Should I Be Worried?

November 11, 2008 7:00 am

Last week Graham’s school sent home the following letter. Basically, there was an incident where touching was involved (between two students) and DCF was called in. This took place THREE YEARS AGO. I know you can never be too careful but come on people, this happened three years ago. Graham has only been going to the school for three months so there’s no way he was involved (or even born yet) when any of this took place. I definitely keep abreast (hahah I said BREAST) of everything going on with his class, teachers and other parents. So far, this was the only thing that set off my “something’s not right here” meter and she’s been dealt with. Would you guys be concerned?

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  1. Brenda-SeriouslyMama


    Brenda-SeriouslyMamas last blog post..A change is gonna come…

  2. Brenda-SeriouslyMama

    And no, at this point it was three years ago and between two young students. I think it’s just poitics and red tape. I would keep it in the back of my mind and be aware of the staff, etc. but not be overly concerned right now…

    Brenda-SeriouslyMamas last blog post..A change is gonna come…

  3. carrie

    Third, I will be back,

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  4. carrie

    So, here is the thing. The incident with the kids is called “child on child” and it always involves a police investigation along with a CPI (Child Protective Investigator) investigation. I will explain more by e-mail if you want.
    I doubt the 2 are related but still freaky know-the-less. Now if they were investigating weird conduct of an adult with a child, I would totally suspect her.
    As to 3 years ago, the hot line has to accept any call and can not filter out calls they think are invalid and there is no time restriction on investigations, really. So, I bet a mom got word, freaked out a little and called it into the hotline, not knowing if it was every investigated since investigation are sealed and not public. Without a full investigation, the hotline is unable to determine if it is valid.
    I will stop now. If you want more, I can share what I know.

    carries last blog post..I Tried, I Promise…. (HASAY update and 10/30)

  5. carrie

    Hey, I was 4th & 5th.

    carries last blog post..I Tried, I Promise…. (HASAY update and 10/30)

  6. DeeMarie

    I would also keep it in the back of my mind but regard it as something that happened. I think letting you all know again, they are doing the right thing.

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  7. DeeMarie

    Oh. And I’m back… kind of.

    DeeMaries last blog post..I’m an All or Nothing Kind of Girl

  8. ashley

    Seems like they are being upfront and honest about things. Just pay attention.

    ashleys last blog post..Michigan, I am NOT amused.

  9. Elisa

    I wonder if it was just innocent. Seems like little kids would have a natural curiosity. No?

    Good they keep you abreast (ha! I said it, too) of situations though. 😛

    Elisas last blog post..Crazy Dreams & TMI

  10. Keely

    I think it’s good they’re maintaining lines of communications on issues like that but I would take it with a grain of salt. I’m sure they’re just covering all the legalities (and letting you know that THEY are aware) and not trying to instill concern or panic.

    Three years ago? Between two students? Not really cause for alarm, imo.

    Keelys last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts, Revisited

  11. Sprite's Keeper

    I would appreciate the shout out to the past, but if the matter was dealt with and my child is not involved, I have no business in that business.
    Hey! I can comment again! I finally got to pull you up through the Reader!

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..GIVE AWAY!!!!!

  12. Laufa

    They may have just brought the issue up because they don’t want to get into trouble again. Maybe they have seen a couple of new students being curious (as do all small children). I think the CPS has up to five years where they can re-investigate a child care facility for the protection of the children.

    Laufas last blog post..Hasay What?

  13. mrsbear

    I think it’s good that they’re giving you a heads up. I wouldn’t be too concerned, although it’s a tad on the creepy side. I guess it’s better for them to notify parents before they catch wind of it somewhere else.

    mrsbears last blog post..You Can Take a Toddler to the Movies But You Can’t Make Him Zip It

  14. Christy

    I think them informing you of the incident that happened 3 years ago is probably them trying to be responsible about it. I’m not sure what I think–I’m wondering (like Elisa above) if theis “inappropriate touching” b/t the kids was an “incident” or just innocent–I mean, how old are these kids? 18 months? 2 years? Are they even capable of “inappropriate touching”?

    I don’t know…I guess I’d just keep an eye on stuff at school (which you already do.) If it was something w/a teacher or worker I’d pul my kid out (whether it was proven or not–but that’s just me)

  15. Katie

    Kids will be kids. The school seems to be on the ball (no pun intended – oh wait you said they were girls). As long as they got rid of Batshit, that seems like the more pressing issue.

    Katies last blog post..Lo Siento, Mama y Papa

  16. Michele

    I wouldn’t be terribly concerned just watchful.

    Micheles last blog post..The whine that wasn’t to happen but did anyway

  17. jenni

    I’d be worried, but I’m neurotic as hell. Really, I’d say go with your gut. Mommy-sense is even stronger than Spidy-sense.

  18. Kristy

    Umm…I definitely would be a little concerned…but look at the bright side here…at least they are keeping you informed and not hiding anything!

    Kristys last blog post..Tag Time…

  19. Cape Cod Gal

    Sounds to me like there’s just some COA (Covering Of Asses) going on. I would be pissed that this wasn’t brought up sooner.

    Cape Cod Gals last blog post..An Update From Dusty..

  20. Jim

    The offending parties were probably caught ‘shaking hands.’ Since most forms of actual touching are forbidden now, I think you should be all crazy worried.

    Jims last blog post..The Blood Test

  21. Petra

    I wouldn’t worry your pretty little head about it. Like Daddy-o (aka Jim) said, schools have to be so hypersensitive nowadays that it was probably very innocent and they just had to cover their hineys. I wouldn’t worry unless something else happens that sets up a red flag.

    On a lighter note–YOU SAID BREAST!! HAHAHAHA

    Petras last blog post..Monsters

  22. Debbie

    I don’t think I’d be worried, but if it were me, I would like to know what steps were taken three years ago and why this case is being re-opened? Is the person in question still at the school?

    Debbies last blog post..Relax = Guilt

  23. Corina - Down to Earth Mama

    It is covering their asses, no doubt. I find it strange all around though. I mean, this was between two students. Two 3 year old students? Kinda like “look what I have? look at what you have?” I am surprised it doesn’t happen more in preschools, I mean… it is a curious stage. So, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. They are being transparent about it, so I wouldn’t worry.

    Corina – Down to Earth Mamas last blog post..Somewhere in the South Pacific

  24. GreenJello

    I wouldn’t worry about it. It was just two kids ‘playing doctor’.

    GreenJellos last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  25. blissfully caffeinated

    Probably not. You can probably investigate them a little more thoroughly through your state’s AG office if it will make you feel better.

    I love that they refer to it as an “alleged incident that may have happened.” Are they sure anything happened at all? They don’t sound too sure. LOL!

    blissfully caffeinateds last blog post..Give Up The Funk

  26. Miss Jack

    Child-on-child? Where’s the fire? I’d say, don’t worry. It’s just paperwork at this point.

    Miss Jacks last blog post..I’m SO Not Here!!!

  27. Toni

    3 years after the ALLEGED incident that MAY have happened between 2 children they are sending out a letter.

    I think if you are happy and Graham is happy you should not be concerned about it. Seriously, that could happen between 2 kids anywhere.

    Tonis last blog post..Thursday Thirteen – 37th edition

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