Club Half As Small As You: Week 2

October 27, 2008 7:00 am

Howdy clubbers. I mean HASAY participants not clubbers of baby seals. Today marks the start of week two and we have a special guest post by Mrs Bear of Outnumbered Two To One. Mrs Bear was one of my first bloggy pals and made me feel right at home in the blogosphere. We even pledged our Bloggy BFF allegiance recently, a title I’ve certainly never received before. Thanks, Mrs. Bear. I’ll be your “st ends” any day of the week! Mrs Bear is currently suffering from NO INTERNET SERVICE and made a special trip to a relative’s house just to get me her guest post in time. That’s BFF determination right there.

Before we get into our guest post, I’d like to update you all on my first week. This first week of HASAY was a rocky one for me. I met my exercise goal of working out 3x per week but my dietary goals were not met. Oh no, I pretty much rode out the week on a sugar high and for that I’m embarrassed. Tonight we’re grilling enough chicken to keep in the fridge at all times so I can go for a healthy snack instead of calling for pizza. Actually, I don’t even call for pizza, I order it online. Lazy? Yes. Efficient and quick? Hell yes. No more online ordering is in my future, I promise. I managed to lose three pounds this week but only by pure dumb luck, not because of hard work and determination. Next week will be better, I’m forcing myself to exercise if it kills me.

After you’re done reading our weekly guest post, checkout the contestant links at the bottom. There’s even a SPECIAL TREAT for everyone at the very bottom of the page. Enjoy!
It’s not easy. No one said it would be, but for some reason I assumed so. I thought saying I was going to get healthy, joining Club HASAY and throwing together a fabulous sounding plan was going to be enough.

It wasn’t.

I’d love to be able to relate some fabulous first week success story, brag about all the sweating I did, how fatigued my muscles were and how invigorated I felt afterward, but that’s not the case.

While I did pretty well on the eating front, cutting back on the sweets and such, documenting every calorie, even opting for the “skinny” latte at the Starbucks, the exercise was a bust.

Full on failure, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Of the six days I optimistically slated for exercise, I managed to get my soft rear end up and moving a whopping total of 1 day.

One single day of trying to keep up with Chalene from the Turbo Jam series, jabbing, and hooking, and doing the power train in my sports bra and exercise shorts. It was pathetic, considering half the time I spent exercising was wasted trying to coordinate my flailing limbs in to following the complex and mind blowingly fast paced dance routine.

Unfortunately this week was a learning experience for me. The lesson was a doozy. See, motivation is not enough. The key to real fitness success is discipline, something which I have zero of. I could give you a legitimate excuse for each time I wasn’t able to exercise.

But the bottom line is, there will always be a hurdle. There will always be a but. This week it was hospitals, errands, birthday parties and familial obligations, but next week it will be something else guaranteed.

Life is not going to take a hiatus just because I want to exercise, there’s not going to be some wide open time slot for my work out routine. I have to force it in there, jam it in my day with a crowbar and do it. It doesn’t matter for shit to my flabby abs or jiggling thigh that I meant to exercise. I have to do it.

I. Have. To. Do. It.

So this week I’m altering my plan. I will do some form of exercise five days a week. Monday through Friday, I will exercise. Even if it’s for fifteen minutes, even if I have to put my baby down in his crib while he screams for the duration. I need to be committed (and not institutionally), because otherwise what’s the point?

What’s the friggin point?

Hope my fellow Club HASAYers are doing better on the exercise front.

On a happier note, watching what I eat has managed to lose me two pounds and that, my friends, is nothing to sneeze at.
Here are the HASAY contestants so far. Please feel free to stalk and encourage them accordingly. I can’t stress enough how important it is that we support each other and visit each other’s sites. Since this is only week 2, I’m still working out the kinks. If you have created a HASAY update post on your blog, PLEASE post a link in my comments so I can update accordingly. Have a great week and good luck!

