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February 26, 2009 6:00 am

Last week I took Graham to his Friday Gymboree class. As I was trying to gather my kid to get out the door on time, I realized that I was still in my boxers and t-shirt from the night before. I knew that there were clean clothes in the dryer (yes, I leave clothes in the dryer for days, what’s it to you?) and went to the garage to piece together an outfit. It’s no wonder the other Gymboree moms give me a look when I show up with greasy hair and wrinkled clothing.

In the garage, I located a clean bra and t-shirt and stripped off my shirt to put the clean shirt on. The instant I was topless, the garage door started opening. ON IT’S OWN! Jamie was inside and I was nowhere near the button. Nobody else has the garage code or even a spare garage door opener. This is the point where I ran, topless and screaming, into the house because somebody was obviously coming to get me. Jamie just looked at me like I was deranged and told me that the garage door must be wacky.

I’m a paranoid person, in fact, I dedicated an entire post to my paranoia back when I first started blogging. Every little noise I hear at night wakes me up and I often do a lap or two around the house to investigate. I get that I’m paranoid but I can’t do much about it. Having the garage door spontaneously open while I’m  half nekkid? Not something that sits well with me. Jamie tried to tell me that it was the garage door resetting itself since we hadn’t changed the code in so long (likely story). I made him change it. Immediately. We haven’t had a reoccurrance of the XXX garage peekaboo since then but I’m wondering if it’s because the garage door is fixed or because the view wasn’t something worth seeing a second time. I guess we’ll never know.

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  1. K

    I love it.

    Sometimes I think my house is out to get me too. Ever notice how everything breaks at the exact same time – I really think there is planning involved.

    Ks last blog post..My Credit Crunch

  2. WickedStepMom

    That would have seriously freaked me out too. Especially since it happened at that exact moment.

    P.S. – Garage doors need their codes reset? I never knew that. But, I don’t understand why the door would open if the code hadn’t been changed. Isn’t is a security code? The idea being that no one can OPEN it without the code?

    WickedStepMoms last blog post..Stories That Need to be Told: Part 3

  3. cyndi

    great, now I can add creepy self-opening garage doors to my list of things to consider with a new house!?! May you have private dressing and behaving doors for a while, my friend!

    cyndis last blog post..Make Me A Mask

  4. Cat

    Oh my god, that is CRAZY! I was once nakid in the kitchen and the dishwasher flew open. There must be some kind of support group for perverted appliances, don’t you think?

    Cats last blog post..Third Person Confuses Me

  5. Julie@Cool Mom Guide

    Oh sorry, my bad. My stalking skills are kinda shitty.

    Julie@Cool Mom Guides last blog post..Jesus and Jacob

  6. Michelle

    Are we sure that little fingers didn’t make their way to a button somewhere?

    Michelles last blog post..Beware of Bears!

  7. Wendy

    Resistentialism girl.. Was one of my words a couple of Thursday’s back: Is this computer mocking me?

    Inanimate objects … gotta love ’em.. or they’ll get you.

    Wendys last blog post..Random Tuesday Thought or no, I’m still not telling you what I was doing all weekend

  8. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Oh that is just too priceless! That would freak me out a bit, too… 😉 Oh, and leaving laundry in the dryer? I’m guilty of that, too – in fact, there’s a load of just hubby’s laundry still in the dryer from several days ago…guess I’ll be forced to hang/fold that laundry when I switch the load of Princess Nagger and my clothes I put in the washer this morning… 😉

    Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)s last blog post..Thousand Words Thursday

  9. Sprite's Keeper

    Dude, the only headlights in the garage should be on a car!! Maybe the car was having some envy issues..

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..Onslaught

  10. Peggy

    That is a bit freaky and HILARIOUS! Hahaha! I think somebody might have been playing a little joke on you or you have some perverted little poltergeists in your house!

    btw…I leave clothes in the dryer ALL the time and to one up you…also in the washer…I re-wash loads on a regular basis…ugh!

    Peggys last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  11. FoN

    I can’t comment on any other part of this story because I’m still stuck on the fact you keep your clothes in the garage..? Pour quoi?

    FoNs last blog post..Random Tuesday – Beware, I’m dull as….can’t even think of a good analogy for dull

  12. jen

    that is why here in mn … we have basements in which to put our dryers.
    then again … in mn, you wouldn’t have been grabbing a t-shirt either.
    i can’t even fathom laundry in the garage … which is techinically OUTSIDE. and freezing.
    hop a plane and c’mon up … today we’re expecting 6-8 inches of snow. yay.

    jens last blog post..speechless … and a recipe!

  13. Keely

    Man, I wish I lived somewhere warm enough to keep my clothes in the garage. We don’t get perverted appliances here – it’s too frakkin’ cold, the ghost in the machine freezes solid.

