Something’s Gotta Give

September 30, 2008 7:00 am

There is something about me that I hide from most people, something deep and dark and shameful. I have a third child who I’ve never mentioned on my blog and his name is DVR. DVR lives in my entertainment center and records all of my favorite shows. He gets my undivided attention after the other two kids have been safely tucked away in their beds for the night.

Jamie and I are complete TV addicts. Up until this point, I have been able to hide our sickness from most people but with the new fall lineup,Ā  I’m afraid I won’t be able to anymore. With TV starting up again, my little DVR has a lot of work to do around here. He will happily record all of my favorite shows and wait for me to turn my attention toward him. This year we’ve added a couple of new shows to the lineup so we’re extra booked. When we have too many shows on the DVR, Jamie and I get stressed out and have to plan a DVR catchup night. We don’t answer the phone and try to get through as many shows as possible.

Our TV addiction goes beyond just watching. We become completely engrossed in the shows and walk around here talking like the characters are our actual friends. If I come across a piece of news about the actors in real life, it disturbs me. I recently found out that the characters from Dexter (Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter), who play brother and sister on the show, are dating in real life. Now I can’t watch them on screen without thinking about them doing it and getting grossed out. In my heart, I completely believe that Pam and Jim from The Office are a couple in real life and I love them together (ok, I don’t really believe that but I wish it were true).

Here are the shows currently taking up our time (not all are on air right now and these were listed in no particular order):
How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, Weeds, Big Love, The Office, My Name is Earl, Samantha Who, Medium, Californication, Law & Order (SVU and Criminal Intent), Dog Whisperer, ER,Ā  Scrubs, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Dirty Sexy Money, Wife Swap, Lipstick Jungle, Trading Spouses, Monk, The Dog Whisperer, Chuck, Heroes, 30 Rock, Kathy Griffen, Private Practice, Curb Your Enthusiasm, In Treatment, Nip Tuck, The Apprentice.

Oh. My. That’s a lot of shows when I actually list them all. We’ve got a few on the chopping block and will not be adding any new shows anytime soon. It got so bad last year that we had to get a second DVR for our bedroom since our DVR space quickly filled up. We record shows that we don’t both watch together on the second DVR(for me, Grey’s, Nip Tuck, Brother’s and Sisters, ER, Lipstick Jungle, Wife Swap for Jamie Dr. Who, Battlestar Gallactica, Deadliest Catch, Myth Busters) and we’re supposed to watch them while we exercise. Ha! Who has time for exercise when we have kids AND TV to keep up with?

We don’t turn the TV on when the kids are awake so all of our viewing falls to after they’ve gone to bed for the night. I have a feeling that my blog is sure to suffer in upcoming weeks from me having to divide my kid-free nights between playing DVR catchup and reading my favorite sites. For that, I apologize but I’m only human. Are we the only people out there who are slaves to their DVR?



  1. Sprite's Keeper

    I love the fall! I actually took time off my treadmill last Thursday to watch Office while my bedroom dvr taped Greys and then watched Greys last night while on the treadmill. Tonight, The Biggest Loser, also treadmill worthy. (I’m also a Food Network addict which is weird since I really can’t cook. Huh.)

    Sprite’s Keepers last blog post..Okay, so we may have kept her out a LITTLE bit past her bedtime..

  2. cyndi

    Oh, there is comfort in numbers šŸ™‚ We’re like this, too. I got it for Dean for Valentine’s Day after the boys were born – the replay for sports attracted him, but it is truly the one of the top 5 inventions for Moms! Our list is overbooked right now, and I’m seriously considering that 4-room, 4-receiver deal (blush). You might want to check out The Mentalist, Life, and a few others I can’t think of at the moment. Happy viewing!

    cyndis last blog post..Fun, Fun, Fun

  3. jenboglass (steenkybee)

    You know, there are times that I cancel all plans with people and let them know that I HAVE TO CATCH UP ON MY TIVO. It’s a priority people. It’s like working out. You have to make TIME for the television. I am so my DVRs b*tch.

    jenboglass (steenkybee)s last blog post..Reese’s Reign of Terror Would be an Awesome Wrestling Name

  4. April

    i *wish* i had a DVR!

    Aprils last blog post..Shame on Me.

  5. Christy

    I record The Biggest Loser and House Hunters…I will always make time to watch BL, b/c it’s only one show a week (and isn’t it great that you can cut the viewing time in HALF by cutting out the commercials on the recording? That’s how you can justify the time spent watching. Your welcome.) With House Hunters, there’s like 7 shows a day or something ridiculous like that that the DVR records, so I end up deleting any that don’t sound interesting.

