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December 4, 2008 7:00 am

It’s probably no surprise to you, but I read and comment on a lot of blogs.  My Google Reader currently contains ninety-three blogs. I know, DAMN DUDE. A few weeks back, I shaved that number down to seventy-something but somehow it’s back up in the nineties since I keep finding new peeps to love. I don’t know exactly how many you guys frequent but I know that some of you are all over the place like me since I see you in the comments when I’m making my rounds (you know who you are). Having so many blogs in my life has become somewhat problematic.

Surprisingly enough, I do actually have a life outside of blogging so I’m working to find some balance. I miss my family. I don’t want blogging to feel like a chore to me, it was meant to be an outlet to release my inner crazy. I’m trying to work out some sort of schedule so I don’t spend EVERY SINGLE NIGHT writing and responding to comments. My current routine is to play with the kids all day and the second their tiny heads hit the pillow (ok, they don’t really have pillows since I’m afraid they’ll suffocate), I run to the computer and start catching up on my reader. I currently write several posts at a time once or twice a week and then set the blog to autopilot. This way, I’m free to spend any spare time catching up on you guys or actually hanging out with Jamie!

I’ve always been one to respond to comments in email since I want people to read my response. I’ve noticed that most people respond in the comments themselves though. How do you like it? That process seems way easier than responding to every single email like I currently do. But honestly, I know I  miss out on a lot of responses since I never remember to go back to yesterday’s posts to see if that person responded what I said. This is lazy and forgetful on my part but I’m being honest here, I simply don’t have time to check and recheck other people’s comments for comments to my comments. Refer to the part about me missing my family and not having enough time in the day.

Now for the geeky part: I’ve been scouring the intraweb for a very specific WordPress plugin that up until recently, I couldn’t find. Last week, I found my answer. My webmaster Jamie (thanks pookie-face) has installed said plugin and it’s now fully functional. I now have the ability to respond to your comments within the comments and it’ll shoot you an email to let you know I did. Isn’t that cool? You can also respond to other people’s comments if you want, respond away. I think this method is going to be a timesaver in the long run, don’t you?

So what’s your deal with blogging? Do you write daily or stock up on posts like I’ve been doing? Are you overwhelmed with keeping up and neglecting your offline family  or is it a piece of cake to you? I’ve been trying so hard to keep up with the cool kids that I’ve let blogging turn into a job that I’m not happy with. Got any secrets you can share to help balance the time better? Sick of my whining yet?

One more thing.. I have a declaration to make. I will be taking weekends off from blogging from now on. I’ll try to stop by and check on you guys but expect silence from my end. So there.

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  1. carrie


    carries last blog post..Sidewalk Snow Angel

  2. carrie


  3. carrie

    um,your blog just told me tht i am posting comments to quickly and to slow down!

    carries last blog post..Sidewalk Snow Angel

  4. carrie

    should I?

    carries last blog post..Sidewalk Snow Angel

  5. carrie

    I should, I have the top five. I am with you , too busy and need a break adn will take one. I love the new plug in

  6. Casey

    You’re nuts. And you win top five. Congrats! 🙂

  7. Sprite's Keeper

    You’re right to step away on the weekends. Why worry about the blogosphere when it doesn’t do you any good to respond to every post out there? It’s hard to keep up with the Reader, but I try. On the weekends, it IS a lot easier because a lot of people are taking the same approach you’re going to do.

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post.."Just Give It To Her!"

  8. DeeMarie

    SK, you win this round… but don’t worry. I know when 3… count ’em 3 posts are going up today, and I guarantee I’ll have the upper hand in those. MWAH!!

    DeeMaries last blog post..My Year in a Nutshell

  9. Casey

    I have noticed it slowing down on the weekends and I LOVE it. It’s harder for me to blog on the weekends since I have that whole family thing.. they expect me to spend time with them and stuff.

