’t read the fine print.

  8. cat

    my god, your kids are gorgeous! happy birthday elliot, such a sweet girl

    cats last blog post..home

  9. Michele

    They are way too cute.

    Micheles last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Finding love in Greece

  10. churchpunkmom

    Awe! She’s ridiculously adorable!

    Happy birthday Elliot!

  11. Robin

    Seriously, Casey, she is GORGEOUS! My goodness!
    I always love those first cake pics, my absolute favorite. They’re just too cute for words.

    Robins last blog post..Random Tuesday Contents

  12. Lisa

    Your kids are gorgeous! You’re right Graham got right into it! Cracks me up! I love the photos.

    Lisas last blog post..Pantsless Fridays, haircuts, and Children of the Corn

  13. GreenJello

    What a cute cake she demolished! Fun pictures. 🙂

  14. Shangrila

    Oh my goodness! Could Elliot (and Graham!) be any cuter? Kiss that sweet girl of yours for me and tell her that someone she doesn’t know AT ALL wishes her a very happy belated birthday!

    My sis made the same ducky cake 5 years ago for my nephew’s first bday-she used pound cake and it was GROSS! I’m sure your smooshed-with-icing cake tasted much yummier! What a cool mom for making a “smash cake”! Wish I’d thought of that-but all my babies are big kids now *sob*! Actually, I think my youngest Walker must be really close in age to Graham, as they were both born Dec ’06, yes?

    Love the pic of you with pouty Elliot, and how could anyone choose ONE mascot between such darlings?! Not I, said the duck.

    Shangrilas last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts: Add Wife and Stir

  15. HeatherPride

    So precious!!! She is a sweetie! I love the frowny picture of you two together. And hey, awesome duck cake! Very impressed with the baking!!

    Happy birthday, little girl!!! xoxoxoxo

    HeatherPrides last blog post..Fat Girls Club, Week 7: Stress. It Does a Body Good

  16. blissfully caffeinated

    Aw, she’s so cute and the ducky cake is great! It’s amazing how quickly they grow. Sometimes I wish I could stop time and keep them young forever.

    Looks like Elliot had a great day!

    blissfully caffeinateds last blog post..“And then she was like ‘no way,’ and I was like, ‘way,’ and then she was like ‘for real?’ and I was like ‘totally.’”

  17. jenni

    happy birthday elliott! she is gorgeous. i’m totally calling her for miles.

    jennis last blog post..Hilarity

  18. Andrea

    So dang cute! Happy Birthday! Look at that smile (and pout, both were cute). I love the cake. You’d never know anything had happened to it. Icing IS your friend!
    For the mascot, the second kiddo takes the cake (literally!)

    Andreas last blog post..Sign Language Wednesday

  19. mrsbear

    They’re both adorable, and your duckie cake really looks like a duck! I couldn’t tell you’d massacred it in any way. Tell me Elliot isn’t always that happy, is she the anti-Graham. 😉

    mrsbears last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – A Rare Peace

  20. Ginny Marie

    That looks like the best birthday party EVER! You just can’t go wrong with balloons and cake!

    Ginny Maries last blog post..Book Nook: A Pizza the Size of the Sun

  21. Petra a.k.a. The Wise (Young) Mommy

    Yay! Happy birthday Elliot!

    Petra a.k.a. The Wise (Young) Mommys last blog post..The Love Affair

  22. Laufa

    Awesome pics! The Duck turned out great, even with a mishap.Happy Belated Birthday Ms. Elliot. You know ET the movie is going to haunt her.
    By the way you will be tagged through tomorrows post on my blog. Hehehe! You know I wouldn’t do it unless I like ya just a little bit.

    Laufas last blog post..Happy Jelly Bean Day!

  23. Cape Cod Gal

    Happy B-day beautiful Miss Elliot!

    I think Graham takes the prize on the cake eating. There isn’t an inch on him that isn’t covered in cake!

    Cape Cod Gals last blog post..Sometimes I Have To Wear Panties

  24. bex

    your pictures are so brilliant! the colors really pop! ok – that ducky cake? too cute! you are a baking whiz. but my favorite pictures is the one of you two together. you look so happy and proud of your girl.

    bexs last blog post..4 year old graduate and uneducated crawdads

  25. Captain Dumbass

    My boys are sitting with me right now and they were very impressed with the last picture. “Look daddy, that little girl eats cake just like you!”

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..Random Tuesday: It stings a little at first, but you get used to it

  26. ck

    You are such a great writer! I’m still laughing at the idea of your (very attractive) smashing playdoh cake.

    cks last blog post..sexy

  27. Lin

    Gees, Casey, that is one CUTE kid. Happy Birthday kid!

    Who would have thought all this kid stuff would be so much fun??!

    Lins last blog post..Holy Bike Pump!

  28. Keely

    Ducky smash cake, *snort* I did something similar for X’s b-day – cover it in icing, nobody will notice!!

    Super cute pics!

    Keelys last blog post..Conversations with Nana Mouskouri*

  29. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    She is absolutely adorable! Like someone else mentioned – she and Graham both have your stunning blue eyes! 🙂 Happy Birthday to beautiful Elliot! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time…LOVE that cake!! You did a great job! (and way to go not showing the headless 3D version…*grin!!*)

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)s last blog post..Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – Greenhouse Nesting

  30. Deemarie

    Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!!!
    And Graham, thanks for all the Happy Birthday singing. But unless I’m wrong, mom could use a small break from the song. Kay?

    Deemaries last blog post..Spring!!!

  31. Sandie

    Love the cake shots! Happy first birthday, Elliot!

    Sandies last blog post..RTT: Craigslist, The South, and four day weeks

  32. anymommy

    So much fun, happy birthday darling.

    Nice job, mom – that is a cute, cute cake.

    anymommys last blog post..Soundproof Glass

  33. cyndi

    Happy Birthday, pretty girl! Great job, pretty mommy! Um, I seriously think your two look more alike than my two ::-) Thanx for sharing the ride with us – I’m so glad she had such a great party. Hope the day was special for you, too :hug:

    cyndis last blog post..I’m American made, but I like Chevrolet

  34. Katie

    I’m dying from that last picture!! LOL! Aww, Happy Birthday little one!

    We have the same flamingo bathing suit, btw. Tootsie Cutsie.

    Katies last blog post..As we drive by a graveyard…

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