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Another cousin in the mix, Sheildmaiden is Boondock Ramblings Lisa’s sister-in-law! Sheildmaiden is from Dispatches From The Northern Outpost and started a side blog to track her weight loss. Check her out here.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Keely from The Un-MOM. Stop by and motivate/ridicule her into shape!

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Lisa at Boondock Ramblings just joined the club. Stop by to check her out!

Lindsay at Rock and Roll Mama joined up TUESDAY, here is her info.

Laufa from Morgan Madness – Awaiting weekly update but Laufa let us in on her little cake secret here. UPDATE FROM LAUFA here. Laufa gave into food this week but managed to squeeze a little exercise in as well. It’s a wash.

DeeMarie from My Life In A Nutshell – DeeMarie was able to restrain herself here and here. I did read her Twitter update in the sidebar on her site talking about getting chocolate and beer and something about me NOT KNOWING since I don’t use Twitter. Talk about being caught red handed…. UPDATE – DeeMarie lost 1.5lbs last week!

Carrie from Colepack – Carrie is the Forrest Gump of HASAY. The woman can RUN! Carrie provided us with updates here and here. *Note, I sorta hate Carrie for making me look bad on the exercise front.

Cellobella from Redsultana – Cellobella has kept me updated this week and she’s been eating salads and going on long walks. Her weakness seems to be red wine. Great job so far, keep it up!

Katie from Parental Supervision – Last week we learned that Katie’s weakness is Snickers bars and Famous Amos cookies. I’m anxious to hear how her week turned out. UPDATE: Katie just posted over at her blog with this week’s status! Katie, you’re welcome for the e-bitch slaps. We’ll keep them coming! Katie lost 3 POUNDS and even hired a personal trainer (read for yourself). Awesome, Katie!

Jenboglass from Steenky Bee – Steenky Stalker *claims* to have exercised this week but she was previously addicted to BLT’s so we need an update from her on whether she broke the habit. Steenky? UPDATE: It looks like Steenky may have actually gotten off of her arse this week. Check it out here.

Jen from Sprite’s Keeper – Jen admitted to slacking on the exercise in the early part of the week and wanted to know if painting counted as exercise. I’ll give her a little credit for working on her upper body strength. Here is Jen’s Monday update!

Heather from Geez Louize!!! – Heather has the best motivation I’ve seen so far in this contest, her daughter’s self image. Heather and her daughter “The Diva” have been taking long walks every day to get into shape. How’s it going over there Heather? UPDATE: Heather managed to fit a few walks in this week but is having trouble motivating The Diva to keep at it. Suggestions? Check out her recent update here.

Mrs Bear from Outnumbered Two To One – We all know how Mrs Bear did since we just read her guest post. Great job cutting the calories, good luck making the time to exercise this week!

Debbie from Buzzin By … With Thoughts On The Fly – Debbie let us in on the fact that she was walking early in the week but since then, it’s been quiet on the fitness front. What’s the deal, Debbie? UPDATE: Debbie just wrote in with a far-fetched tale of why she wasn’t able to exercise. Click over to see if you buy it.

Beth from Drastic Measures Beth updated us on her motivation earlier in the week. Yesterday, she posted a picture of a nice arse (check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me!) . She even went on a FOUR MILE HIKE over the weekend. Way to go Beth, I hiked my butt into my attic to get down some Halloween decorations and it about wore me out. UPDATE: Beth just posted an update over at her site here. She lost 3 pounds this week which is simply awesome!

Elisa from Fairy Flutters – After a slow start on the exercise front, Elisa kicked some serious butt this weekend. She worked out on Friday and then made time for herself on Saturday to exercise AND get a pedi. Go Elisa! UPDATE: Elisa just wrote in her update for today, this chick is motived, check it out here. WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Elisa’s still busting her butt (plus cute kid pics). Check it out here.