  10. Michele

    Mornings 5:30 to 7:00am are when I blog & catch up with my reader. I use blogger (which sometimes sucks BTW) but one thing it will do is send any comments to my email box. This makes checking for comments easy. I also like to comment back in the comments section. Though not to you. I love our running email conversations.

    Micheles last blog post..Blogging Book

  11. Casey

    Yup, WordPress emails me the comments too but then I spend time sifting through them and responding. Don’t worry, we can still email! 🙂

  12. Cape Cod Gal

    I don’t really blog on the weekends. I do try to write posts ahead of time and set to autopilot, but sometimes things just happen and I HAVE to write about them! I’ve also cut down the amount of blogs I read. I figure, if you don’t comment on mine and I don’t comment on yours, we’re not a good match. I’m picky about my blog choices just like I’m picky about my friends. I associate with only the best!

    Blogging has become a huge addiction, but it’s a way for a really busy gal like me to have a bit of a social life…it’s a bit stranges, but it works for me.

    Cape Cod Gals last blog post..Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

  13. Casey

    True, me too. Real life creates lots of blogging stories. So you’re saying that I’m one of the cool kids you choose to associate with? Rock on!

  14. Cape Cod Gal

    You are one of the cool kids. If we were in elementary school we would be sitting in the back of the bus.

    Cape Cod Gals last blog post..Damn, I’m Popular

  15. Debbie

    This blog roll thing … it’s hard to keep up with. I added some who have then never posted again on their blog. It’s like I’m the blog killer or something.

    You can’t let it become a chore. For me, it’s a nice time consumer for my work day. Believe me, I WISH I were busier, but until that happens, it’s nice to be able to post/read/comment instead of just counting down the minutes until I can go home. I’m usually not doing the blog thing from home.

    You have wordpress and you can still add the little awards and and the Spin Cycle, the Hasay button, etc? I can’t figure out how to do it. Do I need to pay for the upgraded wordpress? I also love the idea of just responding directly to the comments and that shots an email off to the person. But how do I do it. You need to send me an email and bring me up to speed. I’m so lost. Please!

    Debbies last blog post..The Dreaded Holiday Newsletter

  16. Casey

    Please don’t kill my blog. I think it would be way easier to blog if I were working… kids don’t allow for any down time and that’s why I feel stressed about trying to keep up.
    Here’s the link to the plugin:
    And yes, I can add stuff to my sidebar… not sure how yours is setup but mine is in Design/Theme Editor from the WP Admin Panel.

  17. DeeMarie

    I think with so many of us chillaxing on the weekends and not feeling the need to refresh our Readers every 10 minutes, things will slow themselves down. The new plug-in rocks!! 🙂

    DeeMaries last blog post..My Year in a Nutshell

  18. Casey

    Thanks, I think it rocks too. So much, that I’m using it RIGHT THIS SECOND.

  19. Katie

    That comment thing is freaking awesome! You are always so good at getting back to people, I don’t know how you’ve been able to do it!
    I blog when it’s fun. Sometimes, they’ll be a few days where I don’t really have anything funny to say. But I personally can’t stock up on posts and put them on autopilot, because if I reread some of the crap I write, I get cold feet and end up deleting it most of the time.
    Don’t feel bad if you don’t respond to every comment – feel free to X me from the list. I’ll you know still love me 🙂

    Katies last blog post..Have your sandwich boards ready because: The End is Near

  20. Casey

    Truth is: I haven’t, I’m running on empty here. Hopefully this plugin will help. And don’t worry, I would NEVER not respond to you, you’re one of my fellow potty-mouth bloggers.

  21. feener

    i don’t understand much of what was said, but i too need to tone blogging down a bit. i comment when i feel the urge, i try to answer/comment on any comments on mine that seem to need it.

    feeners last blog post..more later

  22. Casey

    Yup, same here. I comment WAY too much and try to respond to every single comment. Like I’m doing right now… it ends now! Probably not, but I’m trying.

  23. Lydia @ On The Verge

    I am sorry about frosty kiddo! It will be ok. We can make another one! I am with you on all aspects of this post. I try so hard to respond to everyone but, there are some days you just can’t. I also can’t retrace my steps from the previous day. I am getting old and senile you know! You do what is best for you.