    As my husband will tell you, the computer is my TRUE problem. Damn it blogging and Facebook! Damn it!

    Christys last blog post..Husband Speak

  6. HeatherPride

    Wait, when does Big Love come back on? Did I miss something??? HAVE I MISSED AN EPISODE????????

    And at least you wait until the kids are in bed to catch up on your DVR. Last night I let Logan play on the computer (!) until 10:45 because I had to watch ALL of Dancing With the Stars!!


    HeatherPrides last blog post..A Pocketful of Wishes

  7. tvfannyc

    It’s like anything else. If you want to be a wine expert for example, you’re going to have to drink a lot of wine. Your thing is TV. Nothing wrong with that. You are an expert, and so you’re going to watch a lot of it…so while you’re at it–and I’m amazed by the way that you have time to blog on top of all that–check out this fantastic Lady GaGa video that promos the second season of Dirty Sexy Money, which I think you will definitely enjoy.

  8. dani

    Ahhh..It’s definitely the best time of year for good shows. What I find ironic is that you have a child by the same name as mine !!!!

    danis last blog post..1/10/08

  9. Petra

    haha, I totally do the same thing! I love to pretend that the people on the shows are real people and I actually know them. Yes, I am a little crazy.

    Petras last blog post..A Sexy Game of Tag

  10. Kat - Sassy Irish Lassie

    We share the same love child! We are actually switching Friday to DVR from Tivo so we can record four shows at once. Pathetic isn’t it??

    Kat – Sassy Irish Lassies last blog you have a giant?

  11. Janine

    Haha. We also do all our tv watching after the children have gone to bed. Sometimes, I find myself wishing it was bedtime just so I can get my Greys/ER/House fix!

  12. mrsbear

    Yes, ma’am. I don’t watch nearly as many shows as you do, but I definitely struggle with squeezing in the new season. I love my DVR if it weren’t for him, I’d never be able to watch my favorite shows. I watch Heroes, Desperate Housewives, My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, and The Office. (I LOVE Jim & Pam and the Jim & Karen story line used to just make me mad). But I also have my guilty pleasure reality shows Project Runway, Am. Next Top Model, Top Chef, The Soup and The Daily Show and The Colbert Report which I can barely keep up with. It’s hard to work it all in, I know. Add blogging to that and you get…12:30 am incoherent comments. KWIM? šŸ™‚

    mrsbears last blog post..The Mathematics of Noise

  13. Zip n Tizzy

    Hee-hee…That’s exactly why we discontinued cable entirely.
    However it doesn’t stop us from being fully caught up on weeds, 30 rock, the office, big love, and entourage.
    We just watch everything online and on netflix.

  14. Miss Jack

    Can’t say I disagree with you….

    Miss Jacks last blog post..Hayden’s Birthday….A Photo Essay

  15. LiteralDan

    I wouldn’t call myself a slave, but I’m definitely an underpaid servant.

    LiteralDans last blog post..Developments at our house, Vol. 11

  16. Ferd

    Princess Gail and I do the same thing. She has an autistic son that requires our constant attention, so we end up staying in a lot. We will invest in a DVR soon, because there are too many shows we like that play at the same time!!!
    We have been looking forward to these two weeks, with the new season starting up. We sit on the couch, watch tv while plinking on our laptops. We’ll play games through facebook, using the little chat boxes instead of just talking. geeks r us!

  17. Debbie

    We’ve got three DVRs in the house. I’ve got my own in the bedroom … my husband’s is in the living room … my daughter’s is in the basement.

    And now I’ve figured out how to send what’s on my TIVO to my computer to save and then burn to DVDs. I’m collecting the entire WKRP in Cincinnati show (since this is the first time in forever that they have had it on the air.)

    A combined list of my and my husband’s season passes:
    The View
    The Young and the Restless
    As the World Turns
    xx finally had to ditch Guiding Light since the show has been destroyed
    Brothers and Sisters
    Ghost Whisperer
    Dead Like Me
    The Office
    CSI – the ORIGINAL only
    Big Brother


    anything NASCAR, football, basketball, baseball, etc. (That would be on HIS DVR)

    and you’ve got my first and last name … find me on facebook!

    Debbies last blog post..Is It That Difficult?

  18. Autumn

    I cannot live without my DVR. We’re TV addicts too, and record EVERYTHING. And I now have issue with watching TV when I can’t fast forward through commercials, LOL.

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