One Of These Crazy Old Nights

January 30, 2009 1:00 am

We went to see the Eagles last night and had a blast. It was great to be childless and rock out to some of my favorite tunes. That being said, I’m old. The show ended around 11:30 and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. There were people twice my age who were jumping around and dancing and I was pretty embarrassed at my lack of energy.

I grew up on The Eagles, they’re the ultimate singalong band. Even after all of these years, they still sounded incredible.  Although I was struggling, we made it to the end and were rewarded when they played two of my favorites for the finale, “Desperado” and “Take it Easy”. It was perfect.

Enough about the show. Although I enjoyed it immensely, the people watching was even more enjoyable. A few of the standouts include:

  • The Hair: This is the lady sitting directly to my right who had hair bigger than the biggest Tammy Faye Baker do. Her hair was clearly infringing on my territory by crossing the border between our seats but she didn’t seem to notice. When the show started, she leaned all the way forward in her seat so that the hair completly blocked my view. I had to lean forward even further, partially blocking Jamie’s view.
  • Guitar Man: The older couple in front of us was nice looking and didn’t cause any disruption. Well, except for the fact that he was playing air guitar on his wife’s back the entire show. She didn’t seem to mind but I couldn’t help but notice how well he kept up with the riffs.
  • The Dancing Queen: We sat in the lower section to the right of the stage and everyone remained seated for the duration of the show. Everyone, except the Dancing Queen who danced her pretty little heart out for the ENTIRE show. DQ was approximately in her 50’s and looked a little bit Stepfordish. She appeared to be loaded and just danced the night away, completely unaware that she was blocking the view for several people (who had paid over $200/ticket).
  • Dancing Queen’s Nemesis: The man located in the row behind DQ who was sick of her shit and decided to tell her to sit the fuck down. DQ got miffed but obliged. For two songs. Then DQ prevailed and hopped back up and started shaking her ass once more. During the intermission, DQ’s husband and DQ’s nemesis had a battle of words, but I was checking in with the babysitter so I only caught the first half. Apparently, DQ won since she danced for the entire second half of the show.
  • Woo Girls: The girls sitting directly behind us who frequently left to get more beer. Every time a song they recognized came on, they would scream “Woooooooooooooooo, OMG, I LOVE this song!!!” and promptly shout the lyrics to the entire thing. If anyone has seen the episode of How I Met Your Mother with the Woo Girls in it, you know what I’m talking about.
  • Texting Bored Out Of Her Mind Girl: This girl was in her late teens and was obviously dragged to the show by her parents. She had no interest in The Eagles and spent the entire time (in a very expensive seat) texting.
  • Drunken Asshole: This is the guy who got into it with the poor usher because the usher told him he couldn’t smoke and had to go to the designated area. Instead of walking a hundred more feet, DA decided that he needed to get in the usher’s face and start screaming at him.

I’m still sick, so I went to the show with only a smidgen of my voice left but came home without one. I tried not to sing along but I just couldn’t help it. It’s The Eagles, man. The greatest singalong band in history. Next up is Billy Joel and Elton John in March. I’m sure to lose my voice again next time.



  1. K

    I love the whooo girls (and I love that show).

    The people twice your age probably didn’t have toddler to chase all day – I believe that energy will return some day.

    Glad you had fun – that sounds like a great night.

    Ks last blog post..My "Home" Cooking

  2. WickedStepMom

    I am glad that you guys had so much fun! I am sorry that you lost your voice though. Here is hoping you get it back, along with your health soon!

    WickedStepMoms last blog post..What’s in a song?

  3. cyndi

    Yay! I’m so glad you had fun and even losing your voice to the Eagles has some charm! Can I get TBOOHMG’s seat for the Billy Joel concert? I’m betting DQ will be at it again in March LOL. You’re a lucky music girl! I bet the kids will be sleeping by then and you’ll have some energy 🙂

    cyndis last blog post..& your love is better than ice cream

  4. Sarah

    Oh I love Billy Joel I have seen him a bunch of times and I never get sick of him! At one of his concerts I sat next to this 300 pound I swear to God he was a Hell’s Angel who I thought got dragged their by his wife, but he sang every single word with me it was oo much fun!!

    Glad you had fun Hope your voice feels better soon!

    Sarahs last blog post..100th Post

  5. Laufa

    I would have loved that concert – sounds awesome. I saw that episode with the woohoo girls, too funny!! I was so Lily when I was first married. Hope you get your voice back and feel better soon!!

    Laufas last blog post..Snow Gnome!