    Lydia @ On The Verges last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #11 – Funny Christmas Pictures

  24. Casey

    Yup, the retracing the steps is what kills me too!

  25. Beth

    I’d say you are one of the best about commenting and I truly love you for it. Being new can be hard when it’s soooo quiet on the comment end. Enjoy your weekends and the holidays. The blog underworld will always be here.

    Beths last blog post..You Say HASAY, I Say Time Out

  26. Casey

    Aww, thanks! That’s why I try so hard to spread the comment love, I know I like getting comments, so I assume everyone else does to. Definitely toning it down a bit from now on though..

  27. HeatherPride

    I think a lot of people are in this boat after November. I’d be very thankful if that was the last daily posting month like, EVER. I didn’t even participate but I know it was really tough keeping up with those who did!! I have tried to set a schedule for myself – Tues/Thurs, maybe one on the weekend and if something happens that I can write about quickly, I add it to the mix. It seems to work well for me. That way I can balance my time between writing and reading and I’m happy that way. I went through a very stressful time with it a month or so ago, feeling like I couldn’t keep up.

    HeatherPrides last blog post..Standing Up, Punching Out

  28. Casey

    Glad I’m not the only one who felt overwhelmed in Nov. Well, I’m sorry you were too….but glad it wasn’t just me. Look for less posts on my end. I’m starting small (weekends off) but hopefully I’ll find a nice balance.

  29. Jonny's Mommy (Lisa)

    I stock pile my posts a lot. I write a lot and a lot in my journal. Sometimes after dinner when Jonathan is watching one of his shows I jot things down in my journal that I use later for a post. Hubby is at work at night, so I’m not stealing time from him. But on the weekends I don’t have time to write much or check blogs because it is family time for me. Sometimes I get all stressed because I worry I am ignoring someone because I didn’t get a chance to comment and then I remember that this is for fun and “hello!” I have a life outside of blogging and so do the other bloggers!

    We all have to take deep breaths and just do the best we can to keep up on our fave bloggers!

    Jonny’s Mommy (Lisa)s last blog post..The yuk that is HFAMD: Because I like acronyms

  30. Casey

    That’s smart to keep a journal for ideas, I always run to the computer and save a new draft to write up later so I don’t forget the idea. I guess that’s one positive of working opposite shifts, no blogging guilt! I have TONS of blogging guilt since my nights with Jamie are shared with the blog…

  31. Lisa

    I had this whole long comment about this and then I somehow deleted it. Dang it. But I will say I write posts ahead of time. Hubby isn’t home at nights so I’m not stealing time from him at least. I write after JG is asleep, or in the morning at work, I copy what I wrote in my journal while JG is watching his fave show (and sitting on my lap). On the weekends I don’t have time for writing or reading, usually because it is family time. Other bloggers have lives outside blogging too and I’m sure we all miss out on commenting like we’d like to and somedays we just can’t keep up!

    Lisas last blog post..The yuk that is HFAMD: Because I like acronyms

  32. Casey

    Nope, didn’t delete it, it was held for moderation but I released it and it’s FREE now!

  33. Summer

    I can’t believe you stock up on posts – what a great idea! It’s so sweet that you respond with emails, but totally unnecessary. Save yourself the time and hang with the family more! 🙂 S

  34. Casey

    Yup, otherwise I spend every night trying to be witty and that’s just not possible. So I shouldn’t be responding right now?!? 🙂

  35. Ali

    I just counted and I subscribe to 74 blogs. But I’ve got a list of about 30 at the top that I read every day (although some don’t post every day). I’m the ultimate lurker because I usually don’t post unless I have time and I REALLY have something to say. So I’m one of those that read a blog for a LONG time before ever commenting and then SUPRISE! Lurker revealed!

    I also don’t tend to post when there’s a bazillion comments (IE Steenky Bee) cuz I figure mine will never get read. And again, I dont’ post unless I have something funny or contributory to add.

