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February 12, 2009 6:00 am

Thanks for all of the well wishes on yesterday’s post. Elliot sailed through her surgery without a hitch. After we handed her off to the nurses and went to sit in the waiting room, we discovered that the only two available seats together were at the complimentary computers. It felt wrong to be blogging while my baby was under the knife but I figured it would take my mind off of things. I managed to read two people’s posts before I looked up and saw the doctor headed toward us. She was in and out in under ten minutes. She had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia but after getting home and napping, she was back to her usual happy self for the rest of the day.

We’re amazed at what a different experience this was from Graham’s surgery seven weeks ago. Elliot’s ENT was so professional and kind and even checked on us several times after the surgery to make sure we were all ok. Graham’s surgeon was a dickface who spoke to me all of thirty seconds throughout the whole ordeal and had his PA do all of the doctors visits and talk to us after the surgery. Graham’s ENT hung us out to dry when Graham was dehydrated and not eating after surgery and Elliot’s made it a point to tell us to call him if we needed anything. I love her doctor. Not in a hubba hubba kind of way, just in a “nice to be treated like an actual human being” kind of way. It kind of makes me want to study online medical billing to understand this medical lingo better.

I’m so glad that the waiting is behind us now and we can focus on getting the kids healthy. For the past few weeks, I’ve been wavering on whether I wanted to even go through with Elliot’s surgery since she’s so young but I know it was the right decision. The doctor told us that her ears were still pretty badly infected, even though she’s been on antibiotics for what seems like forever. Now she’s not going to be in pain all the time and can move on to other things like getting the crap beat out of her by her big brother. Now that her ears are clearing up, I think it’s time to teach her some self defense moves.

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  1. WickedStepMom

    I am so glad that Elliot did so well. I was sorry to hear how Graham had such a hard time. I hope both kids can be healthy now and that you guys stay healthy too.

    WickedStepMoms last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts: Techno detox

  2. Michelle

    YAY! I’m so glad to read this. You guys really needed a break. I’m glad that the doc was so wonderful. It’s amazing what a difference a good one makes, huh?

    Michelles last blog post..Am I Overprogramming My Toddler?

  3. FoN

    Nice to hear all went well. She’ll be very happy not to have to deal with ear problems anymore!

    FoNs last blog post..The Things I’ll do for Fish

  4. Sprite's Keeper

    So glad to read this! Remember, Elliot, duck and cover!

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..He Drives

  5. jen

    yippee! our dr. visit yesterday said that (after two rounds of antibiotics) we’re bordering on the possibility of more infection. possibly. argh.
    but we love (and trust) our dr. who gave us a prescription (just in case).
    i think you should teach her more than just defense. it never hurts to know how to go after them too. you just have to do it quietly.

    jens last blog post..heart racing.

  6. Heather

    YES!!! If it weren’t 8 in the morning I’d come over with some wine to celebrate!!!

    Heathers last blog post..Same “old” story!!! And I’m really HAPPY about that!!!

  7. HeatherPride

    What a huge relief!!! I’m so glad that everything went well. I think you will notice a huge difference in her personality now that she won’t be in pain all the time. Poor baby girl. I got an ear infection for the first time a few years ago, and I couldn’t believe how friggin painful it was!! It shocked me that my kid could go through something like that and still halfway function.

    HeatherPrides last blog post..February

  8. Cat

    That is fan-damn-tastic! YAY Elliot! My doctor was amazing when I had my surgery last fall, having a doc with tolerable bedside manners makes all the difference in the world. Dude, mine even offered to donate his own sperm the next time we tried for a baby. How hands on can you get? Awesome.

    Cats last blog post..I Want 18 Kids Now, Or At Least My Virginity Back

  9. mrsbear

    Yay for healthy babies. Now with her hearing on the mend, hopefully she’ll learn to tell big bro to back off. And I agree, being treated like a human being is nice.

    mrsbears last blog post..(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday – Love in Clownville

  10. jenni

    yay for doctors without dick faces, and yay for healthy kids. glad the surgery went well.

    jennis last blog post..Wow do I Love Airplanes!

  11. Becky

    Whew, glad it went well! And I’m glad the insomnia seems to be behind y’all.

    And I didn’t know G’s doctor was such a dickface. That is the worst.

    Beckys last blog post..Stay Little Valentine

  12. Beth

    A doctor’s “bedside manner” is something most med schools don’t teach; you either have it or you don’t. It sure makes a difference for you, though. Okay, no more surgeries for you and your family!

    Beths last blog post..


    Oh, that’s awesome! Having a human doctor as opposed to one that only LOOKS human makes such a difference.

    Keelys last blog post..Bling blingity bling, bling bling bling bling

  13. Sammanthia

    I know all about dickface doctors. When Ryerson had surgery 2 years ago Mark and I talked to the ortho who told us he had Legg-Perthes disease. It was a lot to take in at one time and I asked him again what he called it. He looked at me impatiently and said, “Don’t worry about it, it’s not a big deal.”.
    Glad to hear the surgery went well and I hope things start turning around for you soon!

