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August 28, 2008 10:35 pm

Jamie and I are sitting here watching Thursday night’s edition of the Democratic National Convention.

Barack Obama is the big speaker tonight so I’ve been sitting here half-listening to the commentators ramble on while we wait for the headliner. We did listen to Mr. Al Gore, or algorithm, as we like to call him. That dude can talk. Neither Jamie or I remember him being so well spoken during his presidential campaign. Had I been more aware and political back in my college days, I might have done something to help his campaign. I’m in Florida though, so I guess it really wouldn’t have mattered. Fucking conspiracy.

When the Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter was talking, he spoke about knowing everything about Barack Obama. He said something about us knowing his thoughts and actions. My sick mind wandered at that point. I turned to Jamie and wondered aloud, “I wonder what his poop schedule is like?” We went on to have an entire discussion about Barack having to pinch one off at any point with everyone watching his every move. Is he regular? Can he poop on an airplane? Maybe he’s pooping right now, back stage?!?  Which secret serviceman gets assigned to  “Operation Monster Dump” detail? Is it wrong that I think about things like these?

On a serious note, I’m impressed with the Democratic ticket. I hope more people get off their asses and vote on the serious issues. I’m skeptical.

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  1. robin

    Normal people are wondering “How can he CUT taxes for 95% of working-class Americans without having the economy go EVEN MORE to shit?”

    You and Jamie are wondering WHEN he shits.

    I don’t know what to say. So glad you’re on my team, though.

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