  6. Sarhi

    I am completely jealous! I am proud of you for not only conquering your sleepyness, but for the people watching. P.S. it’s worth losing ur voice for the Eagles.

  7. HeatherPride

    Yay for you!! That sounds awesome! I love the Eagles too. I have mixed feelings about Elton John. I grew up listening to his music and I LOVE his old stuff! But he’s been such an ass lately that I don’t know if I want to spend any money on him…. But then he’s a legend…. Hmmmm…..

    HeatherPrides last blog post..Funkytown

  8. Beth

    Yep, those are exactly the group of people at most of the shows where the bands are older than dirt! Love watching the dancing queens the most!

    Beths last blog post..Midweek HASAY Thoughts

  9. Kia (Good Enough Mama)

    Geez, sorry you’re old AND sick. i hear it takes longer to get over things when you’re old. not that I know about being old or anything. Ok, I do. I love the Eagles too. 🙂 Feel better soon!

    Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..Seriously, Doooods. I’m Blushing.

  10. Keely

    Oooh, Billy Joel. That would be a good show.

    I think those people exist at every concert. The Eagles are booked here soon and just added a THIRD show. In a city of 200,000. Tells you something about our demographic, hey?

    Keelys last blog post..Friday Fill-Ins, please don’t call the authorities because I’m mostly joking. Mostly.

  11. mrsbear

    I’m so jealous of your concert going. I haven’t been to one in years. I agree with you, The Eagles are great to sing along to. The people watching you did sounds just as entertaining as the actual musical performance. Isn’t there always a drunken asshole at any given event? I hate that guy.

    mrsbears last blog post..Zombies in the News

  12. Sprite's Keeper

    Billy Joel and Elton John? Yeah, you’re screwed.
    Love the one “The new kid in town.”

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..Totally Randomized Tuesday- You know where this is going..

  13. FoN

    The people twice your age don’t have to deal with kids all day so that would explain their energy.

    I LOVE the description of the fellow concert goers – priceless. I’m jealous – the Eagles are coming here (well, to Saskatoon which is about 2.5 hours away so close enough) in March and I don’t have tickets. I’m sad, and I might start rethinking that decision. I saw Elton John in September and it was amazing. I would DIE to see him and Billy Joel together.

    FoNs last blog post..I wish I could afford Liposuction

  14. Heather

    I too am jealous!!! Fleetwood Mac is coming here in May!!! I’m trying to let everyone know that it would be a really cool “Mother’s Day” present….but, they aren’t falling for it. 🙁

    Heathers last blog post..Diva and I need your help!!!

  15. feener

    i would LVOE to see the eagles in concert…they are amazing.

    feeners last blog post..check out my other posts….

  16. Peggy

    Last concert I saw was Jimmy Buffet (not a parrothead though!). That crowd! Sheesh! Talk about drunken assholes…

    Gosh I had fun! 🙂

  17. Becky

    Thanks for the report! I love that Dancing Queen just could not be contained!

    Beckys last blog post..Orla Kiely for Target: Oh YES WE CAN!

  18. Julie@Cool Mom Guide

    If I didn’t love you so much, I’d hate you. I’m SO JEALOUS!!!

    Julie@Cool Mom Guides last blog post..I’m Bi….Polar, that is.

  19. Lydia @ On The Verge

    Sounds like you guys had fun. Stop over. I gave you some bloggy love today!

    Lydia @ On The Verges last blog post..Say It Forward – Week 1

  20. Jessica Bern

    that drunk guy is at every event i have ever been to.

  21. Captain Dumbass

    Drunken assholes should be put to death as part of the floor show, regardless of the venue. Icecapades? Whatever. Death.

    I saw Billy Joel once, it was a good concert even though he needed a back up singer to fill in for him on some of the more strenuous notes.

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..A Musical Spin, In Which I Divert Your Attention From The Post That Should Be Here

  22. steenky bee

    I think I am somewhere between a Woo girl and the nemesis of Dancing Queen. I get annoyed at the jackasses out there, but then I find myself equally as guilty.

    I’ve seen Neil Diamond 4 times. Sad? No. Hell, no.

    steenky bees last blog post..Best Songs, Like Ever

  23. Stacy

    LOVE the Eagles! So jealous, but happy you had a great time…the people watching part was hilarious…I remember the Woo Girls, love HIMYM! 😉 Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

    Stacys last blog post..Fitness Friday – Week 5!

  24. Katie

    I’m torn. I’ve been on both sides of the scenario: Yelling, “Sit the fuck down!” and at other times, yelling back “It’s a concert, fucker. I can dance if I feel like it.”

