Spin Cycle: New Year’s Resolutions

December 30, 2008 7:00 am

Everyone has them, the resolutions that you promise to work on starting first thing next year. For me, it’s a ticket to eat/do what I want for a few more months while the days inch near and I have to finally behave again. It seems fitting that this week’s Spin Cycle topic was resolutions. I can’t wait to hear what other tall tales people spin!
With such a laundry list of resolutions ahead of me, I figured it best to list them out. Hopefully putting them all in print will force me to get off of my fat, lazy ass and follow through. You all are here to hold me accountable. Great. Read em and weep.

  • I will stop using the word “awesome” in daily life and every blog comment I leave. I realize that if I’m bothering to leave you a comment, then chances are you are in fact “awesome” but I’d like to stop living in my Point Break days and graduate to 2009 with civilized adult jargon. How awesome would that be? From here on out, only Barney Stinson may use the word awesome and get away with it.
  • I will stop competing to leave the “first” comment on all of your blogs. If I do happen to show up first and leave the first comment, I will possess the maturity level of someone over well, five, and refrain from saying “First”. I have to admit that I usually only play that game to piss the rest of you off when I beat you. Sorry.
  • I will also stop leaving several comments such as “First”, “Second”, “Third”, “Fourth” and “Fifth”. If I had intended to leave the first comment and then some asshole (possibly you) squeaked in front of me, I won’t get pissed and leave an extra comment cursing your name.
  • I will stop drinking soda. Not  just switch from regular to ass juice (diet), I will stop altogether. This one is going to be the hardest resolutions to keep because I love me some McDonalds Coke and make daily trips to get it. I’ll be replacing the soda with water and 10,000 trips to pee since water makes me go every two seconds. This ought to be fun with two kids in tow.
  • I will stop procrastinating about exercise and actually get off of my ass and make HASAY proud. I will stick to my guns and do it. The blogs and TV can wait twenty minutes while I do my 30 Day Shred video, no matter how much I convince myself they can’t. See earlier resolution about being the first to comment on new posts.
  • I will try to be a more patient and fun parent. These past several months of having sick and grumpy kids have done a number on me and I’ve noticed that my patience isn’t what it once was. I’m going to really work on that. My kids are only going to be young for so long and we need to have more fun with them.
  • I will stop eating SHIT FOOD for breakfast every day. Somehow I offered Graham a McDonalds breakfast burrito post-tonsillectomy and it was one of the first foods he actually ate. He gobbled the entire thing up and ever since, we’ve been making daily trips to McDonalds to ensure the kid eats something. Of course, we wouldn’t want to waste all of that gas driving to McD’s and not get something for the rest of the family so I’ve been dining on McGriddles every morning. Shame shame. It ends now.
  • I will attempt to cook instead of looking for the easy, fast, microwavable way out. I will attempt to plan meals ahead of time and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two from this wise lady. I’m amazed at the organization and planning that goes into her shopping trips and I want to be like her.
  • I will try to keep a clean house. Every night post-dinner, post-bedtime, I plop down at the computer (instead of exercising or cleaning). I’ll try to allot some of that time to cleaning the house so I don’t feel like we live in a pig sty. My target area will be cleaning off the dumping ground/counter that is perpetually covered with shit. Not shit shit, random junk that should be put away in its proper place. Also, having a clean house can do wonders on my state of mind so there’s that.
  • I will spend more time with Jamie. Kids take up most of our time and there’s rarely any left for US time. I’m going to somehow make it happen, even if it’s just going out for dessert post-bed time (we’d get a sitter, duh). We need us time to stay connected and happy and it’ll trickle down on the kids when we are happy. I’ll also try to stop taking out my frustrations on him for no apparent reason. Since I can’t yell at the kids (too loudly), Jamie gets to hear all about it when I’m upset/frustrated. I’ll cut the dude some slack since he’s pretty much the perfect husband/father.
  • I will stop playing the “laundry game” with Jamie. No, this isn’t some dirty sex game, but I like the sound of that. The laundry game is where I have the best intentions and gather all of the laundry, start the first load and then promptly forget all about it. Jamie will discover the laundry and cycle the rest of the loads through until they’re all done. I don’t do this intentionally but I also don’t jump up to take over when he’s mid-laundry.
  • Similar to the US time, I’m going to set aside some ME time to do whatever the fuck I want. This may include getting a pedicure or going to a movie solo. I’d also like to try to connect with my friends at least once a month rather than only communicating with them via phone or email.
  • I will stop swearing. HAHHAHAHHAHAH fuck that. You all know I’d never be able to pull that off. I don’t swear around the kids and this is my blog speak how I want. If you’re still around, I’m guessing you’re not that much of a prude.