Aaron from The Daddy Files – Woah, we have a challenge here on the HASAY front. Aaron and Cape Cod Girl are making side bets and I can’t wait to see the loser paying off the bargain. Check it out for more details… UPDATE: Aaron emailed in to let us know that he ran 3.5 miles but FAILED on the food front, consuming multiple beers with friends. They ate a huge pasta dinner in preparation for a marathon but were too hungover to run the race. Ha!

AnonyMOM from Simply AnonyMOM – I think we can all relate to AnonyMOM’s inspiration. I haven’t heard any updates yet this week. AnonyMOM? You there? UPDATE: AnonyMom started a side blog to track her progress. She’s down 2.6lbs this week which is AWESOMESAUCE!

Brenda from Seriously Mama – I’m sure you’ve noticed that Brenda has been a great cheerleader helping to nag the rest of you guys. As of Friday, Brenda had lost 2.6lbs. She celebrated by partaking in beer and nachos (C’mon Brenda!). Great job in the exercise department though, keep it up and keep the snacking to a minimum (I have no room to talk here). FRIDAY UPDATE: Brenda is having a hard time getting motivated so go here and nag her into submission!

Cape Cod Gal from Diamond in the Rough – Cape Cod Girl is the other half of the challenge. Check out her side of the story here. This week CCG admitted to partaking in some beer and great food at the Pats game but hey, football food doesn’t count. She is gearing up for the upcoming challenge against Aaron and it should be interesting. UPDATE: Cape Cod Girl is taking a different approach, beefing up to lose weight. Check it out here.

Kristy at Mommy in Pink – Kristy fell prey to one of my weaknesses, cheesecake. I can’t say I blame her, really. Kristy, how was your first week over there? UPDATE: Kristy got her Power Sculpt DVD this week and busted her butt working out. She lost 2LBS. Congrats Kristy, you can read all about it here.

Ali over at Aloicious: Life in the SLC – Woah, Ali posted her weekly play by play here and I’m feeling like a slacker after reading her workout regimen. Great job Ali!

Jen at Coconut Belly – Jen has had a rough week over there with two sick kids and a husband out of town. We’ll give her a pass this week but Jen, get your butt in gear over there! (Trying to motivate, sorry!) WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Jen has been kicking some serious ass over there and her clothes are fitting better to show it. Check out her update HERE.

Kat at Mother Fonker – Kat has been hitting up the hip hop fitness tapes and rockin her butt into shape. Her original post wasn’t here last week but you can read about her status here. UPDATE: Kat is having a hard time finding the time to exercise. Stop by and motivate her here. FRIDAY UPDATE: The hilarious Kat is keeping us posted AND sharing some MC Hammer moves here.

Heidi at The World According To Heidi – Heidi just joined the club on Saturday. She is the famous cousin of Sprite’s Keeper. Good luck to you Heidi! UPDATE: Heidi had a great week on the exercise front. She’s faced the same challenges as most of the rest of us on the food front. Check out her update here. Great first week Heidi!

Kiki from Kiki’s Corner – Kiki joined up late on Saturday night. Everyone go over and check her out and provide some motivation/support. Welcome aboard, Kiki! THURSDAY UPDATE: Kiki has been kicking some major exercise butt. Check here out here.

And now, the moment you’ve all been patiently waiting for: YOUR PRESENT! I created a HASAY Banner that you can proudly fly on your site (if you want to). The banner will point to all posts in the Club Half As Small As You category. Graham is totally going to kill me when he gets older since the picture is actually of him and his chubby baby belly. Enjoy!

To install this banner on your site, use the following HTML code:

<a href=”″><img src=”” border=”0″></a>

If you need help pasting the code, shoot me an email.



  1. Elisa

    I need someone to tell me how you put these links on the sidebar of a wordpress blog. I honestly don’t know!

    Oh, and I worked out on Friday, too so 😛

    I’m on it today and I’m working on hitting everyone’s links up. 🙂 Off to the gym this morning to get in some cardio.

