Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

November 20, 2008 7:00 am

Over the last few months I’ve gone from a person who hates coffee to someone who kind of likes it and now someone who needs it daily. We don’t brew it at home every day since hot coffee makes me sweaty and irritable so we usually go on a coffee run at least once a day. I know it would probably be best to break the habit since coffee runs aren’t cheap but I just can’t help it. Maybe I’ll kick the habit for New Years, you don’t know.

The other day as I paid my $2 at McDonalds (Dunkin Donuts had a line a mile long), I got to thinking about what genius invented iced coffee? Some guy was probably like “hey Joe, don’t throw out that pot of day old coffee, let’s throw it on ice and sell it to some dumbass willing to pay money for it!” Guess who the dumbass is now? Me.

We’ve tried our own rendition of iced coffee at home. We bought a bag of ice (ours somehow tastes nasty and we affectionately call it “poop ice”). We bought real creamer to use instead of milk. We even boiled down some sugar into water to keep in the fridge for sweetener. HASAY peeps, don’t judge, I’ve purchased every artificial sweetener known to man and they all taste like ass, so sugar it is. The problem is that I just don’t love the home brewed coffee like I do if it comes from a drive thru. What’s wrong with me?

This post was paid for by Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and McDonalds. Not really but did you know that McDonalds has $1 iced coffee every day from 2PM – 7PM? Not a bad deal…



  1. feener

    hee hee – i am addicted to ice t- i make a cup every morning but nothing is better than some fresh brewed from mcdees or dunkin…in the biggest cup they have with lots of ice and a big ol straw – heaven….damn i want one know.

    feeners last blog post..VIP advice needed…

  2. ashley

    Buy good coffee. 🙂 That usually helps.

    ashleys last blog post..Stay at Home Moms Gone Wild!

  3. DeeMarie

    Ditto Ashley. If you’re buying the cheapest kind, you’re going to come out with cheap-tasting coffee. I used to tolerate coffee too. Now I also need a cup at least once a day!!

    DeeMaries last blog post..SUPER FUN!!! and Random Regional Customs

  4. Debbie

    Coffee. Bleh. I hate it. And at 48 (at least for a little bit more) I don’t see me changing my mind on it.

    Iced Tea … Sweet Iced Tea … not that’s what is running through my veins. I start each morning with a big 16 oz mug of it … and it lasts me through lunch. I have another when I get home.

    But I do have to say that I’ve wondered about this idea of iced coffee. Just seems wrong.

    Debbies last blog post..Happy Birthday Ginger

  5. GreenJello

    I’m with Debbie. Yuck on the coffee!

    Hot chocolate on a cold, snowy day, though… that’s the ticket. 🙂

    GreenJellos last blog post..Morning Conversation

  6. Michelle

    Life is too short for bad coffee… honestly, experiment, you’ll find one you love. Starbucks has free samples of pre-ground (though I say you really need to grind the beans yourself to get the best flavour) and most coffee shops will give you a sample if you ask for it. It’s worth the time and effort. (Same goes for tea and hot chocolate –funny, I just posted about that–it really is worth it to get the good stuff.) If you’re only doing one cup a day, you might as well make it a good one 😉
    Oh, and I absolutely agree with you about the sugar. There IS NO substitute.

    Michelles last blog post..Snowy Morning Pick Me Up

  7. April

    I don’t like coffee but love me some cappicino (spelled wrong, I know) blast from Baskin Robbins!

    Aprils last blog post..Writing Assingment

  8. Katie

    My feelings on coffee:

    I agree with you about the real cream and real sugar. I usually choke it down with skim milk and splenda though because I’m sooooo health conscious, yup.

    Katies last blog post..Caution: Don’t read this post while eating.

  9. Lydia @ On The Verge

    I am one of those people that you don’t want to even talk to in the morning unless I have finished my first cup of joe.

    Lydia @ On The Verges last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #10 – Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

  10. goodfather

    Awesome, I. Love. Coffee!

    I have a Senseo machine, which I also love. It brews single cups of coffee from coffee pods (which you can find at Walmart, there’s another corporate plug) – it’s a little more expensive than standard brewed coffee, but sooooooo worth it.

    goodfathers last blog post..NaNoBloMo: The nature of the beast

  11. Heather

    You just made me laugh out loud!!! POOP ICE….funny. I had that problem too, got a filter for the fridge and that solved the POOP ice problem!
    And, I agree with…DeeMarie…cheap coffee tastes like POOP coffee. Spend a little extra and get (starbuck beans, grind them at home) YUM! You know they sell them at Wally World?!? And did you know…that you can buy the flavors and/or sugar syrups that they put in their coffee at (starbucks)? My sister does that. But, if you want to go to Micky D’s everyday….I don’t know, the smell of french fries is just too tempting for me.

    Heathers last blog post..Getting ready….are you?

  12. HeatherPride

    I discovered how to do the iced coffee trick at home this summer. First I brew, then I add the sugar and half and half (creamer? no. that’s where you’re going wrong), THEN, put it in a tumbler (1/2 way) and fill the rest with ice. Of the non-poop variety. OK? Try it.

    Also, when I first started dating my husband (a C.P.A./financial analyst) he analyzed my coffee finances (without my permission, thank you) and told me I was spending $75/month on Starbucks. I could not believe I was that addicted. I kicked the Starbucks habit and now only go there about once a week.

    HeatherPrides last blog post..Whaddya Mean It’s Not Friday?? (Complete with a public service announcement!)

  13. Cat

    I don’t like it at home, either. I think they add love at the drive thru or something.