So that’s my list of resolutions. I’m guessing I can stick to at least half of them for the entire month of January, hopefully longer. Good luck to you guys keeping yours, 2009 is going to be an AWESOME year, I can feel it. Oops, did I just break my first resolution?



  1. cyndi


  2. cyndi

    HEHE 😉

  3. cyndi

    WTF is with that slow down page??

  4. cyndi

    Great resolutions, all. As you can see, I did not resolve to be more mature. I do the same laundry game, but Dean isn’t playing…maybe if it was a sex game?! As for the cleaning, I tried to focus on one room a day when I actually cared about such things. It only works when I make some sort of mental schedule, and I’ve been intellectually tapped out lately. Thanx for the inspiration, and the awesomesauciness of your friendship!

  5. Casey

    I think he’d surely play along if it were a sex game. I think I’ll have to follow your lead and do the scheduled cleaning. It’s tough to do with the kids awake though since they try to “help” by undoing everything I’ve done.

  6. Michele

    Great list. I too need to take less advantage of my husband’s good nature.

    Staying away from McD’s I hope is the easiest thing on your list. It would be for me because I’m lazy. Packing up the kids, driving there, and coming home just sounds like way too much work. Scrambling an egg means I never have to get out of my PJs.

    Thanks for linking my shopping stunts. I’ll try to provide all the good info I can.

    Micheles last blog post..I think my mom stole my cheese grater!

  7. Casey

    Actually, the McD’s trip is a cinch. I usually go alone or take Graham since Jamie is home in the mornings. It kind of breaks down the day and gets us out of the house.

    I was happy to link you.. I’m going to try to follow your lead on that one…

  8. Sprite's Keeper

    If that were my resolution, it would be up in flames MINUTES after the clock struck 12! I wish you the best of luck in keeping it all, Casey, but heart you just the way you are. You’re linked!

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..Disney Re-Cap Coming Soon…

  9. Casey

    Aww, thanks! I heart you too. The list is bad, for sure, but hopefully putting it in print will give me some incentive. I don’t want to look like a fraud..

  10. Cape Cod Gal

    Mine should be posting sometime today! It’s my 100th post too! Yeah!!!!

    Cape Cod Gals last blog post..Strange Taste

  11. Casey

    I forgot to tell you happy 100th at your place today..

  12. Middle-Aged_Woman

    Awesome post!

    P.S. Are you crazy??? How are you going to manage all of that? I award you numerous points for trying. Really, if you can just manage the McDonald’s Coke-to-water switch, I will be the most amazed person on the planet.

    Middle-Aged_Womans last blog post..Spin Cycle: Who Doesn’t Want a Stalker for Christmas?

  13. Casey

    I know, I AM crazy. I figured if I put it in writing then I’d have to stick to it. The water switch is going to be terrible, for me and everyone around me.

  14. GreenJello

    It’s worth getting off the soda. And to keep from peeing quite so much when you down the water like crazy, make sure to up your salt intake.

    Yes, really.

    Your body can’t use water without sufficient salt to add to it. You may be made up of mostly water, but it’s *salt* water. Gotta give your body what it needs or it will just dump it.

    GreenJellos last blog post..Sledding

  15. Casey

    That makes perfect sense but I’ve never thought about it! Thanks for the tip….

  16. Kristy

    The stop drinking soda is a great one! I haven’t had a sip of any soda in a few years now!

  17. Casey

    Wow, you haven’t had soda in YEARS? That’s impressive. I’m dreading Friday morning when I wake up and can’t have soda but I know it’s for the best..

  18. Cameron

    11TH….WOO HOOO. Suck it 12th place!

    Hey, there are some damn fine microwable meals out there 😉

    Camerons last blog post..Why….

  19. Casey

    11th is impressive! Not really though, sorry…

    I agree, there are some great microwave meals but we eat them the majority of the time. The other day, I asked my kid if he was hungry and he walked over to the microwave and stared at it like he was waiting for dinner to get done. Not good.

  20. mrsbear

    You and your Mickey D obsession.

    Great list, not awesome, definitely not awesome, but great. They’re all doable, I’m sure Jamie will appreciate a couple of them. Glenn is a list maker, he’s been after me to set up a plan for 09 including cleaning and eating resolutions, etc. etc. bla bla bla. Personally I’m better at nodding and disregarding.

    You, though, you can totally accomplish these. I like the idea about the “me” time, I might have to adopt that resolution for myself.

    mrsbears last blog post..Cuz I’m Sick – koff koff sniffle sniffle – HASAY Update

  21. Casey

    You can say awesome, I just can’t. Well, I can until Thursday and then it’s off the menu.