    But I do try to to post at the HASAY peeps when I gots spare time. And I do feel obligated to give some comment love when it’s given to me. But again, this is time permitting.

    Alis last blog post..Back off, lady!

  36. Casey

    I just deleted all of the ones I’ve been lurking on from my reader a few weeks back since I wasn’t commenting anyways. Steenky Stalker reads the comments and holds them against you until the end of time, but I still leave them since I love the girl too much!

  37. Becky

    Anybody know if Blogger will let you set an autopilot? After the November craziness, I think I’ll go back to posting every other day or so, with one or two blog carnival thingies a week.

    That is an awesome WordPress plugin. Maybe I need to rethink the whole Blogger thing.

    I often try to respond to people’s comments by email, but it seems that many people don’t have an email set up in their profile, so responding in comments is the only way to do it. When I comment on someone’s blog, I tend to just look at that post again when I return a couple of days later. Somehow I don’t forget–in general, if I come and start reading your blog, I will never forget you. How romantic that sounds–“I will never forget you!!!!”

    And yes, weekends are slower, both on the giving and receiving end. LOL. I like it that way too.

    Beckys last blog post..Turtlemania

  38. Casey

    Just looked at it and found this:
    I guess the scheduling posts is a new option but it’s there. Use it! I love WordPress, if you’re thinking of switching, I can’t recommend it enough…

    That IS romantic, never forgetting anyone. I feel like watching “The Titanic” now.

  39. Tina

    HEY! You are quitting on the weekends? THat is when I catch up! Just kidding…I always love to read what you write though 🙂

    Tinas last blog post..The Little Green Monster

  40. Casey

    Aww, thanks! I’m going to stop posting on the weekends for awhile, yes. You can still read the stuff from the week, five whole days worth! 🙂

  41. Keely

    I stock up when I can but it seems like I’m always scrambling these days to get a post up. I have like, an hour each night to write, read other blogs, and comment. Though I’ve started doing those last two from work.

    Keelys last blog post..73 things I want to do before I die

  42. Casey

    I’ve had weeks like that, when it’s almost midnight and I still haven’t written a damn thing. Other weeks, I’ve got 5 or 6 posts written and can kick back and put my feet up.

  43. mrsbear

    Seriously, I don’t know how you have that many blogs on your Reader. I only have about 20 and I have trouble keeping up with the new posts. I’m never able to find the time to go back to a blog for responses to my comments. It does seem overwhelming at times and I’ve got no advice. But I love this thing you’re doing, it’s ingenious. I’m stealing it. I’m also considering stocking up on blog ideas and setting it to auto-post, I just rarely have more than one idea at a time. Although my boys do have Fifths disease, just came back from the pedi, I’m sure I can turn that in to blogger fodder.

    Thanks also for the Paperback Swap link, I’d never heard of it.

    mrsbears last blog post..Thursday Thirteen: Items I’d Like to Yard Sale

  44. Casey

    Thanks for the no advice. 🙂 I don’t know how my reader got so packed either. Magic?!? So sorry about Fifth’s, Graham’s had that a couple of times and although he looks cute with rosy cheeks, it yucks me that he’s got Fifths.
    YW for the swap link, I’ve never actually done it but the concept sounds cool.

  45. Jim

    I save up posts. I respond to my comments in my comment page. I’ve never figured out which is better.

    Make sure blogging never feels like a chore. We don’t want you to burn out. Then we’d have nothing from you.

    Jims last blog post..Admintuition

  46. Casey

    This is true.. exactly why I’m trying to find balance. I’d be useless burnt out.

  47. Cat


    Ok, I totally feel your pain. I have the same problem, and I don’t particularly like replying to comments in the comment section because that means too many comments from myself out there. I try to do email, and if they don’t have an address, then I try to comment on THEIR blog, but that confuses other commenters. I’m glad you found a solution!