    Sammanthias last blog post..Blissdom 09′

  14. GreenJello

    Oh, good! I’m very glad everything went well, and that you had a much improved hospital experience. Health stuff is stressful enough without throwing jerks into the mix.

    GreenJellos last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  15. Katie

    Hooray! I’m so happy everything went fine. Good for Elliot 🙂

    Katies last blog post..Blog Slacker Says What.

  16. Captain Dumbass

    Glad to hear everything went well.

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..Men Are From Mars, Women From Venus and Stormtroopers Are From A Galaxy Far Far Away

  17. K

    So glad it went well. A good doctor is truly hard to find and so important.

    Ks last blog post..Today’s Guest – Life with a Little One and More

  18. Lisa

    That sounds like Jonathan’s surgery. His went so well and it was so quick. I just hope we are as lucky with his tooth (teeth?) surgery.

    Lisas last blog post..They’re just curtains…..

  19. carrie

    I am reading backwards so this is all new to me. So glad her expereince was better.
    I would be curious as to who the docs are…..

    carries last blog post..Random Thought As A List, Typical.

  20. Michele

    Yah!! I’m glad to hear that Elliot sailed through. Now, maybe you can get some sleep.

    I’d say it was a definite “GO” on the self-defense training. Graham also needs to learn to not pound on her.

    Micheles last blog post..Olive Cheese Bread

  21. Sarah

    So glad everything worked out!!!

    Sarahs last blog post..All You Need

  22. feener

    glad all went well

    feeners last blog post..still on vacation

  23. Ryan

    Awesome News!

    Ryans last blog post..Meet Mr. Idiot

  24. Lin

    Whew! I’m glad everything went well for you all. I think sometimes dr’s forget that they need to be human first of all, dr’s second. Especially when you are dealing with kids and their parents.

    Wishing everyone fast recoveries!

    Lins last blog post..The Dream Guy

  25. Shangrila

    Yay, Elliot! I guess I know which ENT you’ll be using in the future if you need one, hey? So sorry the other guy was such a bastard! I love your parenting: “Ears done? Check! Next up, Jinjitsu!” LOL 🙂

    Shangrilas last blog post..Love Thursday: Love is…

  26. cape cod Gal

    Wooohooo!!! No more icky ears at the HAGAY household.

    Glad the kiddos are back on track!

    cape cod Gals last blog post..Homemade Remedy

  27. cyndi

    Oh, that’s great news! And I’m so relieved you got a good ENT this time….maybe we can practice the jujitsu on dickface?! That sucks for Graham, but I think he’s doing better ?? At least until Elliot figures out that roundhouse kick, eh? Big love to all you HAGAYs!

    cyndis last blog post..What Is Love?

  28. Pseudo

    So glad to hear all went well with Elliot. I missed teh post about the surgery – so am coming in when all is well.

    Pseudos last blog post..Friday Foto: Beach Wedding

  29. Toni

    Yea!!!!! I am so happy to hear that things went well!!! Now, I hope that you can get back to normal. As normal as 2 little ones make it!!!

    Tonis last blog post..Through My Eyes Friday – A climber

  30. Karen

    Awwww, what a supermum you are! So glad that everything went well.

    Karens last blog post..Photo Hunt . . . Nautical

  31. anymommy

    It’s great to hear that it went so well. Here’s to the rest of winter being ear infection free!

    anymommys last blog post..Good Night Sweethearts

  32. Kirst

    Sooooo can relate with the dickface doctors, lmao when I read that. I also know what you mean when you say you love your doc not in a hubba hubba kind of way, we feel that way about Megs neurologist. LOVE him! Glad all went well! Thanks for saying you would’ve loaned us all the stuff for my cousins, didn’t even think to ask ya. Will remember next time!

  33. Debbie

    I’m so glad this went smoothly and I hope she’s already back to normal!

    Debbies last blog post..Let’s Go Racin’ Boys!

  34. Julie@Cool Mom Guide

    Hey, blogging is therapy and without it you’d have probably gone nuts. I know I would have! Glad everything is okay and thanks for leaving the autism comment. We just need to get her 60 more by midnight!

    Julie@Cool Mom Guides last blog post..Pimpin’ Some Love-Help Raise Money for AutismSpeaks

  35. Jessica

    Oh God you must just be so freakin relieved. You want to go in and have the operation for them, or take the shot or whatever it is so they don’t have to. Yay for good news!!!

  36. steenky bee

    Yay! Our girl is doing well! So glad to hear the news! Be sure and teach her how to pull her attacker’s thumbs back. Henners has got that one down pat.

  37. Ferd

    I totally missed this, Casey. What a bad friend I am.
    I hope all is well now!

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