    Elisas last blog post..Blogs I Read

  2. Katie

    I lost 3 pounds last week!! No cookies…No Snickers.
    I put a post up today to let you know about my secret weapon…come visit!!

    Katies last blog post..Thanks for the e-bitch slaps…

  3. Katie

    Damn it my first comment disappeared…Any way I lost 3 pounds!!

    To see why visit my post today, I have a secret weapon.

    Katies last blog post..Thanks for the e-bitch slaps…

  4. Sprite's Keeper

    First, love the banner! Adding it post haste! Second, painting counts! If you look it up online, it burns calories! Ha! And the sauna on Saturday was a passive workout. (Okay, more like a pass-out workout.) Wow, I’m going to be reading ALL DAY! Gotta keep your site on toggle today, my friend and meet the new peeps!

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..Hair Apparent

  5. DeeMarie

    I LOVE OUR TEAM BANNER!! So stealing that later. I forgot to weigh myself yesterday, so I’ll be doing it later today. I’ll let you know if I lost anything. Did cut out the sweets (didn’t have the Beer or Chocolate from my Tweets… SO THERE!) and snacks, but need to exercise more!

    DeeMaries last blog post..EEK!! It’s A Scary Halloween… Temptation!!!!

  6. carrie

    The banner is awesome!!
    Wow, you have a very large group!!! Man, I wish I lost 3 pounds this week!! jealous…….I am.
    I say painting does count. This web site said you burn 700 calories painting for 2 hours! Also, an hour of house work burns 200 or so!

  7. Christy

    Wow–everyone seems to be making the numbers drop! Hopefully I will follow suit now that I am back home from my trip. Yesterday was the 1st day back and I made an exhaustive list at the grocery store, ate really well, and went walking with my dogs. I’m on it! Here’s to a great week for everyone! 🙂

  8. Heather

    Ahhh Crap! Now I have to try and figure out how to put up a banner on wordpress today! Thanks a lot! Like I didn’t have enough shit to do today! 🙂

    Heathers last blog post..POP…update on Aurora

  9. Daddy Files

    This week was not a good one.

    I only managed to exercise once, when I ran 3.5 miles on Thursday. The healthy eating also did not materialize save a chicken caesar wrap.

    And then I went away with college friends for the weekend and all hell broke loose. I drank ridiculous amounts of beer, rationalizing it all because it was Coors Lite instead of regular beer. Then we capped off our weekend with a pasta dinner to carbo load before the 5k road race we were going to run. But when it came time for the road race, we were all too hung over.

    Here’s to hoping Week 2 goes a little better.

  10. Laufa
    Ok, here is an update of how my weekend went. Cake is evil!!! Making them is fun!

  11. Katie

    Good job, girls! I’m too lazy to join HASAY…yet. I still have two pairs of jeans that fit. That won’t last too long though if I keep up with the chocolate peanut butter malt balls. I’ll cheer from the sidelines for now. 🙂

    Katies last blog post..Tweestie Schmeetsie

  12. steenky bee (jenboglass)

    I worked out but it wasn’t conventional by any means.

    Way to go Ms. Bear!

    Here’s my update:

    steenky bee (jenboglass)s last blog post..Fattie: Update 1

  13. simply anonymom

    I am HERE! I had crazy busy grand opening week last week. I started a new blog for CHASAY specifically. I will check in more. I romise.

    Oh and I lost 2.6 pounds this week.

    simply anonymoms last blog post..Week 2 update

  14. HeatherPride

    I THOUGHT I recognized Graham!! That is hilarious, what a little Buddha he is, just ripe for a raspberry! BBZZZHHHTTT

    Good luck with getting into a routine! I think starting it is the hardest part. I’m going through it too.