    I can’t wait to hear your resolutions. If you and Glenn make the same ones, they should be easier to stick to…

    I agree, you do need “me” time. Do it. Now.

  22. jen

    great list. good luck.
    i can’t even come up with one for my spin this week. primarily because i want to pick something that i can’t break. argh.

    jens last blog post..breathing.

  23. Casey

    Thanks! You’ll think of something. I may have shot a little too high but let’s hope I can stick to SOME of them.

  24. phhhst

    I use awesome way too much too. Do not even attempt to get the race to be first, since I never am and the time difference does not work in my favor.

    Very impressive list though. But I would not give up the laundry game. I think for my New Year’s resolution I will attempt to start it over here.

    phhhsts last blog post..Rest in Peace

  25. Casey

    I think it’s awesome that you say awesome. Sorry, I’m trying to get it all out of my system before Jan 1.

    The laundry game IS nice but it always works out in my favor. In the interest of fairness, I have to give it up.

  26. Michelle

    Love it! I might have to steal some of yours.

    Michelles last blog post..New Year’s Quiz

  27. Casey

    Steal away, I don’t mind…

  28. HeatherPride

    First, awesome is awesome and I can’t believe you want to purge awesomeness out of your vocab in 2009. Second, you are making the rest of us look bad with your massive list of goodness. Best of luck, Casey Lou!

    HeatherPrides last blog post..The Things You Say

  29. Casey

    Awesome IS awesome but it’s my go to word and I sound like a twelve year old. You should feel free to use it freely on my site, I might need the vicarious awesomeness.

  30. Ali

    I hear you on the laundry game! The only difference is that Zach never does laundry so I find it a day or two later wet in the washer. Icky…

    Great resolutions!

    Alis last blog post..HASAY Week 10

  31. Casey

    I do that ALL the time, forget to switch the clothes (if Jamie doesn’t do it) and have to rewash it. I recently read of some chemical that you can use on them to get rid of the mildew smell so you don’t have to rewash them… interesting but kinda gross.

  32. Captain Dumbass

    That is a brutal list, but I’m with you on the “awesome” thing. Personally, I blame Steenky. I’m going to try and stop eating shit food as well. The smell of fries though… it’s like blood to a shark.

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..A Tale Of Two Sicknesses, or The White Plague

  33. Casey

    That’s true, Steenky may be one of the culprits. I can’t completely place the blame on her since I had the awesome-using ailment before I started blogging.
    Fries are our weakness too. McD’s fries. Yum.

  34. Tina

    French fries are the food of the gods. I could live on fries. I also like sweet potato fries.

    Dangit. I wonder if I exercise more will it be ok to reward myself with a diet coke and fries?

    Tinas last blog post..I Promise. I Promise. I Kind of Promise-Spin Cycle

  35. Casey

    I agree wholeheartedly. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t drive through an ATM or pharmacy drive thru without my kid yelling “French fries” from the backseat since he thinks we’re at McD’s. Not good. I think once in awhile is ok but all the time is bad bad.

  36. DeeMarie

    Great list!! I hope you can manage them all. I’m right there with you on a lot of them!!

    Happy New Year!!

  37. Casey

    Thanks, me too! It will be hard but I’m going to try my best.

  38. steenky bee

    You must really hate me. That list encompasses everything I’m about except for the swearing, I actually don’t swear too much. In fact, I could stand to spice up my language a bit. Hells yeah! Also, I think I spend exactly the right amount of time with Jamie, so we’re good there too.

  39. Casey

    Woah, you said HELL and it was AWESOME! I can say that word for two more days. Feel free to hang with Jamie, he’s coolio.

  40. Ferd

    Wow, that was good. I only had ONE resolution. Thank god I’m not nearly as messed up as you! ; )

    I’m just teasing, you big baby. I’m sure I’m MORE messed up than you. (See, I’m competitive, too!) I have just had a lot more time to work on shit. And there’s no way I could do justice to so many resolutions. That’s why I usually pick just one good one. Then in Lent, I kick that same resolution up a notch (Catholic shit).

    Good luck with these. You’re going to be an AWESOME person if you can stick to half of them!

    Happy New Year, Casey!!
    : )

  41. Casey

    That’s ok Ferd, your one resolution was a big one so it’s worth more.
    I’m not a big baby, YOU ARE! Jerk face! Wow, I think I’m getting the childish behavior from the kids. Sorry about that. Add that to the list, be less childish.

    Happy New Year to you too!