    Cats last blog post..Part II: Throw Out Your Dead, For the Love of God

  48. Casey

    Yeah, I’m not sure whether I like responding in the comments either since everyone can read what I say and it may force me to be less personal. We’ll see. This response will be posted in the comments. Woo hoo!

  49. cyndi

    Aw, Casey, you are the BEST about comments and emails and helpful computer whatnot! Tho I appreciate it like others have said, I have no idea how you’ve kept up this long – so glad you found the plug-in. I may have to try it – I used blogger’s email alert which was awesome, but can’t get it to work with commentluv for some reason. Since I’m not as cool, it’s not such a problem but I hate to miss the rare comment, so I’m still looking for options 😉

    cyndis last blog post..Right down Santa Claus Lane

  50. Casey

    Me too, the plugin rocks thus far. I do get email alerts from WordPress, it would drive me nuts not to. So you have to check your site every time you want to see if anyone comments? Yuck.
    And what do you mean you’re not as cool. Shut up. I know it’s not nice to tell someone to shut up but since you’re wrong about not being cool I can.

  51. cyndi

    And I meant to add that I blog when the boys are napping (or trying) and at nite, which means I’m taking away from couple time….football gives me a little leeway 😉

    cyndis last blog post..Right down Santa Claus Lane

  52. Casey

    Me too, when the kids are napping but baby nirvana is rare since they usually nap on different schedules. Someday they’ll be on the same schedule. Hahaha, I crack me up.

  53. Krystal

    Honestly, I blog when I am at work and schedule posts for the weekend when I remember. That way everyone is equally taken care of and I am not neglecting anyone. I would hate for the-online Department of Family services to contact me for being a neglectful blogger!!! That would so not be good!

    Krystals last blog post..I’m a Gretchen!!

  54. Casey

    This is true… you can’t neglect your blog but I can see how you wouldn’t have time for it on the weekends. Precisely the reason I’m taking weekends off from now on.

  55. Heather

    Cool idea woman. Sorry I haven’t been commenting for a couple of days…but, you know why (right?) And this morning I am cursing my dare on “Mother Nature” to please bring some snow! Because a normal trip of 10 minutes took an hour and 20 minutes this morning! But, now I will really miss getting your e-mails! I kinda liked them! 🙂

    Heathers last blog post..Lane Check

  56. Casey

    Yes ma’am, you’re a busy woman with the moving and the kids and the fiance and all that stuff! Don’t worry, you’ll still get emails.. it’s just easier to reply from here so I can do it all at once in one place.

  57. Heather

    Cool!!! :))

    Heathers last blog post..Lane Check

  58. Rikki

    weekends are the only time I have to spend online. Well, except for right now but that’s only because I am watching the Penguins kick the snot out of Carolina (w00t). I get a little bitter that I only have time to post and respond to other people once a week, but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. I have kept the ones I read to a lower number (23) and I do confess to reading some during my plan period, but the number does continue to grow …. Sorry, no good advice here!

    Rikkis last blog post..How mittens may have saved my life. seriously.

  59. Casey

    That’s impressive that you can watch hockey AND blog. I have a hard time watching the puck if I’m trying to do anything else…
    I guess everyone has to figure out what works for them, I just got in over my head with the whole blogging thing and have to take a step back. One day a week though? That would drive me nuts too!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  60. Toni

    I have posted about this before as well (commenting and replying) I don’t reply to comments left but do comment on everyone’s blog who comments on mine.

    I don’t respond in my comments because like you I forget to check back plus I struggle to keep up with all the blogs I read without going back to previous posts.

    I hope your new system works well for you and does save you some time!!!

    Tonis last blog post..Birthday Party almost here…

  61. steenky bee

    I’m extremely jealous of your WordPress thingy now. I’m with Carrie, your blog often calls me out and tells me I’m a whore and I’m posting too many comments too fast. I always took it as a compliment. I don’t get offended if people don’t email me back after I comment. I don’t have the time to do that from my site. But you know, it’s a nice touch. I think you’ve found something here with the auto reply. Still jealous of you, but now for an entirely new reason. I hope you decide to show in July so you can respond to my comments in person.