    Katies last blog post..Insane, got no brain.

  25. Jim

    Those people have been to most of the concerts I’ve been to. Small world.

    Jims last blog post..The Spider

  26. kirsten

    I looove the Eagles too!! Tequila Sunrise is one of my favorites. Reminds me of my friend Mikey who’s passed on. He used to sit, strum his guitar and sing it to me back in high school. Eagles, Supertramp, and The Outfield were a few of my fav bands growing up. Lots of memories!

    kirstens last blog post..The next undrafted free agent signed by the bucs is….

  27. Lin

    I soooo laughed at this because we experienced nearly the same at The Police reunion concert last May. It was strange to see so many younger people there, but I had the last laugh when they quit singing along to the less popular tunes. Elvis Costello was the warm-up and I have to say, he was just as good or better than the Police.
    Did you feel as old as I did revisiting the old band?

    Lins last blog post..The True Story of Duck and Wheel With String

  28. shonda

    This made me smile from ear to ear. I used to go to a lot of concerts and I swear I’ve met each of these people. The concerts tend to bring out the crazy in people.

    shondas last blog post..All My Bags Are Pack And I’m Ready To Go

  29. Shieldmaiden

    One of my most hilarious concert experiences was at Tori Amos…there was a guy (one of the few) sitting behind me, very quietly, yet very earnestly singing along to every song. It was too cute to be annoying.

    Shieldmaidens last blog post..Getting all up in it

  30. Jonnny's Mommy

    Sounds like fun. I haven’t been to a concert in soooo long and if I was I’d probably have turned around and smacked the woo girls. Very hard.

    Jonnny’s Mommys last blog post..Get Thee Behind Me, Dentist

  31. Michelle

    I love people watching vicariously through you! I definitely think it was worth losing your voice over. I wonder what it would be like to parent without a voice… hmmmm…

    Michelles last blog post..Far Be it From Me to Ignore a Rallying Cry…

  32. Jenni Jiggety

    I would LOVE to get to see the Eagles! My favorite part of any concert is the people watching…the strangest crowd being the people at the Def Leppard show. Wow.

    Jenni Jiggetys last blog post..Church Chat

  33. Amber

    Nothing like a concert (or a county fair) to bring out all the crazies! Seriously, how do most of them look at themselves in the mirror and see all their hair or guts or stretch marks and say, “ya, I look good. I think I’ll go inflict myself upon the public now”?

    I’ve seen Elton John in concert and it was FABULOUS!!! Have fun!

    Ambers last blog post..This One’s For Her…

  34. Debateur

    Sounds like an amazing “cultural” experience !

    Debateurs last blog post..Initiative or exclusion ?

  35. carrie

    Man I would love to see the Eagles. Glad you had a blast without the kids for an evening. Hope you feel better soon.

    carries last blog post..Nuf Said Again…….

  36. Sandie

    Glad you had fun!

    As soon as I read “Woo Girls” I immediately thought of that episode of HIMYM!

    Sandies last blog post..Bridge to Nowhere

  37. Shangrila

    So glad that you had a great time (and didn’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight.) I laughed my a** off at your descriptions of the other audience members, especially Dancing Queen and the throwdown between her husband and her nemesis. Oooh! I love Billy Joel and Elton John-I wonder if I missed them here is MN?

    Shangrilas last blog post..48 Question Facebook Meme

  38. Amber

    Hey girl! I’m back! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! It was such a good day! I really do owe so much to Niki! I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to repay her for the joy she’s brought to my life. Through herself as well as my Love! I’m still waiting to hear Graham sing to me! lol

    Ambers last blog post..Happy Birthday To MEEEEE!!!

  39. beth

    When I need to laugh I know all i must do is come on over to your blog. Thx for that mama!

    beths last blog post..

  40. Debbie

    You know who ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS sits in front of me … whether it be at a concert, at a sports event … anywhere with stadium type of seating? Mr. Wedgie. Yep. The guy with his shorts shoved all the way into his butt.

    And what do I do? Take lots of pictures of him, of course!

    Debbies last blog post..Just Wondering …

  41. Kristy

    lmao! i am so jealous, i grew up listening to the eagles! you cracked me up when you said you were struggling to keep your eyes open!

    great post!

    Kristys last blog post..Orgasmic Birth

  42. Toni

    Glad you had a great time! I got to see the Eagles like 15 years ago and really enjoyed it!

    Love your descriptions of the your fellow concert goers. Woo Girls. I love How I Met Your Mother!!

    Tonis last blog post..

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