    Keelys last blog post..My Beating Heart – not as gory as it sounds, honest

  14. Cameron

    Just wondering….do you often dress in the garage?

    Camerons last blog post..It’s Here….It’s Finally Here

  15. Robin

    OMG. This is SO something that would happen to me. Only I would have had no pants on as well AND would have been “accidentally” locked out of the house!

    Robins last blog post..The Handmade’s Tale: The Purple Pear

  16. Sarhi

    My garage does that all the time!!! The problem is that it does it while I’m at work and at all randome hours. I am trying to get my landlord to fix it, but his cheap ass is dragging his feet while my home is becomeing more and more likely a target for home invasion.

  17. Michele

    I stopped wandering around the house half-nekkid when the boys got old enough to a. be embarrassed and b. bring home friends.

    Micheles last blog post..A couple of tough old birds

  18. Krystal

    Oh how I have missed you Casey!!! Thank God that I am not the only one who uses the dryer as a personal drawer of clothes and walk out of the house in greasy hair and wrinkled clothes.

    As far as the peep show – hmmm, you sure Jamie just didn’t want to spook you – I’m just sayin.

    Krystals last blog post..The innocence of children

  19. jenni

    i think we commisserated on parainoia before, so here a much too long comment to make you feel better.

    the other night at around 7pm, when I was putting the kids to bed our door bell rang. I ignored it because Oscar was half naked and Miles was screaming. But then it rang again and they started knocking and the dogs were fliping out so I went to see who it was and it was some joker selling magizine subscriptions. I waved him away, but then convinced myself that he was actually a burgler/rapist/serial killer staking out my house to see if I was home alone (I was) and/or had anything worth stealing (I don’t). I could barely sleep that night I was so convinced he was coming back. Because who the hell rings the bell multiple times and KNOCKS to sell magazine subscriptions?

    How’s that for parinoia?

    jennis last blog post..I’m a Winner! No, Really!

  20. Amber

    Oh my gosh that’s hilarious! I’m guessing your washer and dryer are in the garage??? Otherwise I’m conufused. And I’m with Keely, i wish I lived somewhere that I could keep clothes in the garage. As it is, if I kept my bra in the garage it would give new meaning to R.T.

    Ambers last blog post..Insert Clever Title Here

  21. Shieldmaiden96

    This makes me feel less weird about putting trash in my can on my front porch in my underwear.
    It was 2:30am, but still.
    I think I would have been tempted to try and see if I could get my shirt on before the door got open. Kind of an Indiana Jones hat-thing.

    Shieldmaiden96s last blog post..Febru-wha?

  22. mrsbear

    No one is out to get you, it’s just the poltergeist, silly. 😉

    I keep clothes in my dryer for days at a time, until I need to use my dryer again. I’m also forever setting it to tumble-press since I refuse to iron anything. Thank goodness the neighborhood didn’t get a topless shot of you, that’s be a little awkward.

    mrsbears last blog post..Still a Winner (Just Not at County Level)

  23. Lydia @ On The Verge

    My Mom’s door does this too. We think the neighbors have the same opener and it is on the same frequency or something.

    Lydia @ On The Verges last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #6 – Things I Can’t Live Without

  24. HeatherPride

    Weren’t you the one who also heard voices coming through the baby monitor? And now your garage door is opening all by itself? Hmmm….maybe I’ve been watching too much Ghost Hunters, but….


    HeatherPrides last blog post..Times, They Are A-Changin’

  25. Captain Dumbass

    Wish some of my neighbours changed in the garage.

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..Sometimes You Kick, Sometimes You Get Kicked

  26. Jenni Jiggety

    It was probably a ninja.

    Jenni Jiggetys last blog post..Writer’s Workshop: AlphaSick

  27. cape cod Gal

    Alright, Alright….I confess! It was me!

    cape cod Gals last blog post..It’s Not Personal. It’s Business. (But, I’m Still Hurt)

  28. Toni

    Funny Funny story and for the record that would have freaked me out as well. I am not as paranoid as you but that is just eerie!

    Tonis last blog post..Through My Eyes Friday – Is that a Tiger?

  29. Lisa

    I am laughing so hard thinking of you running half naked back into the house! Man what a scne that must have been . Wish Jamie had recorded it for us! 🙂

    Lisas last blog post..Back to Business

  30. carrie

    BWAHHHHHH!!!! That is a riot.
    I get dressed in my garage all the time….. until I realized you CAN see in the window on the side. CRAP!

    carries last blog post..Mike & The Massage….

  31. Heather

    Freaky!!! And funny as shit!!!

    Heathers last blog post..My toxic relationship…

  32. Shangrila

    I totally understand the clothes in the dryer thing (believe me!) but am a little fuzzy as to why your clothes were in the garage?

    Shangrilas last blog post..Monday’s Muse: My Bella Figlia

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