    Personally, I do write a few posts at once, but then try to tweek them throughout the week. Hopefully, I’ll have much, much less of that in December.

    steenky bees last blog post..You Should Really Come To This Especially If You Want To Hang Out With Some Really Cool Ladies

  62. The Stiletto Mom

    I have no system. I am a perfect study in randomness. I only recently got Google Reader. So…I am a poor example that you should never follow. Sadly, I am too unorganized to follow your example though I am interested. Oh well…random works for me, I’ll stick with it.

    The Stiletto Moms last blog post..Care To Join Me For A Glass Of Wine?

  63. Michelle

    I love your emails, they always make me smile. Somehow it does make it more personal than responding in comments. Honestly, unless I was asked a direct question, I didn’t normally write back to the person regarding the comment. I do always comment back on a recent post that person made.
    As for time… well, I usually blog while Peanut is taking her nap (I’m assuming that’s not a good option with 2). If I don’t get the chance, I will usually try to write in the evening. I think H likes it actually, because he loves these television shows that I have no interest in. On commercials we chat, I might tell him something funny that I’ve read. Weekends are a bit more difficult since we actually have more time where we’re not exhausted (or at least as exhausted) together.
    I too am trying to forgive myslef for not blogging daily. Lately the problem hasn’t been so much a lack of time as “blogger’s block”… though hopefully that is behind me now.
    Of course, I have been known to stay up way too late reading and commenting on blogs… ::checks time:: Oh… is it 20 to 1 already?
    I also find it hard to write posts in advance. I like the immediacy of posting on a day by day basis… even if it means I miss a day here or there. I do admit I’m paranoid about loosing readers. I may be a bit obsessive about checking my “Analytics” page.

    Michelles last blog post..The One of a Kind Show and Sale

  64. Christy

    My whole blogging shit is a MESS (but you probably already knew that!) I don’t have quite that many blogs on my list, but I can’t keep up with what I have as it is, and I’ve slacked off quite a bit. I’m trying to figure out a schedule for myself as well. I’ve been trying to limit posting to Mon, Wed, Fri & then read some blogs here & there those days, but do a general catch up on blog reading on Tues & Thurs when I don’t post. We’ll see how that works…I also think I’m going to instill a certain time limit in my day for blogging & blog reading–like from 8am-9am & 9pm-10pm or something like that (I’m not sure what times & how long yet.)

    I for one LOVE getting the email response b/c it makes me feel special. Heeheehee! I actually considered switching over to WordPress for that very reason. But I realize that it is probably VERY time consuming, so commenting back works too. And you shouldn’t feel like you have to answer back to everything & everyone. I certainly don’t expect you to do that! It’s a lot of work. That plug-in you found sounds like a great idea!

  65. blissfully caffeinated

    Dear heavens, I can barely keep up with the 30 or so blogs that I have in my reader. I see so many of you commenting at so many blogs and I have no idea how you guys do it.

    I always thought it was awesome but crazy of you to email respond to all comments. You are the only blogger that I comment at that does that on a regular basis. I doubt you’ll lose any readers if started responding in the comments instead.

    I wish would make that little plugin part of the dashboard. It would be really handy.

    Also, I neither write daily nor stock up on posts. I kind of go through spurts. Right now I’m feeling off and out of material and so I definitely haven’t been posting daily. But then there are times when I’m overflowing with crap to write about and I do stockpile a little. I wish this was one of those times. I just can’t seem to force it out of me, ya know?

    blissfully caffeinateds last blog post..Vot? Tom Cruise Does Not Need German Accent To Make Good Acting

  66. Tony

    I came to your blog through a friend’s and just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I can understand what you mean when you say your reader is filled up again. I seem to find new blogs to read everyday. Most times I read them later in the night or before I go to work. Take care and keep up the good work.

    Tonys last blog post..A Salad Buffet? That’s just wrong…

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