Take A Number And Wait In Line

September 4, 2008 10:22 am

Graham’s school noted that he seemed out of it and not his usual happy self on Tuesday. I wondered if his ear infection had gotten worse in spite of the antibiotics so I decided to take him back to the doctor. Elliot had been pretty restless the night before so I brought her too in case cold her had gone to her ears. I didn’t want to miss another ear infection and have the feel-like-shit meter go up any higher. The only appointment time they had open cut into nap time for both kids but I had to take it. I suspect they may have had other appointment times but the lady on the phone was a total bitch so I didn’t push it.

Anyone with two small kids knows that going out of the house alone is a major feat. Doing it at nap time with two tired and potentially sick kids is a whole other story. We got signed in and into our room right away so things were looking good. I did my best entertain-the-toddler tricks to keep up the good mood. We played I-Spy, sang songs and walked around and named all of the objects in the room. This worked great for about thirty minutes. By forty-five, I was running out of ideas things were fading fast. AN HOUR PAST THE FUCKING APPOINTMENT TIME, I had a pissed off toddler and an overtired four month old and I was about to lose my shit. The doctor finally came in an hour and five minutes past the scheduled appointment time.

Dr. Bitchface was completely unapologetic for being so late, she didn’t even say hello or introduce herself when she walked in. She isn’t our usual doctor so I don’t know if this is the norm for her or if she was having a bad day. She seemed pissed that she actually had to look at my sick kids and didn’t really even acknowledge my questions either. How weird it must be to be a doctor and to actually have to fucking take care of sick patients. The poor woman. Graham’s ear infection wasn’t any worse so she said that wasn’t the issue. He is cutting four teeth right now which is probably the problem. Elliot had a little congestion but her ears were fine. She upped her reflux medication to help with the pukiness. Phew.

It really pisses me off that we had to wait so fucking long. I understand that emergencies come up but this happens to us all the time. WHY do doctors schedule appointments if they don’t actually keep them? Is it their own sick little joke that they share? I’m going to go to medical school and get my degree and then get one of those grocery store take a number thingees to put out in front of my practice. I’m sure it would be a lot more efficient than the current suckass system.

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  1. Sprite's Keeper

    I usually get the same treatment when I have to grab a last minute appointment with Sprite’s pediatrician. A long wait, a rushed doctor, who is trying to ease my favorite doctor’s schedule, and no choice of my own in the matter.
    I hope Graham feels better soon and you may want to work on that take a number thing. It sounds better and better the more I think about it.

  2. mrsbear

    I don’t get it either. It seems like every ped we’ve been to has the same system. Why should it take longer than an hour to actually see the doctor? And if he’s not spending more than five minutes w/ me he’s probably not spending it with his other patients, so if he cycles through that fast, why the hell do I have to keep my kids from licking the upholstery in the exam room for forty minutes? That said, I actually like my pediatrician, but if I can avoid seeing him, I will. Usually I can’t, with four kids someone is always sick and contagious, so that our sick visits always take around two weeks of visits to get through. 🙁 Hope your babies feel better soon.

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