We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

December 19, 2008 7:00 am

Day two of post-op was not pleasant. Poor Graham was miserable and refused to eat or drink anything. We offered him everything under the sun but since his throat hurt so bad, he would have none of it. The alternative was to pin him down every so often and force syringes of Pedialyte® into his mouth. His voice is gone and instead of crying, he can only let out sad little whimpers that break my heart. I’m hoping he’ll feel better after a full night’s rest.

On to happier things.. When I was lining up guest posters for this week, I noticed a common theme. All of my guest posters sit down to pee. Since I like to preach diversity, I decided to practice what I preach and get someone who stands up to pee. At least I think he does. You see, Jeff from Good Father Blog recently blogged about having his boy parts altered to prevent himself from having more kids. For all I know, he may pee sitting down now but I’m not asking. Besides, the dude is hilarious and I like having a dad blogger in my circle of friends. He also  holds down a  very crucial job here at HAGAY, but I’ll let him tell you all about it…

*note: I just reread that paragraph and it sounded like I was saying Jeff had a sex change. I’m pretty positive that’s not the case, click over to his place to find out!



When Casey asked me to guest post while she’s taking some time off for her son’s surgery and recovery, I was immensely flattered – and then I started working overtime.  I wracked my brain, trying to figure out how to juggle work (and by work, I mean job search), family, the Holidays, and a guest post successfully.  I really want this to be a good post for her.  Worthy of her blog.  I needed to spend some TIME.

The reason? In addition to my other duties and obligations, I’m also the Club HASAY lone male cheerleader. Club HASAY (Half As Small As You) is Casey’s awesome weight-loss club.  You can join and report your progress, and Casey keeps track of everyone’s accomplishments each week.  It totally rocks.

I’ve got some experience in this arena.  Not the cheer leading arena.  In that respect, I’m a total novice.  In fact, I’ve been working on some cheers that I’ve been chanting from the sidelines.

Who wants to be a slim lady?
Please stand up
Please stand up
Please stand up

Or, here’s a Queen-inspired cheer:

We will, we will
We will, we will

My experience is with weight-loss.  At 120 pounds overweight, I embarked on my own personal journey to lose it all.  Three years later, I’ve lost it and kept it off.  The rules are a little different for me (I’m a guy, so it’s easier (I’ve heard)), but the last 40 pounds were HARD.  I understand how difficult it is to diet.  How hard it is to keep the weight off.  How frustrating NOT losing the weight can be.  It makes me a natural cheerleader ;).

I’m not always sure I’ve achieved the desired effect for myself, but Casey and the Club HASAYers have been doing a fantastic job these past nine weeks.  Please fluff your pom-poms and join me in a cheer!


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  1. WickedStepMom

    That cheerleader is really scary. I am a former fatso myself. I lost a total of 85 lbs. I am also pretty short. I was 5’4″ (and 3/4 of a inch) and 210lbs. So, it was like losing a whole person! Keep up the good work club HASAYers!

    WickedStepMoms last blog post..Voices That Carry

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    To make me laugh, I knew this post would,
    To say it succinctly, this FATHER’s GOOD!
    Great post, Jeff!

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..The Princess Process

  3. HeatherPride

    Wow, Goodfather, you are HAWT!! You lost over 100 pounds??? Without going to the Biggest Loser ranch? WOW. Hats off. I’m having issues with the 30 I gained w/ two pregnancies. You rock.

    Casey – Logan was the same way after his surgery. I forgot how he lost his voice and tried to scream and couldn’t. It broke my heart then, and now it breaks for Graham. I hope you all feel better soon!

    HeatherPrides last blog post..Please Enjoy This Hearty Meal of Christmas Sanity

  4. phhhst

    I think there’s a screenplay itchin to be written about that cheerleader. Pretty sure it’s in the slasher genre.

    phhhsts last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #10

  5. Michelle

    I really should get on the whole HASAY bandwagon… But alas, I am lazy. And what’s 20 lbs between friends, right?
    (Actually I will be doing my part… hopefully sooner rather than later.)

    Michelles last blog post..The Saddest Sounds

  6. Beth

    Jeff, with a little practice, a couple of stints at an expensive cheerleader camp and hopefully a crazy Mom supporting you…and I think you’ve got the makings of a successful cheerleader

    Beths last blog post..Fair Warning to HASAY Participants

  7. Laufa

    ROFL, nice cheerleading picture!!

    Laufas last blog post..More creative than any thought!

  8. carrie

    OK, between naked santa over at captain dumbass’ place and the andro-cheerleader, my eyes are fried!

    carries last blog post..Get Your Arse Out of A Funk

  9. Julia

    Man, that cheerleader keeps freaking me out! really creepy….

  10. Julia

    FYI there is still enough manly parts on him to pee standing up….

  11. shonda

    I’ve been desperately needing to lose weight and been without inspiration. I’m glad I came here. I needed to read that.

    shondas last blog post..Ridge and The He Man Woman Haters Club

  12. Jim

    I am fluffing no pom-poms, but I will give a “great job” for all the HASAY’ers out there.

    Jims last blog post..He Blogs, She Blogs

  13. mrsbear

    That cheerleader would totally frighten me in to losing weight. I don’t think I’d be able to eat with her hovering over me. Great guest post dad cheerleader. 😉

  14. Kia (Good Enough Mama)

    First, I’m so sorry Graham has had a rough time. I hope he’s better tomorrow!

    As for the cheerleading? I’m all for it! Go losers, go! Go losers, go!!!

    Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..The Gift I Won’t Return…

  15. Michele

    I don’t remember the Boy being in that much pain but then again he has a very high tolerance for it. We never even knew he had an ear infection until his ear drum would burst. I hope Graham feels better soon.

    Jeff, it’s nice that you are willing to go so far in support of the HASAYers. Maybe it was a little too far? LOL!

    Micheles last blog post..Grocery Shopping Strategy

  16. anymommy

    My internet has been the pits lately, just popping in and I wanted to say I’m so glad the surgery went well and I hope he’s feeling much better soon.

    Funny guest post – way to support the cause!

    anymommys last blog post..Of Lice and (Wo)Men

  17. Christy

    Hahahahaha! What a riot! I’m going to print that picture & hang it on my fridge so I have it to look at any time I need a laugh (complete w/chanting said cheer–lol.)

    And 120 lbs? Seriously? That’s Biggest Loser material right there! Congratulations! 🙂

  18. Captain Dumbass

    GF, you are WEARIN’ that skirt.

    I don’t feel well.

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..From The Weather Network With Love

  19. Debbie

    How freaky to talk about cheering. We just had a sort of Christmas dinner at my Mom’s where we all exchanged presents. My niece got a little cheerleading doll who says “I’m gonna wiggle it … just a little bit” ( I kid you not … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5p0MFrxbGg ) and I’ve officially adopted that as my Hasay chant.

    Debbies last blog post..Whenever I Call You Friend

  20. Krystal

    He’s got spirit! Yes he do! He’s got spirit! How bout you?

    Way to go goodfather!!

    Krystals last blog post..Kids – Can’t live with em, Can’t get rid of em!

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