    Cats last blog post..Big Motherfucking Fish

  14. Krystal

    Okay, yeah, I need my coffee but I can’t do the iced coffee thing. The only way I can do a cold coffee is through means of a Dunkin Donuts Cappuccino blast – preferrably the Turtle one – so totally awesomesauce!!! Hubby though cannot stand the smell of coffee so I don’t brew it at home, I usually have to wait until I get to work to drink it and there always has to be some sort of expresso at least once during the day – preferrably cuban or Italian expresso – those really get you going!

    Krystals last blog post..Caution: It is going around! Save yourselves!

  15. Sprite's Keeper

    Rule number 1 in the Keeper household. Hand me the coffee. Rule number 2, shut up for about 10 minutes or at least 10 sips in, whichever comes last.

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post.."Mommy’s Here"

  16. Miss Jack

    Yuck-o! I HATE coffee. I love the smell of fresh brewed joe, but I’ll pass on the taste. Give me a hot cup of coaco with marshmallows and whipped cream – anyday! Sorry HASAY members. 🙂

    Miss Jacks last blog post..Playing Favorites – It’s a Tie!

  17. The Stiletto Mom

    I make a bad ass iced coffee. You take 1-2 shots of good espresso, add it to skim milk over ice and then add a splash of cream and whatever sweetener you like. Yummmmmmm. Gotta get the good beans though…thats key.

    The Stiletto Moms last blog post..The Shoebox Chronicles: Monkeys

  18. cyndi

    I’m with MissJack on this one – tho I prefer it with a splash of Brendan’s Irish Cream and ice cream….egad! It has been years, but still. My DH is a coffee snob – I grind his beans (not a pun) everyday, and it does make a difference. He likes the kona blend and hates Starbucks bitterness. May be worth a try? The grinder is about $16 or you can get the CoffeeLovinMomma machine that has an auto grinder so it grinds right before brewing in the AM 😉

    cyndis last blog post..One Trick Pony

  19. Toni

    I love hot coffee but have yet to develop a taste for iced coffee.

    I am like you with sugar nothing beats it. I can use Splenda with some things but sugar is soooo goooood!

    Tonis last blog post..Thursday Thirteen – Edition 38

  20. steenky bee (jenboglass)

    Um, when I said that I would read anything you wrote even if you posted what you ate, I didn’t think you’d take me seriously. Yet, here I am, LOVIN’ EVERY MINUTE OF IT. (Who sings that? Loverboy? I forget.)

    Also, I hate coffee. Nothing warm and liquidy shall pass my lips. (If you don’t email me back within the day and take advantage of that joke I just threw at you, I shall be hurt….)

    steenky bee (jenboglass)s last blog post..Be Careful What You Ask For, or at the Very Least, Be Very Specific

  21. jenni

    i heart me an iced chai tea latte.

    jennis last blog post..Son. Of. A. BREECH!

  22. WickedStepMom

    Grind your own coffee beans. I was and still am what I call a “Coffee Brat”. I only like certain kinds and will not drink anything else. So, I am a brat! And I am damned proud to be one.

    WickedStepMoms last blog post..Cell Phone for Your Kid?

  23. Becky

    Once I ordered an iced coffee in a humble little establishment. Not Starbucks. And the girl very obligingly poured a cup of hot coffee into a glass of ice. Not good.

    And is McD’s just serving, iced, their old coffee from that morning? I didn’t know it was a dollar!

    Beckys last blog post..Room Momming: Notes from the Front

  24. Petra

    I totally agree! It just doesn’t taste the same as Dunkin Donuts!!

    Petras last blog post..My Sweatpants Do Not Define Me

  25. Michele

    I used to roast coffee for a living so I have a vague bit of knowledge on this subject.

    1. buy good FRESH roasted(if you can get it)coffee.

    2. Grind your own. World of difference here.

    3. Water. Use good water. Coffee is 90% water.

    4. Buy decent flavors (if you go for that thing). Even the sugarfree is pretty good.

    5. No powdered creamer. It taste like ass.

    Here’s the iced coffee drill. flavor,espresso (brewed doesn’t work) milk poured over good ice.

    Micheles last blog post..Fashion 144 Years Ago

  26. Brenda-SeriouslyMama

    If I could IV Starbucks directly into my veins I would. I have switched from a regular to a skinny. I just suck it up and take the 3 point hit per cup. It’s so worth it. 😉

    Brenda-SeriouslyMamas last blog post..Spin-en the bottle. Just not the baby kind.

  27. mrsbear

    I’m a full fledged addict. I likes my coffee hot, I likes my coffee cold, I’ll drink it from the pot nine days old. Okay, not really. But seriously today, I skipped on my morning cuppa then made the mistake of chauffeuring my mom around all morning, the result was a migraine the size of Topeka. Yeah, I need help. Actually two Motrin and some java pretty much did the trick. Welcome to the ranks. Don’t quit, all the cool kids are doing it!

    mrsbears last blog post..If I Were a Teenage Girl…

  28. Kristy

    LOL! POOP ICE…that was classic…I love it! I just realized that I’m not following you..my bad…I love your blog!

    Kristys last blog post..The Mommy Manual…For Beginners!

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  30. carrie

    Ice coffee is my favorite drink! I am with you, making it at home sucks.

    carries last blog post..10 Signs That You Are A Harry Potter Addict. (21/30)

  31. Elisa

    I love coffee! I recently scored a deal on some sort of caramel flavored goodness by Paul Newman – organic, even! It was.only $1.99 for a bag and tastes like heaven in a cup.

    Then today I had a coupon for this coffeemate creamer that tastes like hazelnut biscotti and it tastes really good w/ that caramel coffee. LOL I bet it would make awesome iced coffee but I like it HOT!

    I need to break my 3 pm coffee habit. I can’t drink it in the morning or it makes me sick and I rarely buy it out. I have had that iced coffee from McD’s though. It’s yummy!

    Elisas last blog post..Me & My BIG Mouth

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