    HeatherPrides last blog post..Prince Charming Dot Com

  15. mrsbear

    Just wishing everyone good luck on week two, shouting at you from the library (wait, I’m not allowed to shout here). Maybe I’ll actually get some sweating done, since my internet is down. 😉 I’ll post that fabulous button when I get things up and running.

    mrsbears last blog post..Disconnected – Where I Complain About My Internet Service

  16. Debbie

    What’s the deal???? The deal is that Jen crashed into me. And I was askeered to go back.

    Debbies last blog post..HAYSAY – Week 2

  17. Cape Cod Gal

    I was bad this weekend. But, this week will be better!

    Cape Cod Gals last blog post..A Letter of Praise

  18. Heidi
  19. Kristy

    Even though I managed to woof down practically a whole cheesecake, I managed to lose 2 lbs this week. YAY!!! It’s probably because I got my Power Scuplt DVD in the mail and it kicked my butt for 2 days…I’m still sore! Congrats to all who lost a few…I’m cheering you all on!

    Kristys last blog post..Oh Cheesecake…why do you tempt me?

  20. Keely

    Okay. OKAY!! I just have to do it. I’m back on the wagon as of TODAY, I’m logging back into Weight Watchers, I have my Women’s Health magazine, I’m good to go. I just have to get over the sleep-deprivation hump and be a Nike commercial.
    I tried to go for a walk this morning, but it was too effing cold. For Xander! Too cold for Xander.
    My goal is to get back to my ‘goal weight’, 140, which I reached in July and have since slacked off bigtime. No more eating cream cheese icing out of the bowl for me, I swear.

    Keelys last blog post..What goes around…

  21. goodfather

    Great banner! You guys are doing a great job. Go, go, go! 😀

    goodfathers last blog post..The Shed – Trailer

  22. Lisa

    This is awesome. Great guest post and the links are cool. You’ve done a lot of work and we sure appreciate it. I’m writing my post for tomorrow and jumping in .

    Lisas last blog post..Yes, we have a new kitchen floor. Don’t tell my parents

  23. Beth

    Did you photshop MY tummy into the banner baby shot? It really looks like it is the baby’s fat!

  24. Toni

    Mrs. Bear is great isn’t she! I really need to join this. I will look back into it.

    Go losers go!!!! Good luck!!!

    Tonis last blog post..Gal To Gal

  25. Petra

    Good for all of you guys! I wish I had the time and motivation right now to join you, but I am up to my eyeballs in life right now! But I am with you in spirit and am trying to do my part to lose this weight as well!

  26. Kelly

    I’ll put up my details tomorrow when I get a few minutes……I have been crap with the dieting so far though. Honestly, the brie just calls out to me!

    I will put up the picture link too…’s cute!

    Kellys last blog post..Time to get my ass in gear

  27. carrie

    twitter wants you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Debbie


    It’s the truth, I tell you.

    Debbies last blog post..Hold On To Your Hat!

  29. Krystal

    Just have to say, adorable banner!!! Glad to see you all are doing what you need to do to lose the weight. Yeap, I have lost most of the baby belly already all the while eating sweets!! LOL!!! (Is this too much? But yeah, don’t believe it – I still have a belly, Hubby is taking a poll for how long it will take to go away! LOL)

    Krystals last blog post..Really quick update

  30. jen

    here’s my update. new post at
    i’m a wednesday updater. don’t know why. but that’s what i am.
    if you want me to be a monday…then you just have to ask. nicely.
    and you can kick my butt a little less, cause my pants are fitting better.
    and the husband out of town. he’s a pilot. that’s a given. at least 5/7 days. and the sick kids. usually a given too. NO EXCUSES! don’t give me any extras to try to use!

    jens last blog post..hasay – wednesday update…

  31. Shieldmaiden1196

    Here are my answers to the ‘First Assignment’ questions:

    As for me, this week has been kind of horrible, but I am just getting started. Still working on implementing the South Beach plan; I need to do some grocery shopping. It hasn’t been a great week for exercise because of the driving I’ve been doing for work, but the week is yet young.

    Shieldmaiden1196s last blog post..Joining Forces

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