  42. Sandie

    Wow! That’s a lot of resolutions! It’d be fairly easy for me to give up McD’s…all the ones here suck! The only reason I go anymore is because the kids love it. I usually try to steer them towards Burger King though!

    You’ve given me some ideas for my list. I think I’m going to add giving up Diet Coke to mine, for sure. That one’s going to be hard and I’ll never be able to do it cold turkey!

    Sandies last blog post..Gotcha and other stuff

  43. Casey

    McDonalds is my all time favorite (and one of the few decent fast food places that serves fresh food). It’s going to be hell giving it up but I made it through day one!

  44. Jim

    But you can’t get rid of awesome…it’s just not done.

    The patience thing seems to be something I have to revisit every so often and keep on top of it.

    Me time is important. You have my blessing. Because you needed it, of course 😉

    Jims last blog post..Spin Cycle: New Year’s Resolutions

  45. Casey

    I give you full permission to use “awesome” twice as much since I’m not using it anymore. Thanks for the blessing, btw. I feel SO much better now! 😉

  46. shonda

    All things I basically needed on my list, except the cussing. I fucking love cussing. I’m not about to give that shit up.

    shondas last blog post..I Screwed Up And Let Both My Kids Become Obsessed with Thomas

  47. Casey

    I second that. Fuck not cussing. Fuck it in the ass.

  48. Tina

    HAHAA… first, I have to laugh because I also don’t swear around my kids (when I can help it!) and have put on my list to try and NOT use the F word like it is going out of style.

    I also use the word awesome. ALOT. I have evolved and now say, “that is all sorts of awesome or all kinds of awesome”. I consider that progress.

    I can also relate to kids, laundry, weight.

    sigh. And water–it just tastes so much like water for me.

    Tinas last blog post..I Promise. I Promise. I Kind of Promise-Spin Cycle

  49. Casey

    It’s hard not to drop the F bomb. I’m better about not using it in front of the kids but cutting it out altogether just isn’t going to happen. No way!

    Awesome is going to be tough to quit. I haven’t used it in a comment yet today (except this one) so I’m doing ok.

  50. Debbie

    Fucking awesome post.

    Resolutions don’t start until tomorrow, so your ‘awesome’ doesn’t count anymore than the total meltdown I had over the mess left in the house when I got home yesterday. I threw a coffee container. Threw it. And it felt good too.

    Today is still 2008 so we’ve got until midnight. I’ll meet you at McDonalds.

    Debbies last blog post..I’m Normally Not One for Resolutions

  51. Casey

    I waited at McDonalds ALL DAY LONG and you never showed. WTF?

    I had just walked in from my daily McD’s run (yesterday, haven’t cheated since midnight) when I read this comment.

  52. Jonnny's Mommy

    Last! Maybe….anyhow..this list is awesome. I can relate to several of them….I don’t think I’ll be doing the list though because when I don’t make it I always feel like a FAILURE> A big FAT FAILURE! No pun intended as I am still plugging away at HASAY.


  53. Heather

    What the F*** Casey…your giving up soda? Brave….very brave. And I think that everyone has “that” counter from hell.

    Heathers last blog post..Brief Pause

  54. Toni

    I love your list. I think it is awesome! Sorry could not help it. Good luck with it. I hope you accomplish it all!

    Tonis last blog post..Through My Eyes Fridays – 4th Edition

  55. Leslie

    Oh my God Casey- when I saw your post and all of your resolutions my little heart lept for joy – you are my soulmate!
    I wish you luck with every single one of them and btw- you don’t have to comment back to me – you can spend the extra time on yourself or with Jamie. See how I’m helping you keep the resolutions? I got your back girl!

    Leslies last blog post..Spin Cycle – Out with the Old – In with the New

  56. Kirst

    First of all there’s nothing wrong with the word Awesome! From what I undertand as long as you add “sauce” on the end it brings it out of the Point Break era (love that movie).

    Can sooooooo relate to the counter being covered in shit that just needs to be put in the right spot. That drives me crazy because our counter’s right as you walk in the house.lol

    It’s amazing how alike our reso’s can be. I want spend less time on the computer and infront of the tv and get out with Meggers (inspired by an episode of wife swap..lol). Entirely to much TV.

    Hey is the HASAY train closed to new fatties that want to shed a small child? Let me know and let me know what I have to do.

    Kirsts last blog post..A New Year, A New Me… Hopefully!

  57. Lisette

    Hey. I posted mine last week, I’m just slow getting back here and leaving a comment. Darn that whole resolution about procrastination. LOL.



    Lisettes last blog post..HASAY Update January 5

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